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[Variety] -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) Season 4 -8 DECEMBER 2019

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These guys are hard core, aren't they?  Never before seen anyone actually drink the kanari.  Now we know what happens if you do. I really liked the episode, and I think I'm going to like the whol

unpublished  part-epi 35 200802   they cut  this part member totally clueless  -- still lacking in quizzes 


On 10/28/2020 at 7:08 AM, mugwump said:

Did anyone else think the latest episode was kind of disappointing?  The recent shows have all been so clever and had good concepts/good games, this one didn't seem to have much meat to it.

My first thought when watching the latest episode was that it went back to the original concept, i.e. visiting a region which has beautiful landscape, unique cuisines, and other cultural/historical values, then playing games for lunch. So perhaps it's like a reverse culture shock where we've got used to several last trips, which applied different and creative concepts due to the pandemic, then we have to get back to the original concept? But I do get your point. They only played two games (excluding the health check), the first game was rather monotone and the second one was even left hanging.


All in all, I still enjoy the episode, especially because Seonho kept mentioning about his new drama. :lol:


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