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Overall, i really love this drama! Will definitely go back for a rewatch! The development between the two leads and their story was amazing! They really complimented each other. Great ending! I will t

NEW STILL FOR TONIGHT. WHAT A SUPPORTIVE GIRLFRIEND        Summary text for episode 8 preview   Please don't go  Someone broke into Hajin's house dan made her s

Have been slowly getting up to date with the episodes and now finished last aired episode.     I really feel for HJ having to go true her memory again, but the way she in the end handled it

2 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

@Sejabin if every two in love drive like this :joy:

prison will be full of lover 

truck of doom only hits people who are in angst and breaking up in dramaland. :P



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2 hours ago, Sejabin said:

Anchor Nim is too sweet. The best gift a man can give is ..... a doll :love: we can hug this doll if we misses the giver :lol:

ohhhhhh.. anchor nim makes me miss my younger days when I received dolls as gifts :bawling:


@Ameera Ali :kiss_wink: thanks!

so he gave her a doll? hmmm.... first thought: "what if there's a camera inside the doll?... " yea, this is what happens when you watch too many stalker/serial killer dramas. rather than cute, you think dolls are dangerous or possible evidence is hidden somewhere inside! :sweatingbullets:



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im quite surprised HJ din post any IG update like a couple shot or something :phew:


i need to sleep.. its 2am and the eng subs wun be out until 12hrs later.. sleep will make the time pass faster lol

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I don't think that the issue with the stalker MSH has been resolved. Quite the opposite. Since director Jin failed, then MSH has every reason to go after LJH and HJ. He can not let LJH love another woman, when he lost himself "his woman" SY. Furthermore, HJ will remember meeting MSH, while LJH has no idea that JH saw him. We still don't know the circumstances and in my opinion, they are important. Like I wrote before, I suspect that neither LJH nor HJ know the whole truth about SY.

Since Jin was able to meet him so easily and MSH could call LJH so easily as well, I have the feeling that MSH will leave the mental institut/prison.


I had always said that Director Jin showed a lot of sign of a stalker (his flat full with pictures of HJ reflected her obsession with her).


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7 hours ago, rukizie said:

I swear Lee Jung Hoon is the sweteest person in this world. He might act like he doesnt care but deep down inside he cares about her. ARGHHHHH NAYE SIMJANGAAAAAAAAAAAA. HE BROUGHT HER A BIRTHDAY GIFT.





OMG I LOL-ed hard at your nani hahahahhaha


Best episode so far! Finally they r dating for real. I'm smiling unconsciously while watching :relaxed: Excited for tmr episode. And I really curious how did HJ met MSH in the past? But since she promised she won't leave JH, I guess we can relax a bit? 

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1 hour ago, nitttss said:

But since she promised she won't leave JH, I guess we can relax a bit? 


That is exactly what makes me sure that we cannot relax.  ;)   In dramaland, the best way to start things going wrong is to make love promises.




.....and what was going on in the promo:  JH said something about not wanting regrets in the time he had left?!  :o




By the way>>>>>For those (like me) who use the "not legal" sites, the subs are posted!  :wub:

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@bebebisous33, I also believe there are still revelations from the past to come out including why JH and HJ never met. I have an annoying thought that somehow SY’s stalker will escape prison, court or hospital but I’m really hoping the story doesn’t go that way. 

@thistle, I’m hoping that both JH and HJ keep their promise to each other. I want them to stick it out and I feel they’re going to learn things about the past that they never knew until they met each other. 

@Ameera Ali, the kiss was better than I expected. :wub:

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Heol, I found out only today that it's Jooyoung who sang the OST Here We Are. Glad he's back. His music is not mainstream but he's got a soothing R&B voice worthy of checking out.  (Plus he looks like  a younger version of Jung Kyung Ho)


So the stalking is just the start of their problems. Being this in love this soon only means greater heartbreak later. But who cares? It's a happy ending anyway. 365 already takes care of the body count. 

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37 minutes ago, celebrianna said:


@thistle, I’m hoping that both JH and HJ keep their promise to each other. I want them to stick it out and I feel they’re going to learn things about the past that they never knew until they met each other. 


I am hoping, too!  This drama has been surprising in some ways because of the leads and the way that they have responded to the pressures that have been handed to them--I'm constantly amused by HJ's candor and by the way that JH truly listens to her.  I hope that they will find a way to keep their promise. 


But I am also sure that the forces of drama will try their best to drive devastation into the heart of it all.  We have 6 episodes to go, and this is usually the time when tension really ramps up.  I'm anticipating that we will see some drama-drama because HJ and JH will now have to face what has happened in the past, and it's gonna be a minefield. 


I still believe that we have some Big Bad Stuff going on behind the scenes that is being manipulated by Dr. Dad.  HJ and JH are gonna need all of their buddies (especially TE) to help them through.


Fingers crossed--I'm hoping that the last six episodes will be as good as the first ten have been.

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HJ posted on her IG!! nope.. not a couple post but birthday.. and guess who photobombed here once again? its none other than her v huge fan :lol: oh, actually this is a couple post for her sis hahahaha


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For ep 20's rating. 

Metropolitan area rating 5.0%
National 4.8%


Find Me in Your Memory is No. 1 in wednesday-thursday drama!!



'Find Me in Your Memory' Kim Dong-wook, Moon Ga-young, and Sweet and Ecstatic Emotion 'First Kiss Ending'




Source: Korea Economic TV |  Naver TV Entertainment https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/215/0000866136




The caption said: For Hajin, who has been struggling, this week will be a happy time, right? I root for you (Eungwonhammida:lol:).


What said on the picture: "If it's hard, it's okay to take a break for a moment."


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I think you are spot on with the analysis of all the elements in the drama here .


On 4/16/2020 at 9:33 AM, ck1Oz said:

Lol I do like quite a few dramas. If you deconstruct the elements of this drama it shouldn't work. But it does.


Like for instance it has the standard cliche. Opposites attracting. And opposite circumstances as per Kdrama norm. The male cannot forget. The female has forgotten. 


The male is older. Much older; the female is younger. There are no love triangles. There is no interfering family members. The female lead is actually likable and has some street smarts or morals. Sad to say there are a lot of female leads who suddenly seem to dribble out their brain cells when they fall in love. The male lead is not your standard 180-185cm male likely go have a shower scene or flash some abs.


It's not a glamorous profession set up. He is not a genius doctor/ engineer/ chef/ physicist/ CEO/chaebol/ first son/ sunbae etc. There are no ex hanging around SY doesn't actually hang around that often in the flashbacks. There are no copious drunken scenes full of whiskey shots/ soju bottles/ vomiting leads/ piggybacks/ beer bottles outside a 7-11, CU 25 etc.



 I was nodding along. I just don't get how come to this conclusion.


On 4/16/2020 at 9:33 AM, ck1Oz said:

See? Deconstruct all these elements and we could have had a terrible drama. But it ends up just right. Pacing not too fast not too slow.


Why would that lead to a terrible drama? Isn't the absence of all of that more indicative for a good drama? Are you being sarcastic? I don't get it.

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1 hour ago, Fabbo said:

Why would that lead to a terrible drama? Isn't the absence of all of that more indicative for a good drama? Are you being sarcastic? I don't get it.


My two cents:  the poster is Not being sarcastic.  Instead, this is a rave review that expresses wonder that a cliche plotline could be made in a new way

  • that the characters are so unexpectedly unique--like real people 
  • that the lives of the characters are different from a standard drama
  • that many of the elements of a typical drama are missing

And the fact that these changes are there in Find Me in Your Memory is what makes a drama that is fresh.


We become so accustomed to some elements (as the original poster mentions, like chaebols and drunk scenes) that we almost expect them in dramas and we might imagine that if the drama doesn't have them, then maybe there's something wrong.  But this drama doesn't have all that stuff and it's just so good (maybe Because it doesn't have that stuff).


I completely agree with @ck1Oz and I think that their post expresses the great facts of Find Me in Your Memory just perfectly.


.....Me, I'm thrilled to bits to see a drama that doesn't include multiple pilgrimages to worship at the sacred shrine of Subway.  (and, yes, that last line is an intended example of sarcasm)



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@Fabbo @thistle is correct.


I am not sarcastic. I don't have much time to watch Kdramas and I know what I like and why I like it.


I have just a short time to answer so this is not my conclusive answer. Maybe I have time for 3 elements comments.


Today- look at Ha Jin. Isn't she a cool female lead? Think of all the damsel in distress kidnapped or in trouble females in a Kdrama episode? She has been dignified and has done none of the screaming, endless crying sliding down the doorway weeping scene. None of the hysterical female post rescue. None of the vague staring into space when the male lead doesn't call.


Let's talk about the lighting. Have you noticed the lighting of all the night scenes? It hasn't actually been that dark you know. Even with the night scenes. JH had the requisite nude coloured lipstick when she was kidnapped. That's what the make up artists does for all Kdramas to show a wan complexion. Did you notice? Anyway even the apartment lighting which is grey industrial decor style- has enough lighting and also the dark always night newsroom.


The director. Break each second into 10 parts. I count scenes by seconds and 0.1sec. See their lines. The actors have concise precise lines. Clear and conveys the intent of the sentence. And this drama doesn't have long drawn out unnecessary silences between leads. And oh the camerawork is not dizzying. I used to sub and still do. I also used to time. So when someone talks too much the sentence doesn't fit how much time our eyes use to read a line of subtitle. My internal clock says you have to finish a line in under 10 sec. And then I wait for the next line. So little details. Little details like these are noticed by me.


Do you remember a drama where each sentence or scene was dragged a tad too long? I can name a few. Just that 0.5 or 2 sec too long. There you are waiting for the * beep beep beep * lingering camera to let the actor speak the next line. If you're waiting to cut the next segment you would notice how long an overly long scene takes.


And oh cliches? It's a rare drama that manages to do or load on the cliches and still be entertaining.


And oh yeah it's episode 10 and they sorted out the stalker issue. Have you or do you remember how many other dramas have kept stalker issues on to the last * beep beep beep * episode? And did you notice how fast JH made up his mind to go after HJ?And  how brave Ha Jin was stating all the reasons why she was afraid. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Finally a writer who even knows what the usual ridiculous reasons other drama writer uses. And just spits it all out.


And notice how during the kiss? The male lead does NOT cover the jawline of the female lead during the kiss? The camera doesn't do a 360.  The pan out is not too far. The lighting is adequate- it's still mid spring and cold and dark btw- and there is no bugged eye looks. Or limp hand by the sides. Or the camera close up of the female lead clutching convulsively at his jacket. Gosh I hate that camera focus during those scenes.


Anyway, I don't need to analyze those scenes. I know what I like in a Kdrama. And I notice the cliches- when you sometimes repeat a scene or line 20× or more when you don't understand what they are saying- when you're trying to find that one appropriate word that bugs you.


And oh. The background music. Notice how soft it is and it is at least half as soft as other BGM during similar scenes in other dramas. Then increases in volume when the actors finishes speaking. I notice. Because I am usually listening for the BGM to sub the lines of the song. If it's too loud I notice it because I can't hear the actor over the singer.


So * chuckles * yeah this drama is delivering a story. With solid acting and directing. Surely no one thinks that kissing scenes are unscripted right? When there is a bad or lame kissing scene the PD plays a huge part in it.


Besides @thistle and others would know I usually analyse as my " relaxation " during a Kdrama. And I can still enjoy the drama. But sometimes the writing is so bad, the acting so lame that I have to drop it. But also the scene timing can seriously drag on because of the PD. Where every. Word. Is. Put. Forth. Like. A. Pearl.


Drives me nuts those dramas and I drop it. And oh yeah I like episode 10. Decisive proactive male lead. Female lead who did not crumple. Secondary couple where the female OTP doesn't simper when handed a soft toy. And we all know soft toy scenes are laden with stupidity in Kdrama cliches. And a CEO who likes her star. And an actual sensible supportive boss * gasps in horror. *


And we are ready for the next story arc in episode 11. And also the romance- which is starting in the traditional episode 11. I am not saying this is the best drama ever. But I am saying I usually watch currently airing dramas. And this is only 1 of the 5 which is consistently delivering entertainment. 2 have crashed and burned. One is saved by the OTP. The 4th is ok but I am only watching it for sentimental reasons because of the writer. This is literally the only Kdrama where I can watch as a viewer and be entertained without cursing.


There. Bye. I am off to real life now. Wait... The leads don't eat in this drama. And hahaha I had bowls of gukbap last week. Super super yummy. And off to have my yukgaejang for lunch now. Cold, rainy weather here.


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] Find me in your memory, 그 남자의 기억법

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