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Jang Dong Yoon 장동윤 - Upcoming Drama 2021: Joseon Exorcist

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New look for his upcoming movie... :o he looks younger 




*** What's that in his hand? :(  has he hurt his arm? Or is it part of his movie filming? 





I'm not sure but:



Could it be something related to his new movie? :O 


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Profile First Name: Dong Yoon Family Name: Jang Native Name: 장동윤 Also Known As: Jang Dong Yun; Nationality: South Korean

To share some of Jang Dong Yoon's  many talents and qualities  here are 5 of them:     1. He's amazing at writing poems       2. He's great at swimming (a

Full drama (eng subs) if We Were Season (Jang Dong Yoon,Chae Soo Bin) by writer Tale Of Nokdu "Im Ye Jin" Giseok's friend in this is the same person as the guy who have a crush on Nokdu wkwkw lol

Streaming for KBS Drama Awards- Jang Dong Yoon at the Red Carpet and in the Ceremony! 





5:30pm KST it's too early in the morning for me, and I have to go to work T___T I'll try to update from 7:00pm KST onwards! 

I really hope Dong Yoon can get at least 2 awards tonight >< 

I'm so excited to watch him at the red carpet ;A; 


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191231 Dazzling Jang Dong Yoon :wub: at the Red Carpet together with Kim So Hyun






Cr. Song.Minjae


Btw T__T his arm is hurt! Take care DY-ah~


Oh also ELLE IG update with behind the scenes



Btw Elle where is this picture? Where? >< 


He looks so cute here ;A; 



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Translation of JDY's thank you speech for his Excellence Award at the KBS Drama Awards 2019:

Above is a translation of his conversation with fans as his manager was driving him to his next schedule!

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200101 Jang Dong Yoon at KBS Drama Awards

Fancams \o/ 


# there was a mini "SCHOOL 2017" drama reunion kkk


And look Dong Yoon's reaction when it was shown his kissing scene aww :3 


The New Year countdown! Look how respectful he is :wub:


I think dear @.sky8lue posted similar already, but just in case, the translations:

On IG dongyoon_info updated the translations abt the after ceremony and Dong Yoon's award speech!!! \o/ 


The girl at 0:13 is Shin Do Hyun one of his co-stars at the drama JUST DANCE kkk so we can say there was also another mini-reunion here!

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191230-200101 Jang Dong Yoon at the KBS Drama Awards

HQ pics part 4













Cr. As tagged



I know it's too early to think abt but OCN has their own Drama Awards (for now they just announce it in their YT channel) :w00t: can you imagine Dong Yoon getting an award for his incoming drama? ;A; 

OCN YT channel>>>>




This vid on repeat hahahaha xD his reaction and those scenes!!! :D




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