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[Drama 2020] 365: One Year Against Destiny, 365: 운명을 거스르는 1년


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Let's see if I can remember and understand what I saw from MBC's raw cuts. Some highlights:


1. Turns out the person that put the gun against HJ's head was actually HJ's hyung who was also investigating in the area. He thought HJ was someone suspicious. Anyway, I am not sure what excuse he gave hyung but he said he had to go look for GH , and quickly excused himself. Hyung thinks something is going on btwn the two.

2. At Bae's place, GH was shocked to see some strange men at the door. It was actually the rival gangster who had caught Bae earlier. GH was quick to think and made up some sob story about how Bae had cheated her or something. She pretended to be crying on the floor , and the gangster was actually quite sympathetic . HJ came back, and after the gangster found out that HJ was a detective , he left. 

3. GH told HJ about hearing Lee Shin's voice on the phone. Later on GH tried to look for Lee Shin but she had gone away for some seminar.

4. HJ and GH continue to work together to find out more about how LS and Bae were linked. So HJ goes find Bae and he got GH to distract Bae - she threw stones at his window, he ran out to see who it was. HJ quickly bugged Bae's phone ( the one he uses to contact Lee Shin)

5. More interesting twist...Bae goes look for the stock broker ahjussi ( the one who was afraid he might die next) , and demands money for him. He kicked up a fuss at his office and though stock broker gave him some money, he wanted more. He whispered something to blackmail the stock broker. Turns out the latter has a mistress and Bae had proof ...so later on in somewhere private, stock broker gave Bae more money.

6. The further plot twist is that Bae and the stock broker guy knew each other before the reset. Stock broker used to gamble in the illegal places run by Bae. And i think he used to end up with alot of debt and got beaten by Bae.

7. Stock broker was found dead in his car...it was set up to be a suicide ( with suicide note in his phone)...but since GH / HJ had bugged Bae's phone they heard some conversation btwn the Bae and the broker. The broker is not such a nice guy himself and brought the rival gangster to beat up Bae and to get his money.



8. HJ went to look for Bae , but Bae had escaped. Somehow GH managed to track Bae later on and caught him with the help of the cops.

9. Unfortunately , the police had to let Bae go on bail- he was bailed out by Lee Shin's assistant.

10. Now GH realised that in SY's empty apartment there was this bouquet of flowers left there . And when GH went to the broker's apartment there was a similar bouquet.

11. HJ and GH meet up with the other 3 resetters - ( cafe owner, blonde hair girl and gamer boy ) and they tell them what has been happening

12. All 5 decide to go look for Lee Shin who had returned from her seminar. At the meeting in her place, she confessed she had Bae with her and he came out...there was some confrontation and the blonde girl ran out ...but she was shocked as a bouquet of flowers had been dropped off at Lee Shin's place and the assistant brought it in...there was a card. HJ picked it up. I need subs to see what it said but it was definitely some cryptic message.

13. Oh yes, there was also a scene where they show the killer ( no face shown ) , keeping a "souvenir" belonging to each of the resetter that had died!




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@triplem Episode 4 reads like another exciting one. Can't wait to watch it tonight. Thanks again!


4 hours ago, triplem said:

Oooo I hope so...after it has been so long since I have seen LJH in one...The Lies Within does not count given the ending.  Did you see how relieved he was twice? Once when he asked her at the beginning if she killed SY , and when she said no, he knew it was true.  Then the second time he was glad they found the alibi and he could tell her the good news. I am certain this fanboy is having a very big crush on his favourite writer-nim


I hope so too. His crush on her is just way too cute. I like this post by a fellow 365 watcher. I think Maru wants it to happen too. :lol:





(I agree...although I thought all the flashbacks and field scenes were beautiful, I am not counting The Lies Within either for the very same reason.)

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HJ in 'snooping around' mod was adorkably hilarious :D



I just love seeing LJH playing this kind of characters - a rare treat))

Also i love GH / HJ dream team dynamic duo - i'm here all the way for Maru's parents working together.



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This is why I really enjoy coming to these forums, the spirit of sharing (thanks for the timely recaps and clips!) and all the cool theories.


After watching the Monday night episode and hearing more of Lee Shin's excuses when confronted by various resetters, it made me think about a few background clues. *Spoilers follow for Ep 3 (5/6) below; lots of speculation*


The significance of the webtoon Hidden Killer


As Ga-hyun works on her webtoon, she has flashbacks to the photos the detectives showed her of Seo Yeon-soo lying dead at the bottom of the stairs. She realises her drawing mirrors Seo's death pose perfectly. We might interpret this in a few ways. 

  • It's just visual metaphor for Ga-hyun's trauma
  • A killer is copying Ga-hyun's work
  • Ga-hyun's webtoon has supernatural influence on destiny
  • Ga-hyun is subconsciously channelling memories of past resets into her work

But I think the last is the most plausible. The resetters, like Lee Shin, may actually have reset a few or many times before this! However, most think they are resetting for the first time. Lee Shin says to Ga-hyun in an earlier episode, when Ga-hyun is anguished by her fiance & best friend's betrayal: "Try to remember why you chose to reset." This takes on a new meaning if Lee Shin has already observed Ga-hyun resetting more than once.


There's also a possible clue in earlier scenes when Hyung-Joo is pestering Ga-hyun to tell him the plot of Hidden Killer. He says that the storyline has changed since the reset, and he can't guess the outcome. One interesting response from Ga-hyun runs something like this: "I can keep changing it so you can't guess." This just sounds like a blow-off and a running joke, but I wonder if the real significance is that of course it will keep changing - the storyline of Hidden Killer adapts to whichever reset events surface in her mind.


Lee Shin describing Seo Yeon-soo as 'special'


Ga-hyun lays flowers at the scene of Yeon-soo's death, and runs into Lee Shin. She accuses Lee Shin of knowing the connection between herself and Yeon-soo. One phrase in Lee Shin's account leaps out: "To me, Ms Seo Yeon-soo was special."


What if the special characteristic of Yeon-soo was that she could remember more than one past reset? Remembering is important for growth, but also dangerously traumatic - which could be why Lee Shin urged Yeon-soo to survive, no matter what.


I haven't see the Tuesday episode yet (thanks for recaps @triplem ) but it looks as if Bae Jung-tae is another resetter capable of remembering more than one reset, and hence Lee Shin contacts him directly with specific instructions to control outcomes.


If everyone has already reset before...


It makes me think that even Ga-hyun being in a wheelchair at the start of the series... may have been the outcome of a prior choice where she wanted to save her friend from dying, and she preferred to sacrifice herself.


We are told that Hyung-joo used to be in the Traffic Police division, not Violent Crimes. Could he have entered Violent Crimes and become a detective because of an earlier reset?


Is this also why Maru remembers Hyung-joo, not from this reset, but from previous ones???


[/end speculation]


On to more pleasant topics...

6 hours ago, taeunfighting said:

His crush on her is just way too cute. I like this post by a fellow 365 watcher. I think Maru wants it to happen too. :lol:


@taeunfighting I like that the production is not rushing headlong into a romance, but the rapport is there! Build, build, build it :D


16 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

all of this is making me think of David Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner


Thanks for mentioning this, Mamet pioneered so many things that lesser writers have copied and which we now take for granted... The suspense, the references within references... :thumbsup:

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Somebody is certainly fond of Roy Orbison :D


Fee fie fo fum... I smell romance in the air... maybe... 


This is an amazing show. It really does keep you on the edge and on your toes. I've even started taking notes while watching... something I never do...  just so I can keep up with my own questions and thoughts. :D Some have been answered but the twists and turns of the last two episode does give one pause and rethink one's theories. ;) 


My feeling is that we've only scratched the tip of the iceberg which means I can't get too fixated with my pet theories. :D It does feel like everyone in the show at least is operating as if they have been transported back in time. The really interesting part is that the assumption that a reset... a second chance as it were... is being severely called into question. Even if I'm wrong about the mechanism of the reset... which isn't that important... the crux of the matter is that a second chance doesn't necessarily mean greater wisdom or growth or change of behaviour. That's the part of the show that's a fixed point for me because it seems to be a consistent thread in these first four episodes. I think what the show is saying is that "reset" doesn't equal to "change for the better". For some "reset" means another chance to do the same thing and dodge the consequences. Let's face it we are self-centered creatures. We do what's best for us and those closest to us because there are immediate benefits to doing so. Few like change and few find change easy.


The "trophy room" on the other hand seems to suggest that there's an opposing force at work --- a serial killer on the prowl for unworthy candidates/recipients. My guess is that there's someone who doesn't "approve" of resetting because it is in essence a form of cheating. Take the lottery ajussi for instance. He didn't get to buck the system and live to enjoy his winnings. The stock broker doesn't get off scot free. He doesn't get to live his double life and carry on the facade of being a family man. Now the interesting thing about that is ... who is doing the killing and sending flowers? One of the reset group? The dour-faced Zian housekeeper? The new fanboy from the publishing company? Or a cop? Hmmmm...


Having given it some thought I think I mentioned Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner earlier because of the elaborate layers of deception involved in that plot. It's one of those storylines that leaves you wondering who you can trust or if anyone can be trusted. We take trust so much for granted, as a matter of course, that we don't assume that people are lying to us when they tell us things about themselves. In one of those Agatha Christie whodunits, Miss Marple says something along those lines. These days especially because people move great distances and those long-term connections have seen a great deal of erosion, it's hard to be sure that what you see and hear is the truth. We tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. If I tell people I'm a teacher, nobody questions that. They can't possibly imagine why I would lie about it. You wouldn't think I was perpetuating some kind of scam. Our institutions for the most part function in the same way..


In that vein Hitchcock also came to mind. It's not surprising given the obvious psycho-thriller elements. "Who's going to be next?" has that kind of nerve wrecking buildup that the master of suspense was famous for. But I keep thinking that the Hidden Killer webtoon needs to explored a lot more than what we've seen. It's got to be the key to why people are dropping off like flies or at least why that particular cohort came together in the first place.


The reset comes at a personal cost to the leads. It's really not all that it's cracked up to be. Their lives consumed by these mysteries. Not being able to tell people how and why you know things. Awkward. One lie after the next. One lie to cover up another. 


Our leads are actually quite well written. The perspective they provide on the entire mystery and their investigative partnership seems to be going from strength to strength. The lying was pretty clumsy at first but they're getting better at it. :P I certainly think it's possible for some kind of romance to emerge from this collaboration although murder and deception seems to be keeping them a bit busy. For some reason HJ's colleagues at the station are eager for him to have a bit of romance in his life. Well... hey I'm not going to object particularly if it means adorable LJH overload. :D It also occurred to me that he was so quick to pick her up for interrogation. It wasn't zeal for justice I don't think. :P It's quite likely he did it for himself because he was worried that she could have done it... so needed to allay his own fanboy fears. :P

It would be a waste for cute HJ to languishing on his own at the end.

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1 hour ago, Liena Safian said:

I think that serial killer is delivery man. Even they mention he's dead when do reset but the writer just to make us believe he's dead and not thinking of him anymore. 


What ever happen to the pregnant woman? Will we ever see her again?


8 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

I love this cliche, was that him trying to be smooth :mrgreen:


What a weird spot to put a reference to La Boum.

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Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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Will watch with subs later & hope to get some clarity . Enjoyed reading everyone’s theories. This drama is really good & the pace is fast . 

This BTS bit is subbed . LJH praising NJH , that was too cute . 

Full BTS ( no subs ) 






Drama is getting good buzz & response






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Ok I think I've read everyone's theories. Just one question how much does it cost to consult a psychiatrist? in SK that is? Given a well set-up one like Zian, consulting Lee Shin can be costly by the hour. And I'm more than curious why HJ's Boss Heo would recommend Zian to HJ. Except for maybe Hwang and GH the others doesn't look like they can afford such a place. It looks to me like they were chosen at random.

Do we know yet why SeRin and Hwang chose to reset? In ep4 Hwang went to meet up with LeeShin but we were not show what their meeting was about.

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so the ex-convict/the gambler is blackmailing thee people for money. So lee shin is also going to be his target?


the game boy? Why does he looks so suspicious? He is already bored with the games so is he planning to kill for real?


three death. All natural or suicide/suspicious suicide?


the question is who's going to die next? And can they change their fate?


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After watching episode 4, I have no good guesses on what's going on, but because the delivery guy and security guard's deaths were from accidental/natural causes, I am not yet fully convinced that there is a serial killer. SY's slip/fall to death and the stockbroker's suicide do seem questionable, but I wonder if the causes could just be what they really are, but we're led to think otherwise. However, I do think that there is an opposing force as @40somethingahjumma mentioned above. Since Lee Shin is supposedly next, could it be that there is another person like her who has the ability to see the gap in time and reset, but different from her, he does not believe it should be used to change/better your life's circumstances? So, he's challenging what she's doing, but not necessarily killing these folks? As far the trophies, I think the mystery person is possibly trying to point out that in reality, one cannot defy or change fate...it could even lead to less desirable outcomes. Based on the preview, it seems Lee Shin has a personal reason for the reset. Perhaps even she is not at the liberty to change her fate as well?


As we see more, I may be more convinced that there is a killer at hand. In the meantime, loving reading everyone's thoughts and theories!

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