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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Unknown Number 时空来电

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Cr avirtualvoyage


Chinese title: 时空来电
English title: Unknown Number 

Genre: Crime, Fiction

Episodes: 32


Broadcast Period: 10/23/2019



 Li Xiao Ran

Du Chun

Wang Tian Chen


A mysterious walkie talkie allows a detective in the year 2000 to communicate with a cold case profiler from 2015; with the power of fore and hindsight the two not only solve crimes but prevent them from ever taking place. However, a long-standing murder case is closer to home than either realizes. A detective tries to create a world where those who have done wrong deserve punishment, but a huge force interferes with it.

(Douban and Wikipedia) 

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Coming soon...


Additional Links:

Signal 시그널 Official Soompi Thread


Click here to request the Viki license!


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@angelangie l LavelyShai

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On 10/24/2019 at 11:06 PM, angelangie said:

this is the Mainland remake of Kdrama - Signal right?

Yup youre right!

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Thank you for creating this thread @sugarplum892! Had almost given up hope that it would air, with all the clampdown on drama content in China this year, and was blindsighted when it did air because they changed the Chinese title too, which is why I didn't realise it finally aired on 23 Oct - from what was originally 信号 Signal, it is now 时空来电 (literal title "Incoming Call from Time and Space"). 32 episodes of 30mins each... which might add up to roughly the duration of the original, so perhaps we will see all the cases adapted after all, unlike the J-remake, which dropped 2 cases (Shin Da Hye and Hongwon Dong murders)


Watched the first case, and halfway through the 2nd (up to Ep7), and having mixed feelings about it so far. Very glad to see that this is not a cut-and-paste adaptation, but one that takes the essence of the original and puts their spin on it. This is evident in the use of a 1998 disposed Motorola MicroTAC GC-87C flip phone that no longer works (the cellphone shows "Unknown Number" when it rings, hence the English title), vs the original police-issued walkie-talkie, the difference in backstories, the case details etc. As such, I do not quite know what to expect in each case, which is great.


What irks me is (unless I missed it) the lack of credits to the original scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee, and blatant use of the original soundtrack throughout the drama. Were rights officially obtained for this adaptation? The J-remake specifically credited Kim Eun Hee, and features their own song and instrumental soundtrack, hence my question. Kim Yuna's "The Road" from Signal OST is featured with a Mandarin cover version by 弦子 Stringer, also entitled 路 "Road", though the rest of the soundtracks that I've heard to date are original compositions.


Will put down my thoughts on the individual cases later, but just a (not-so-brief) note to say just how glad I am that this thread is created and I have an outlet for my ramblings (or rants!) :P 

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At last, what had been bothering me incessantly throughout my viewing of the drama has finally been cleared up. An article that vehemently defended the production against netizen accusations of plagiarising Signal without obtaining the proper rights led me to dig into the credits once more to see what I might have missed. According to the article, the producer 权香兰 Quan Xianglan, general manager of Tencent Penguin Pictures' Korean Copyright Center, is the key link between Unknown Number and Signal. Since joining Tencent in 2016, she has been working on copyright development and resource expansion of Korean TV dramas. In this case, she obtained the rights for Signal and adapted it into the Unknown Number of today.


What had really irked me previously were the fact that soundtracks (instrumental and songs) were credited to Studio Curiosity and Movie Closer, unfamiliar names to me. This is particularly so when even the C-covers of Kim Yuna's "The Road" (路), and Lee Seung Yol's "As Flower Blooms" (待到花开 "Waiting until Flower Blooms" covered by 杜淳 Du Chun) were credited (lyrics and songs) to Studio Curiosity, when the originals were released under CJ E&M. Knowing now that Unknown Number has obtained rights to the production, I dug further and realised that Movie Closer is the record label under music directors Kim Jungseok and Jung Serin, which houses various talented instrumental music composers whose works have graced so many well-loved dramas, including Signal. Studio Curiosity is the record label that produced the soundtracks, Signal being one of them, that has made our viewing experience that much more unforgettable. 


I cannot begin to express how glad I am that all this is cleared up. Just this knowledge alone lends an added credibility to this adaptation that it previously lacked when I wrongly thought the OST was ripped, which in turn removes the niggling discomfort that had prevented me from enjoying the drama as much as I could have.


Du Chun's cover "Waiting until Flower Blooms":



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The remaining soundtracks:


必须走 ”I Must Go"   [Opening Theme]
Singer: Du Chun

Music: Studio Curiosity;  Lyrics: 王海笑 Wang Haixiao



投影中的你 ”You in the Projection"    [Ending Theme]

Singer: 杨宝心 Yang Baoxin

Music: Studio Curiosity;  Lyrics: 王海笑 Wang Haixiao



挥之不去 "Lingering"

Singer: 张恋歌 Zhang Liange

Music: Studio Curiosity;  Lyrics: 王海笑 Wang Haixiao


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