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[Variety] -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) Season 4 -8 DECEMBER 2019 (CELEBRATE 1ST ANNIVERSARY NOV/ DEC)

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Update: “2 Days & 1 Night” Confirms New Cast Including Kim Jong Min, VIXX’s Ravi, DinDin, And More https://www.soompi.com/article/1363767wpp/vixxs-ravi-and-kim-seon-ho-in-talks-to-join-new-se

These guys are hard core, aren't they?  Never before seen anyone actually drink the kanari.  Now we know what happens if you do. I really liked the episode, and I think I'm going to like the whol

he will need enter military  2021 becoz his age




Ravi’s Agency Denies Reports That He Plans To Enlist In June

VIXX’s Ravi has denied rumors that he plans to begin his mandatory military service this summer.

On February 19, Xportsnews reported that Ravi was planning to enlist in the military in June. According to the outlet’s sources, Ravi had received a draft notice, and as the enlistment could not be postponed, he had decided to enlist in June.

A source from GROOVL1N, Ravi’s agency, said, “It is not true that Ravi is enlisting in June. His enlistment period has not yet been decided.” The label also denied that he recently received a draft notice and said, “He will go to the military when it is time, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Ravi debuted as the main rapper of VIXX and is currently active as a solo artist under his own label, GROOVL1N. He is also a fixed cast member on “2 Days & 1 Night” Season 4.








VIXX' Ravi reportedly enlisting for military service this June

VIXX' Ravi is reportedly enlisting for his mandatory military service this June.

According to reports on February 19, Ravi recently received a summons for his enlistment, and he's decided to enlist in June after a lot of consideration because it's not possible to postpone his enlistment. 

Ravi debuted with VIXX in 2012, and he set up his hip hop label Groovl1n in 2019. He's also been active on '1 Night, 2 Days'.




EPISODE  64 21/2/2021




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EPISODE  64 21/2/21












“2 Days & 1 Night” Season 4 Cast Read About Their Wild Predictions In Letters From One Year Ago

On the February 21 episode of KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night” Season 4, the cast continued their “time travel” special.

At the base camp, the members opened the letters that they had written to themselves and to the members a year ago. None of the members were excited at the prospect, with Ravi trying to run away and Kim Seon Ho hiding his face in embarrassment on the floor. DinDin suggested they bury the letters for another year, but PD (producing director) Bang Geul Yi brought them out anyway.

Before they opened their letters, DinDin said, “We still didn’t know each other well back then and we were awkward around each other.” Moon Se Yoon said, “I’m good at talking but not good at expressing how I feel in writing. I rarely exchanged letters even with my wife.”



The members decided to read each other’s letters instead of each person reading his own. Ravi read Kim Seon Ho’s letter, which was earnest about his desire to take on new challenges through the show and continue to stay humble, and made Kim Seon Ho run around in embarrassment. To Kim Jong Min, Kim Seon Ho had written, “To my role model, I should have taken your place by now, right?” Ravi suddenly stopped in the middle of reading and said, “He sent me off too. He wrote in this letter that he’s going to visit me in the military.”

Ravi had made a bunch of wild predictions in his letter, such as Moon Se Yoon losing 30 kilograms (about 66 pounds), Kim Jong Min receiving a big award at the KBS Entertainment Awards as well as getting married and having a child, all of which had turned out wrong. Yeon Jung Hoon‘s letter was full of warmth and passion, but also bored the members with its seriousness.





Kim Jong Min’s letter also made some crazy and hilarious predictions, such as a third child for both Yeon Jung Hoon and Moon Se Yoon and a first child for Kim Seon Ho “after he met someone on a drama set.” He also “predicted” that DinDin would get married to an older woman and “congratulated” Ravi on getting married and having a kid in the middle of completing his mandatory military service. He also hoped that he himself would have just come back from a honeymoon with a new baby in store.

Most hilariously, Kim Jong Min also predicted that PD Bang Geul Yi would be the head of the department and be traveling the world with a husband twelve years younger than she was.




But the letter ended on a good note as Yeon Jung Hoon noted that Kim Jong Min trusted the members more now than he had a year ago. Kim Jong Min explained, “I’ve been on this show for 14 years and I’ve met a lot of people. You can’t tell how long someone will be here at the start, and there were people here who had never done variety before. But now it feels like we’re walking the same path together.”

Moon Se Yoon’s letter embarrassed him with how much self-love he expressed, while DinDin was all about the awards he wanted to win. DinDin did win an award at the 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards, but he failed to predict that Ravi would not win an award and that Moon Se Yoon and Yeon Jung Hoon would.


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1n2ds4 episode  65 28/2/2021


morning  mission time travel trip




































RATING E65 28/2/21






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Hi everyone. It's been a while I haven't visited this forum. 


I like how the members are close to and comfortable with each other now and they've become funnier and wittier. Especially Jongmin. He's always funny and enthusiastic, but I feel that since he's opening up to other members, his energy level and enthusiasm in interacting with other members and playing the missions have increased. His laughter and comments always crack me up.


Now I'm looking forward to their Feel the Rhytm of Korea video. 

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Ravi Shares His Concerns About Work-Life Balance With Yeon Jung Hoon On “2 Days & 1 Night” Season 4

by C. Hong
On the March 14 episode of KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” VIXX’s Ravi and Yeon Jung Hoon had a heart-to-heart talk.

In the previous episode, all the members except for Yeon Jung Hoon were sent to a deserted island to test their wilderness survival skills. Yeon Jung Hoon, who had won all the games, enjoyed a luxurious camping car experience with a campfire and hot chocolate.

Ravi, who was the first to be sent to the island, got the right to sleep indoors with Yeon Jung Hoon. As the oldest member, Yeon Jung Hoon listened to youngest member Ravi’s concerns and gave him some heartfelt advice.

Ravi said, “I don’t really share my concerns with others. If I had to pick something, I’d say that as a musician, I’m always thinking about making music. Even when I’m finished making a song, I feel like I should start working on more music. I’m worried because I don’t have any hobbies.”

Yeon Jung Hoon asked him how long he’d been doing music and Ravi replied, “I’ve been dancing since I was 15. I think I was around 18 when I first started producing music. I thought I was satisfied with just doing music. But two years ago, I realized that I was exhausted. I wasn’t well physically and mentally. I had a severe case of something like panic disorder, and my breathing was irregular. I tried to find some new hobbies then, but I wasn’t able to.”

Yeon Jung Hoon is known to enjoy a number of hobbies such as wine tasting and car racing. When Ravi asked him if he wasn’t afraid of running out of time for his real profession, acting, because of his hobbies, the older member said, “Acting is a job in which you’re pretending to live someone else’s life. I had to meet lots of different people in order to understand that I had been stuck in one perspective. It’s possible to feel anxious about losing something productive because of one’s hobbies, but if you focus too much on one thing, you can only see the world through that narrow lens.”

Ravi concluded, “So taking the time to rest and enjoy your hobbies can actually be beneficial for your job,” and Yeon Jung Hoon agreed.

Watch “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4” below!



Watch: Kim Seon Ho Adorably Bursts Into Tears During Horror Mission On “2 Days & 1 Night”

by E. Cha
Kim Seon Ho was adorably terrified while taking on a horror-themed mission on “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”!

On the March 14 episode of the KBS variety show, some of the cast members had to complete a daunting mission in order to obtain a sleeping bag. In the pitch-black darkness of night, the members had to walk a lengthy distance to a spooky abandoned building on the other side of the island and rescue a doll from one of four rooms there. To make things even worse, they had to go one by one, meaning that they would be completely alone.

The cast was unsurprisingly terrified by the mission, and Kim Seon Ho immediately asked, “Can we just forfeit?” However, at the promise that they would be given additional food on top of the sleeping bags, they finally agreed to take on the scary task.

Kim Seon Ho was the first member up, and he worriedly told the production crew, “If I accidentally curse during the mission, please edit it out! I’m going to be screaming a lot to try to feel less scared.”

Once he arrived at the dark, abandoned building, Kim Seon Ho was unhappy to find that it had been decorated to be as scary as possible—and, true to his word, he never stopped screaming throughout the mission.

Although the actor successfully returned with the doll in tow, his fellow cast members were shocked to see that he was crying. After asking if Kim Seon Ho if he was okay, Moon Se Yoon exclaimed in surprise, “He’s really crying. He’s really crying!” 

An embarrassed Kim Seon Ho then adorably yelled through his tears, “Turn off all the cameras! Ugh, I really made up my mind and tried my best so that I wouldn’t be humiliated, but…” As he broke off, Moon Se Yoon jokingly scolded the staff, “Why are you doing this to our kind [Seon Ho]?”



March Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings Announced


Check out the top 20 for this month below!

  1. “Miss Trot 2”
  2. “Sing Again”
  3. “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”)
  4. “Love Call Center”
  5. “Trot National Festival”
  6. “Youn’s Stay”
  7. “PPONG School”
  8. 2 Days & 1 Night Season 4
  9. How Do You Play?
  10. Running Man



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Thanks for sharing such wonderful read. Am so glad Ravi had a heart-to-heart downtime with Jung-hoon씨. Hoping hereon Ravi will take time to explore and discover hobbies he may enjoy. Maybe like Din Din Ravi can have some "wine-session" with Jung-hoon 씨.  Or just go star-gazing together and just relax and continue to explore new territories by chit-chat with Jung-hoon 씨.  Seems Ravi opens up to Jung-hoon 씨 easily and am happy for Ravi.
Can see the dynamics among the 6 team members how they have grown over the months and being together and finding ways to defeat PD and her Team.
Jung-min is still very adorable as his facial expression is automatic and he does not mince his words in any way. He is straightforward and also enjoy seeing him with Jung-hoon 씨.

Fighting Jung-hoon 씨, Jung-min, Se-yoon, Seon-ho, DinDin and Ravi.  All of them deserve the attention as they are a team and not just segregated attention given. 



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EPISODE  68 21/MARCH /21




-PREVIOUS  TRIP EPI 53[13/12/20] -EPI 54 20/12/20 -EPISODE 55 27/12/20-









EPISODE 66 PART 2  Taste of Nature Special Wilderness Survival Training 

Hope many from us comment tell kbsw changed  title  this part 2 




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Feel the Rhythm of KOREA: INCHEON 필 더 리듬 오브 코리아 인천








 junghoon  ig

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On the latest episode of “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” the cast members showed off their moves in individual dance auditions!

The March 21 broadcast of the popular KBS variety show followed the cast as they wrapped up their “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” project. In order to determine which four members of the cast would be selected as dancers for the final video, each of the six members took turns auditioning in front of a panel of dancers.

All of the members performed the same basic dance routine for their auditions, but the beginning of the song included a freestyle section in which the members came up with their own moves.

DinDin bravely volunteered to go first, and the judges praised him for his hard work. “I could see how much he’d practiced, and I think that’s really deserving of praise,” said one of the dancers. “But it was a bit confusing whether he was being sincere or just joking around [while dancing].”

Kim Seon Ho went next, and he hilariously explained afterwards that his choreography for the freestyle section had been an interpretive dance acting out how he was going to defeat his rival DinDin.

While evaluating Kim Seon Ho’s performance, one of the dancers commented, “Because he’s an actor, his mime-style movements were really great. I also liked the fact that his individual choreography told a story.”


Next up was Moon Se Yoon, who unfortunately missed the right timing to begin his dance routine. Panicked, he begged the judges to let him start over, but they instructed him to continue and finish his routine. Afterwards, they gave him the opportunity to dance it again properly, but the damage had been done.

“Although he has a lot of potential in terms of his dancing skills,” said the judges, “the fact that he forgot the order of the [dance moves] seems to indicate that he didn’t practice much.”

Kim Jong Min was the fourth member to audition, and though he immediately impressed everyone with the quality of his dancing, he also made a small mistake in his routine. However, he made up for his error by dancing the extra parts of the choreography that the cast hadn’t been taught yet, proving just how prepared he was for the audition.

Afterwards, Kim Jong Min apologized for making a mistake and asked if he could dance the first section of the choreography again. Then, as he began passionately dancing his freestyle section, he accidentally ripped his pants at the seam, exposing his underwear to everyone on the set.

Once the chaos that ensued had died down, the judges shared their thoughts on his performance. Because one of the judges knew Kim Jong Min from having danced with him many years ago, back in Kim Jong Min’s days as a backup dancer, he remarked that he intended to be as objective as possible in his evaluation. Nonetheless, he declared, “My objective review is that he was the best. He’s the only person who correctly danced the choreography up until the end.”

Next up was Yeon Jung Hoon, who revealed that he had been especially passionate about practicing for the audition—even going so far as to enlist the help of VIXX’s Ravi as a private tutor.

The actor’s hard work paid off: the judges were visibly impressed throughout his performance, and his fellow cast members even gave him a standing ovation. “I think he must have really practiced a lot as he prepared,” said one of the dancers. “He did a lot better than I’d expected, and seeing him pull off the routine so confidently, I was really moved.”

Finally, the last member to audition was Ravi, who tore up the stage with his powerful moves and skillful dancing. Praising his performance, one of the judges enthused, “I don’t think there was anything to criticize [in that performance]. I was touched by the fact that he did his best and gave it his all, even though the choreography [we gave him] consisted of easy, mediocre moves that would have been nothing to him.”

Another dancer added, “I felt like the texture and style of his dancing was different from ours, and he did so well that it made me think it would be more fun for us to follow his style, in order to make the dance really shine.”


After each of the four judges ranked the six cast members, they tallied up their scores and found that four of the members were tied for second place. With one member securely in first place and another in sixth place, the judges held a discussion to decide which of the four members in the tie would be eliminated.

To everyone’s surprise, the judges awarded first place to Yeon Jung Hoon, praising him for how much he’d improved. Ravi won second place, while Kim Seon Ho came in third. Finally, after a tense wait in which the judges explained that they took more than just dancing skills into account while making their decisions, they announced that Kim Jong Min was the final dancer to make the cut.

Check out the “2 Days & 1 Night” cast’s final “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” video below!

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EPISODE 70 4/4/21


Nakhwa fireworks festival

A fireworks show gets under way at Haman County in the southeastern South Gyeongsang Province on May 22, 2018, for the Nakhwa Festival. Nakhwa is a traditional folk game in which charcoal and Korean paper "hanji" are twisted together in threads, hung in the thousands and lit after dark.




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