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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] The Listener 心靈法醫


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Chinese title: 心靈法醫  / Xīn Líng Fǎ Yī
English title: The Listener

Genre: School Life, Growing Up, Modern

Episodes: 36


Broadcast Period: Nov/18/2019



Nie Yuan as Ming Chuan

Song Yi as Luo Bi Xin

Lu Fang Sheng as Ding Chun Qiu



A drama revolves around criminal cases and the roles of medical


(Source: MyDramaList: https://mydramalist.com/31619-the-listener

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I'm watching this too, actually i started this since it premiered but i had to put it on hold becos of Royal Nirvana and Joy of Life and the first few epis were also draggy but now i sorta picked it up again but only watches like 2 - 3 epis a week so i'm way behind, i'm sorta hooked on it now after the first case was solved, i enjoyed the 2nd case and now the 3rd case is pretty interesting too, what i find weird is, after each case is solved, the criminals get to express their remorseful and guilty thoughts with their dead victims.


BiXin is like respects MingChuan for his works but she's still suspicious of him, maybe she knew he was just too clever but at the same time she sorta trusts him too..does that make sense :P?


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As police procedural this is a solidly made drama. I like this show so far... just passed the halfway mark but the cases are good and well-written. Nie Yuan is fine as Ming Chuan and the female lead is good too. Initially I wondered about her lack of objectivity and adversarial approach but that toned down after a while. The rest of the cast are generally likeable.


I wish they didn't push for romance between the leads quite so hard though. Maybe they don't think the chemistry is there for romance that they have to have everybody make comments throughout the show to sledgehammer the point home. Maybe they're trying to gloss over the obvious age discrepancy. Honestly it's unnecessary in a show like this to have romance in the first place but to have everyone gossiping about the leads and make snide comments about the blossoming attraction... meh... it disrespects the actors, characters and the audience.


I quite enjoy the short morality plays that accompany each case after it's closed. Unique idea.

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1 hour ago, angelangie said:


it is pretty good right? 


Yeah, the cases are genuinely intriguing. But I'm a bit dissatisfied with the way the mother and her two sons case wrapped up. ;) I just cringe a tad when they push the romance between the leads. :P


I went to the iqiyi website to watch it. The subs are an exercise in minimalism. The barest minimum of translation. :lol: Thankfully I only need them for scientific jargon.



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Overall... a good police procedural that makes excellent use of the team. It turns out that my favourite character ends up being Xiao Bai who has the most obvious character development. Surprisingly. I also really liked TL Ding as well who was a bit of a dark horse as it turns out. He's quite capable of running his own team TBH so the whole thing with LBX being made team leader requires a suspension of disbelief and inadvertently drew attention to her presence in Penghai. 


Of course mainland cop dramas are moralistic to the core. It's as if you can't show bad people doing bad things without leaving a warning message saying... "Kids! Mums and Dads! Don't do this at home." That said, I did like how the skits were done.


I'm not crazy about the so-called romance between BX and Ming Chuan. Nie Yuan looked like he wasn't either. :P It seemed to me that BX and MC were gossiped and bullied into having a romance by the people around them. To me... MC was more of a mentor to BX than a lover. IMO the chemistry wasn't there either. Call me ageist whatever. But I've seen older actors paired off with much younger ones to greater effect. Sure they were on the same page on almost everything but it didn't mean they have to fall in love. It did absolutely nothing for me. But hey, there's a certain demographic they have to reach, I get it. Still it doesn't mean I have to like it. :P;)


Romance in cop shows are hard to do well so often the showrunners drop hints and up the UST... and that usually achieves a better overall result.

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