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Jang Dong Yoon 장동윤 - Upcoming Drama 2021: Joseon Exorcist

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Our boy cried twice during the FM :tears: he was so touched when fans sang the Ost of Tale of Nokdu.




1. He said he'll keep his long hair till the MCing of the KBS Entertainment Awards, then he'll cut it for his movie filming.

2. He'll feature in Elle Magazine in the January 2020 release.

3. He confirmed his participation in the OCN Military drama "Search" \o/ (filming will be for around 3-6 months, starting from April or June - broadcast will be 2nd half of the year 2020)

Cr. Poetry_blossom


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Profile First Name: Dong Yoon Family Name: Jang Native Name: 장동윤 Also Known As: Jang Dong Yun; Nationality: South Korean

To share some of Jang Dong Yoon's  many talents and qualities  here are 5 of them:     1. He's amazing at writing poems       2. He's great at swimming (a

Full drama (eng subs) if We Were Season (Jang Dong Yoon,Chae Soo Bin) by writer Tale Of Nokdu "Im Ye Jin" Giseok's friend in this is the same person as the guy who have a crush on Nokdu wkwkw lol

2nd Time FIRST MOMENT FM part 2


















Cr.as tags

Oh gosh, there are even more preview pictures hehehehe, let's wait for the HQ photos thou~ kkk


Dong Yoon saying goodbye to the fans, look at him, he's so thankful... and this cutie doesn't stop to play and show around his big rose, he's in love with it ^^; 


I spotted the fan that gave him that big Rose kkk



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17 minutes ago, ChunSungIm said:
KBS drama Awards 2019


Oh there's also the option to vote for Noksun and Yulmu as best couple :D:D:D 

I was tempted to vote for that couple but at the end I decided to vote for Nokdu -Dongjoo kkk

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9. Jang Dong Yoon

It seems as though Jang Dong Yoon is everywhere these days! People have flocked to his charm and pretty looks as he’s taken on his first starring role this past year as Jeon Nok Du in “The Tale of Nokdu.” The chemistry he shows with Kim So Hyun shows that his acting abilities have developed so much in such a short period of time. He’s only been acting since 2016 and did not have much background in it prior to, which makes it that much more impressive.

Also, how unfair is it that he can look both equally handsome and pretty when wearing traditional hanboks for both men and women?

jang-dong-yoon-girl-collage.jpgCrazy, isn’t it?

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ThanksThanks to Han Garim that update with the whole Nokdu's drama family!!! :wub:




*** hmmm the way he looks at ppl  kkk 




Clingy Nokdu-ah xD






Nokdu and the pretty girls kkk




And his pretty DongJoo behind lol




One more thing we have in common besides the blue fav color, and swimming is: my love for the wine ^\\\^ herherher 







And also we have:












In thinking mode Yoon!!





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I LOL at KBS captions in this video hahahaha


"KBS baby MC" 



"Baby MC's embarrassment"



"Jang Dong Yoon KBS's son" :D:D:D




Btw please KBS let your son being a guest in 2D1N show, I haven't watched the new season but I imagine is the same format, competition to see who eats and who don't, I wanna see competitive Yoon in action again! And it's such a pleasure to see puppyyoon eating, he's a total cutie!


Dong Yoon's eating show from the "Law in the Jungle"




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