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Ohm and Fluke are literally in front of their eyes. But still everyone else be like "Hey move I cant see them clearly, Cant you tilt your head that way?" LOL

And this one was funny..

F: If P’Ohm thinks it’s good then I think it’s good too

O: What if P’Ohm thinks it’s bad?

F: Then it’s bad for me too

Trans Cr: snflwr26


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  • The only thing which bothers me is how many people in the uni are interested in Pharm and Dean personal life. It seems like as soon as they make a step on university territory they got photoed.<_<  (I was glad to hear from Manaow that she'll post Pharm photo only after asking him.)
  • It's fair that now it's time for Dean to feel some shock and sadness about his past life. Pharm had cried so much already because of sudden memories.
  • And of course i'm continuing to die from all DeanPharm moments.:wub:  My soul is so happy with being filled with that much of fluff.:lol:
  • I guess TeamWin and Manaow+third-swimming-senior will became more seen in the second part of the series. Now it's all about Dean&Pharm and a bit Korn&In.

* * *

@nastyacolors00 can i ask you to use spoiler box when you bring many links and info from twitter? It'll help make scrolling through a page easier.;) For example 2-3 posts from twitter put openly and other hide in spoiler box.

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