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[Webdrama 2020] XX


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13 hours ago, Fabbo said:

Wow. I thought we are reaching the half point with 10 full episodes in total. But i think you are right. Asianwiki had it wrong.

Me too until I saw a comment on the recent episode talking about how next week is the finale and that we have been watching two eps in one each week :( 

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I just watched the finale. I wish the drama was longer. And the episode felt a bit rushed. For example the final scene.


Their final talk out was a bit disappointing. It was more her informing her how she feels. A steril setting and too much distance between them. I would have liked something more intimate and intense. Mayb the focus should be more on them instead of the ex boyfriend.


The male bartender was more a pretty boy on display for most of the drama. He got a few lines and some personality at some point. And they had some good scenes together.

But her roommate felt way more fleshed out.


Cool show. It felt like they could dive a bit deeper if they had more time. Or if you know you only have 5 shorter episodes maybe you should drop plots like Na Na exposing that affair of on of the guests and have more time for the central relationships. Same goes for the plot with Roo Mi's boyfriend. I mean the conclusion was cool but there wasn't enough time to get into Na Na and Roo Mi after that. 



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Aw~ so sad that it ended already! Loved every minute of it. Roo Mi's style right down to her phone case ha-ha & of course savage Jayden as usual. I'm goin' to miss the XX bar crew. Danny's so sweet he gives me a toothache LoL.

     Glad that Roo Mi learned to value herself more. And geez Tae Hyun, just how many times do you need Na2 to tell you she hates your guts!??! And WTF??! Jayden got cheated on too..? 

Love the ending where Na2 & Roo Mi smiled at each other from across the bar.. yup their friendship is goals tbh. Well I bid y'all adieu. Take care, it's been fun.xo.

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