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Jang Dong Yoon 장동윤 - Upcoming Drama 2021: Joseon Exorcist


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On 11/16/2019 at 10:10 PM, Lazilady said:

Hi guys, I've watched The Tale of Nokdu and realized he's the same boy plays in Solomon's perjury, which he debuts as an actor. I have to say that he improved his acting day by day. After falling in love with his performance, I looked for his work before, than I found If we were a season and Beautiful Days (2018) are also very interesting to watch. 
(I have the film Beautiful days in Eng-sub, in case you want to take a look)
I just want to say what make me adore him is not only his acting but also his personality, so natural. Like he do what he want to do, he just shows it with his sincerity, but by a very clever way, I mean the quality that many actors don't. That's why his acting is very natural and pure. 

Love to share my opinion with you! :heart:


Hi, where can I watch Beautiful Days with Eng Sub. Already watch it with no sub. He was really good there. But i was dying to know what they are talking about.

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  • Guest changed the title to Actor Jang Dong Yoon (장동윤)
Actor Jang Dongyoon Hilariously Opened up about the Challenge He Encountered to Act as a Woman-Dressed Man
Actor Jang Dongyoon expressed his feelings about wrapping up his recent drama.

On November 26th, Jang Dongyoon sat down for 'The Tale of Nokdu' wrap-up interview with a Korean media outlet. When asked how he feels about the end of the drama, he answered, "Actually, I don't realize that the drama has been over. I have a great affection for Nokdu (Jang Dongyoon's role in the drama). When I tell how I feel about the end of the drama, I'm going to cry first."



Image Source: KBS2


He also talked about his experience playing a man dressed in dresses. He said, "It was fun to try because there was so much to prepare. I had to adjust my voice tone to express the difference between Nokdu as a man and as a woman. I tried hard not to make it ridiculous. However, in some funny scenes, I purposely exaggerate it. I prepared a lot for action acting. I tried to look nimble."




Image Source: KBS2


He also talked about his partner, actress Kim Sohyun. He said, "When we were filming, we heard that our acting was natural and good. Before shooting, we read the script and practiced together often, creating a lot of bonds. She's a very considerate person."




Image Source: KBS2


Lastly, he revealed that he is passionate about various genres in the future. He said, "I was happy to be able to act that I never thought I'd be able to do in my entire life. I'll make a lot of plans to challenge the genres I haven't tried before."

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Jang Dong Yoon Talks About His Chemistry And Kiss Scenes With Kim So Hyun

Nov 26, 2019

by P. Lee

Actor Jang Dong Yoon talked about his chemistry with Kim So Hyun on “The Tale of Nokdu”!

Jang Dong Yoon debuted in NaverTV’s Web Drama “Game Development Girls” in 2016 and went on to appear in JTBC’s “Solomon’s Perjury,” KBS2’s “School 2017,” tvN’s “A Poem a Day,” tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine,” and KBS2’s “Just Dance.” He gained the most attention through his most recent project, KBS2’s “The Tale of Nokdu.”

The drama is a fun and romantic comedy set in the Joseon Dynasty about a man who dresses as a woman to enter a mysterious, women-only village, and a gisaeng-in-training, Dong Dong Joo, who doesn’t want to become a gisaeng (female courtesan). Jang Dong Yoon received praise for his portrayal of Jeon Nok Du, who dresses as a woman to discover the truth behind his birth and fights for power.

On November 26 at a cafe in Gangnam, Jang Dong Yoon had an interview about the finale of “The Tale of Nokdu” and talked about his chemistry with Kim So Hyun, which was well received by viewers.

Jang Dong Yoon said, “Other than my official fan cafe, I try not to read the public’s reaction. But I could sense the great love it was receiving through the fan cafe. At the set, I was very comfortable acting with Kim So Hyun. We worked well together so many people on set talked about it. They would say, ‘If this scene is aired, it will be really good.’ The director also said, ‘What you just did right now looked natural and good.’ I think meeting the cast two months before shooting to read the script together gave us time to get comfortable and get close with each other. It made a huge difference. Of course, I think having a personal bond helped me when I was filming and acting, and I think I will continue to have those thoughts when I act.”

This was Jang Dong Yoon’s first historical drama, but Kim So Hyun is known as a queen of historical dramas. When asked if he was given any advice, he responded, “She was being considerate and didn’t give advice. I had to ask her, ‘Please give me advice.’ It’s about caring and respecting each other. Because there were more love scenes than historical scenes that required advice, there were more moments where Dong Joo fell for Nokdu.”

“There were a lot of things that made it easier for me to act,” he went on to say. “For example, there were scenes where we would have to look at each other with affection while we cried and she would tell me, ‘Do whatever makes you comfortable,’ and ask me, ‘What should I do?’ She even advised me by saying, ‘I think it would be better if you could make my heart race a bit more,’ and we were respectful while helping each other. Because actors are cautious, they are sensitive to comments on their acting. She was very careful about that and helped me while being caring. She’s younger than me, but because she began acting at such a young age, I felt her wisdom. When I talk to her, she seems like a 21-year-old, but when she acts, she’s different. She is always relaxed so I have a lot to learn from her. She acted so comfortably.”

When discussing his kiss scenes with Kang Tae Oh and Kim So Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon said, “The episodes I looked forward to were episodes 9 and 10. The first kiss scene happened at the end and it was where I took my top off and confessed. I thought it would be very fun and I was very motivated, and I even thought it went well during rehearsal, but right when we started filming, I couldn’t do it. We had to get several shots at different angles so it was very uncomfortable. It was also the first time I kissed a man, so I couldn’t get used to it. And we joked around a lot.”

He continued, “It’s safe to say that it was the first of the many kiss scenes with Kim So Hyun. It wasn’t like it wasn’t there before, but before people would say we look like siblings, so it was easier to do it. We would say it’s part of the job and to make it look good, so it was easier when it came to screening and acting.”

The last episode successfully ended with a viewership rating of 7.3 percent. Jang Dong Yoon is taking a break after completing “The Tale of Nokdu” while reviewing his next project.


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Jang Dong Yoon is such a humble and charismatic young actor brimming with so much talent. I am so happy that this breakthrough Nokdu role will finally give him the exposure and recognition he needed to hopefully leap into more meatier first male lead roles in both movie and dramas. I would also love to see him in more variety too as he is really thoughtful, smart, funny and fearless from his previous appearances in I Miss Korea, The Gashinas and Laws Of The Jungle.

Jang Dong Yoon, "Being an actor thanks to catching thief is probably my destiny"


Actor Jang Dong Yoon (27 years old) had sincere sharings about his acting career.


On the afternoon of November 26, the interview with actor Jang Dong Yoon of the Mon-Tue drama "The Tale of Nokdu" (KBS 2TV) was conducted at L Créer cafe located at Shinsa Ward, Gangnam District, Seoul.


Jang Dong Yoon (as Nokdu) became a hot topic because of his great beauty when he disguised as a woman at the beginning of the drama. After that, he showed his masculine beauty via action scenes in the second half of the drama. In addition, he also achieved much success as he received passionate responses in the film's romantic love story with Kim So Hyun (as Dong Joo). Thereby, Jang Dong Yoon has been recognized for his acting skills and created a solid foundation to make a leap forward in the future.


Jang Dong Yoon had the chance to debut after appearing on the news as a "hero" who catches a thief at a convenience store. His acting career also surprisingly started from then. Therefore, in the early stages of debut, he also received many harsh criticisms about acting ability. He explained, "Now when I think about it, that was probably my destiny. Because I had to step into a new world where I knew nothing about, it wasn't easy either. I didn't even know what I have to hard work for. I have thought a lot about the reason and root of the problem like 'What do I have to do?', 'What should I put my effort into?'. Because I became an actor thanks to a fortuitous chance so I had to learn about it and actively challenge myself with it, thereby gradually feeling the joy in acting."


Jang Dong Yoon revealed that he used to attend an acting academy but dropped out after only 1 month. He said, "The academy system is not suitable for me. So I have self-studied a lot about acting with other fellow actors. The most helpful thing is the filming set. There are no other places to learn about acting better than the filming set. I grasped the feeling of being an actor and realized how to make it well. I am gradually becoming surer that this is the path I want to follow. It is always an upward-growing curve and has never fallen. I feel more and more interesting and my ambition is also increasing. My feeling now is a lot more different than when I suddenly started the acting career. I think, in the future, it will be much more different."


Reporter Hwang So Young hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr 

Photo = Dongyicompany



Some older articles from Vlive Channel about his role in The Tale Of Nokdu

Jang Dong Yoon in female costume causes "fever" as he is too pretty


Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun's new transformations in the drama "The Tale of Nokdu" were revealed.



The production crew of "The Tale of Nokdu" (KBS 2TV) - the new Mon-Tue drama premiering on September 30 - raised the audience's expectation by revealing the first teaser poster that cleverly displays Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun's visuals like characters coming out from comics.


"The Tale of Nokdu'' is a Joseon-era romantic-comedy drama about Jang Dong Yoon (as Jeon Nokdu) - a man who disguises himself as a woman to infiltrate into a mysterious village of widowed women - and Kim So Hyun (as Dong Dong Joo) - an unmarried girl who possesses contrasting charisma and does not want to become a courtesan. With each keeping their own secrets, the unique romance between a guy disguising himself as a woman and a girl about to become a courtesan promises to bring flutter and laughter to the audience.


Above all, viewers are channeling much interest in the bold transformation of Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun. The teaser poster also drew the attention with the similarity with the character beyond expectations. The sophisticated charm of Jang Dong Yoon when playing the role of Jeon Nokdu - who disguises as a female to penetrate into the mysterious village of widowed women - made the viewer unavoidably feel shaken. In the teaser image, Jang Dong Yoon is staring at somewhere with an elegant appearance. Jang Dong Yoon's deep eyes, mysterious vibes along with the look bringing a sense of determination despite dressing up as a woman are provoking curiosity about this character who is forced to disguise as a widow.


The image of Kim So Hyun smiling with lotus leavessurrounding has genuinely depicted the image of a beauty stepping out of comics. The unbalanced short hair along with the subtle hanbok also drew the attention when becoming Dong Dong Joo's unique trademark. Besides, fearlessly direct gaze has shown her inner toughness, thereby arousing public expectation for the transformation in the acting of "historical drama goddess" Kim So Hyun.


The production crew said, "The chemistry between Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun is perfect beyond expectations. The two actors are promised to appear with the new look by expressing their own colors and highlighting the charisma of the original characters. Hope everyone will look forward to Nokdu's lone fight to survive in the village of widows alongside unpredictably one-of-a-kind romantic synergy of the two actors."


The drama will air its first episode at 10 pm (KST) September 30.


[Ilgan Sports = Reporter Kim Jin Suk] superjs@joongang.co.kr



Jang Dong Yoon makes manly transformation in "The Tale Of Nokdu"





Jang Dong Yoon has become one of trending artists thanks to the drama "The Tale Of Nokdu".


In the Mon-Tue drama "The Tale Of Nokdu" (KBS 2TV), Jang Dong Yoon (plays Jeon Nokdu) drew attention with his disguise as a female who is more beautiful than women. He also conquered fans' hearts with his colorful charm. Although the airtime of his disguise in the drama is decreasing, the actor is showing a new masculine look in action scenes.


As Jang Dong Yoon well suited the image in a girl's look which brings success to the first half of the drama, the audience was also somewhat worried about the awkwardness when he returned to the original look. His much younger appearance compared to the age of 27 raised concerns when the romance chemistry with Kim So Hyun (plays Dong Dong Ju) officially started. With his thorough preparation, Jang Dong Yoon cleared those worries. Right from the start, the actor practiced transforming freely the appearance between male and female. Compared to the gestures of imitating women when standing in front of others, his gaze and expressions towards Kim So Hyun are completely different, creating a solid foundation for the two's romance.


Particularly, he showed his potential in action scenes. The character taken by Jang Dong Yoon is a person excelling in martial arts, the difficulty of the action scenes, therefore, was extremely high. Although the shooting used stuntmen and conducted from afar, there were also scenes requiring his face that Jang Dong Yoon had to perform himself like bust shots or the scene of riding a horse in the women's hanbok, etc. Despite his first time in performing action scenes, Jang Dong Yoon perfectly acted without exhaustion. The actor's agency informed, "The spectacular segments had to use stuntmen, but Yang Dong Yoon directly involved in the wire action scenes. He also attended a class for action scenes and learned to ride a horse because there was a lot of action footage. Yong Dong Yoon inherently loves to exercise, so he really gets into it. Although this is his first film featuring action footage, he adapted really quickly."



The drama's increasing popularity is shown through the number of members in the fancafe. According to a representative, before the broadcast of "The Tale Of Nokdu", the number of members only stopped at about 2,500, but now has exceeded 5,000, doubling after only 1 month. The achievements before Jang Dong Yoon's acting career such as poems written during school days, essays posted on the online community expressing anxiety in the entrance exam or stories posted in Hanyang University's English newspapers when he was studying there, along with entertainment programs featuring him such as "Granny" (MBC) or "Law Of The Jungle" (SBS) also attracted much interest. The drama is still airing, but the actor has received numerous advertising offers and is expected to conduct photoshoot after the drama ends.

Reporter Lee Ah Young  lee.ayoung@jtbc.co.kr



'The Tale of Nokdu'' tells story of beautiful boy Nokdu and strong-willed girl Dong Joo




The youth romance between a man who is more beautiful than a woman and a girl who is not feminine is about to begin.


On September 30, the press conference of the new Mon-Tue drama "The Tale of Nokdu" (KBS 2TV) was held at the Grand Ballroom, Ramada Seoul Sindorim Hotel, Sindorim Ward, Guro District, Seoul. Actors Jang Dong Yoon, Kim So Hyun, Kang Tae Oh, Jung Joon Ho, and director Kim Dong Hwi attended this event.


"The Tale of Nokdu'' is a Joseon-era romantic comedy drama about a boy disguising himself as a woman to enter a mysterious widow village and a girl with the reverse attraction who doesn't like to become a gisaeng. Based on the original "The Tale of Nokdu" on Naver Webtoon, the word was added to elements of dramas, such as story, characters, the historical context, thereby contributing to increasing the drama's density. The drama is written by scriptwriter Im Ye Jin - who participated in the films "Who Are You: School 2015", "Love in the Moonlight" - and directed by PD Kim Dong Hwi - who previously participated in directing for "Fight for My Way'".


Although there are many heroines who disguise themselves as men like in the ''Prince Coffee Shop'', ''You're beautiful'', "Painter of the Wind", it is novel to see a male lead dress like a woman. Jang Dong Yoon will take on the ''gender-bender'' challenge through the role of Jeon Nokdu - who dreams of being Joseon's best general but has ended up sneaking into the widow village when being chased by warriors. There were also comments saying that he was not suitable at the time of casting, but those concerns were removed after the still-cut photos, poster, video teaser were released.


PD Kim Dong Hwi shared the reason for casting Jang Dong Yoon, "I have gone through a lot of contemplation and held a lot of casting auditions for the male lead. I met almost all of the young actors who are active only once. When I met Jang Dong Yoon, I immediately felt that 'It is him.' He is good at acting and his voice is also nice. Above all, what I most concern as a director is that I have to use the CG for the actor's pharynx in every cut, but Jang Dong Yoon has almost no pharynx. As soon as I saw him, I knew that he perfectly suits the role." In response to the saying that he didn't have pharynx, Jang Dong Yoon quickly explained, "I do have."




Jang Dong Yoon shared, "As for the appearance, besides losing weights, I have nothing much to change. The director and makeup team have done their best for me. I think the voice is the key difference in the transformation into women. When arriving at the widow village, there are obviously also women with low voice but male and female's voice still differ from each other. I have discussed and prepared a lot in finding the middle ground to avoid sounding ridiculous with over high-pitched tone.''

The voice tone is a bit lighter than the talking style in historical dramas. Jang Dong Yoon said, "There are quite a lot of naughty and interesting things in 'Nokdu'. I tried not to make the voice tone too heavy. I tried to avoid the too modern talking way, but because I wanted to capture the voice tone of a historical work, I made it even heavier. So, I tried to show it in an interesting way, and also moderated it."


Having taken on mature and calm roles, Kim So Hyun will play the energetic, powerful preliminary gisaeng Dong Dong Joo in this work. Despite being contrary to the image of a gisaeng who has no awareness of music, being lack of rhythm and dancing talent, she is an innate dexterity. Dong Dong Joo nurtured the thinking of leaving the brothel to one day go to Hanyang. Kim So Hyun garnered much anticipation when not only changing with her short hairstyle but also challenging herself with the transformation into a new character.




Regarding the similarity with the character, Kim So Hyun said, "Honestly, I am not skillful with my hand at all. However, I share the common point with Dong Joo in frank speaking, not being careful and meticulous. My personality is also as passionate as fire. I get support from many external factors such as costume and short hair as well as try my best to be compatible with Dong Joo's appearance."


Regarding Jang Dong Yoon's disguising as a female, Kim So Hyun said, "It's new to me because there aren't many cases where male disguises as female. I also teased him a lot like 'You're even more beautiful than me.' On the filming set, I often hear people say 'Nokdu is prettier.' We often spent fun time talking together, the competition on Nokdu and Dong Joo's appearance is not important, so I don't care about the look or who looks prettier. Dong Joo is not a well-groomed woman who cares much about her appearance. She runs around the village like a little boy. I tried my best convey the Dong Joo in the original rather than focus on such a thing.''


Kang Tae Oh is not a character in the original. He takes on the role of Cha Yul Moo who has a predestined relationship since childhood with Kim So Hyun (as Dong Dong Joo). This is a guy who is not only charming but also good at cooking in Joseon dynasty. Kang Tae Oh confided, "Because Yul Moo is not in the original, I feel a bit pressured. In response to the expectations of many viewers, I has constantly thought about the interesting elements and factors creating conflicts that fit the flow of the drama while maintaining the nature of the original and how to collaborate well with Jang Dong Yoon (as Jeon Nokdu) and Kim So Hyun (as Dong Dong Joo)."





Jung Joon Ho plays King Kwang Hae - a familiar protagonist of movies and dramas. The public is so curious about the image of the character Kwang Hae that the actor will display, as well as the impact that this character will bring to the love triangle between Jang Dong Yoon (as Jeon Nokdu), Kim So Hyun and Kang Tae Oh (as Cha Yul Moo). Jung Joon Ho revealed, "There will be lots of speculations about the character of King Kwang Hae. After accepting the invitation to participate in this drama, whenever having free time, I watched movies or dramas about this character. I see this is a lonely and pitiful king who has to live in danger every day and is obsessed with power. I will try my best to play the role Kwang Hae - a lonely king with much misery and depression."


The novel chemistry between Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun has garnered much anticipation. The two watched the drama's highlights and laughed out loud at the scene where Jang Dong Yoon seemed to fall for Kim So Hyun. Jang Dong Yoon said, "During the recording, we were unable to see ourselves objectively but when seeing the video, we suddenly remembered the thought at that time so we burst out laughing." At the same time, Kim So Hyun also smiled and shared, "On set, we joked around a lot and filmed tons of arguing scenes. It's embarrassing to watch the scene when we looked at each other and fell in love.''

The drama will air its first episode at 10 pm (KST) September 30.


Reporter Lee Ah Young lee.ayoung@jtbc.co.kr



Eng Sub Entertainment Weekly videos





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Jang Dong Yoon Describes Preparations For “The Tale Of Nokdu” + Portraying A Man Disguised As A Woman

Nov 26, 2019
by S. Park

Jang Dong Yoon shared his thoughts on his latest drama “The Tale of Nokdu,” which aired its final episode on November 25.

The romantic comedy told the story of Jeon Nok Du (played by Jang Dong Yoon), who disguised himself as a woman in order to enter a mysterious all-female community, and Dong Dong Joo (played by Kim So Hyun), who didn’t want to become a gisaeng (female courtesan).

Speaking about the drama coming to an end, Jang Dong Yoon said, “It was hectic because I filmed until the very end, so I think it’ll linger with me that much longer. It doesn’t feel real right now.”

Through “The Tale of Nokdu,” the actor was able to prove his knack for action scenes. “I really wanted to try acting in action scenes,” he said. “But since I played many student roles, I couldn’t do them often. I’m extroverted and like to exercise. I prepared a lot and basically lived at the action school.”

He continued, “The peak of my acting in action scenes was probably the island action scene in the first episode. We had some extra time, so we filmed it in one-take without a stand-in. After seeing the result, I became more ambitious about action scenes.”


Jang Dong Yoon appeared leaner in this drama compared to his previous roles. He explained, “I wanted to do a better job in action scenes appearance-wise as well. I reduced my body fat percentage to 3 percent through diet and aerobic exercise. I wanted to slowly bulk up afterward, but the director said, ‘I think a sleek image fits Nokdu well.'”

The actor received praise for his realistic transformation into a woman, where he showed a different kind of portrayal from previous onscreen male characters who dressed up as women in the past. Jang Dong Yoon commented, “Since it was a shocking topic, I wanted to avoid things that were trite. In order to portray widow Kim, I tried to do something different from the past. I think I played a part in breaking pre-existing stereotypes and prejudices about male characters dressed up as women. I am also a fan of widow Kim.”

Jang Dong Yoon also gained attention for the tone of his voice after transforming into widow Kim, which made it difficult to tell if he was a man or a woman. He explained, “I thought that women also had various tones such as high-tone and mid-tone.”

As for his beautiful facial features that contributed to his portrayal of a woman and earned praise from viewers, Jang Dong Yoon said, “I actually had a complex in the past about wanting to have a face with big, bold features. But I think that having a face with big, bold features wouldn’t have fit well with playing a woman. I realized that my past insecurity could be used as a strength.”

When asked about the difficulty of playing two roles, he answered, “It was okay because the Nok Du who disguised himself as a woman and the Nok Du who was a man were the same Jeon Nok Du and not two different personalities of one character.”


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I'm dying in reading about him, I fall so hard for him :D. I love his personality the most, it's showed though his making decision, such as, he's decided to work on his own (with his manager-CEO-closed friend) since his contract with Clover was over. He had to argue with many people love and worry for him because his taking risk, but whatever happen, he choose to believe himself with his talent and consideration I guess . He's still feel sorry for his mom, but now she trusts and wishes him be happy. Oh dear, he's a man now, don't worry, he's stronger than many celebrities we've known.

And ye, I totally agree with TTON's director, besides acting skill, he has a nice voice also, it's warm and manly at the same time :wub:.

Wish our actor will get more fame in the future and of course, happyness is the major.


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Lets all hug each other.. Much better if we can hug DongYoon as well :joy:


Now im starting to understand him very well. So insightful that you know he's been through a lot but still not afraid to move forward and take the challenge. I wanna protect this baby so much but i know he can do it, and he will spread that chivalrousness to people around him - - so at the same time i dont worry abt him :lol: i fully trust him :wub:


Im so thankful to his parents, family, friends, etc that molded him to who he is now. :heart:


Now i cant wait for his overseas fm, i really am hoping that my country will be included. Definitely, i will do all means to attend it :heart::heart:


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About his new interviews, here some fragments, he talks about his fans, work and ((((((marriage)))))) :3 



I think he'll be a loving father and husband, so boy go and find soon your bride to be, and share with each other your happiness and hardships!!! <3333 



and also great news, DongYoon's fancafe has now 10 000+ members!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy




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