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Overall, i really love this drama! Will definitely go back for a rewatch! The development between the two leads and their story was amazing! They really complimented each other. Great ending! I will t

NEW STILL FOR TONIGHT. WHAT A SUPPORTIVE GIRLFRIEND        Summary text for episode 8 preview   Please don't go  Someone broke into Hajin's house dan made her s

Have been slowly getting up to date with the episodes and now finished last aired episode.     I really feel for HJ having to go true her memory again, but the way she in the end handled it

7 hours ago, Nadia Muñoz said:

Kim Dong Wook made his appearance

Yeah, finally!. When the other actors made their appearance in interview, variety show and any other mainstream event,  we have Kim Dong Wook who once came out from his hiding cave, became a HOST in a national event. I am personally so proud of him.


@000231846597 Indeed, the vibe is still strong, and I would like to listen his voice all day long:sweatingbullets:

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Regardless of the low rating, I think this drama touched many of the fan hearts and they found it hard to leave behind once the filming ended. Just look at how they prepare plenty of ads to support this drama even have already prepared a year-end event. I don't know if there is a same kind of event held by Kfans after a drama has ended.

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Winners Of 2020 MBC Drama Awards


On the evening of December 30, the 2020 MBC Drama Awards recognized many of the biggest stars and dramas from the network over the past year!


The ceremony was held at the MBC Public Hall and hosted by Kim Sung Joo. The Daesang (Grand Prize) went to Park Hae Jin for his performance in the drama “Kkondae Intern,” while the show took the Drama of the Year award. This is the first time that Park Hae Jin has won a Daesang since his debut in 2006.


Park Hae Jin shared, “I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to receive this award. It’s the Daesang, and I feel a weight on my shoulders. This was my first project with MBC since I received the Best New Actor award 12 years ago in 2008. Thank you for this great award.” He went on to thank his family and agency staff.


The actor continued to describe his happy experience filming “Kkondae Intern,” saying that he was excited every day on his way to the set. He extended his thanks to the writer, director, his co-stars, and more, and he cheered on everyone during this time when many are struggling. “I will dedicate this award to my eternal senior intern Kim Eung Soo,” he added.


Check out the list of winners from the night below!


Daesang (Grand Prize): Park Hae Jin (“Kkondae Intern”)


Drama of the Year: “Kkondae Intern”


Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama: Im Soo Hyang (“When I Was the Most Beautiful”)


Top Excellence Award for an Actor in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama: Kim Eung Soo (“Kkondae Intern”)


Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a Monday-Tuesday Drama Or Short Drama: Nam Ji Hyun (“365: Repeat the Year”)


Top Excellence Award for an Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama Or Short Drama: Shin Sung Rok (“Kairos”)


Excellence Award for an Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama: Kim Seul Gi (“Find Me in Your Memory”)


Excellence Award for an Actor in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama: Im Joo Hwan (“The Game: Towards Zero,” “The Spies Who Loved Me”)


Excellence Award for an Actress in a Monday-Tuesday Drama or Short Drama: Nam Gyu Ri (“Kairos”)


Excellence Award for an Actress in a Monday-Tuesday Drama or Short Drama: Lee Joon Hyuk (“365: Repeat the Year”)


Golden Acting Award: Shim Yi Young (“My Wonderful Life”)


Best Supporting Actress: Kim Sun Young (“Kkondae Intern”)


Best Supporting Actor: Lee Sung Wook (“365: Repeat the Year”)


Best New Actress: Kim Hye Joon (“CHIP-IN”)


Best New Actor: Ahn Bo Hyun (“Kairos”)


Best Couple: Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young (“Find Me in Your Memory”) (announced online)


Congratulations to all the winners!


The 2020 MBC Drama Awards will be available on Viki.



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Binged watched the drama in 2 days during the weekend and while not the best drama it was definitely still worth watching. I'm not Korean so I wasn't aware of the "13 years age difference". Honestly it did not bother me at all as the two leads had very good chemistry.  It was also my first time seeing Moon Ga-young and I found her acting good. It also didn't hurt that she looks like another actress that I like. 

I liked the overall story but after the director stalker arc the story went a bit downhill for me. It was one villain too many. They could have ended the drama after the director was caught but instead we had to have the original bad guy, Moon Sung-ho and the reporter who took the pictures for the director. The Moon Sung-ho arc was still okay but the scandal exposed by the reporter was a bit far-fetched. We don't even know what happened to him after the two years time lapse. 

The final episode was a bit tame compared to the final episodes of other dramas I've watched but that last kissing scene was the best and very sweet. 

I immediately looked up Moon Ga-young and found out she has another drama, True Beauty. I hope they make this available in Netflix soon. 

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