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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2020]The Entangled Life of Qingluo 蔓蔓青萝

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Based loosely off the novel by Zhuang Zhuang and produced by Yu Zheng (expect a lot of changes to the novel.) The story tells of Li Qing Luo, a 16 year old girl, the third daughter to Ning Guo's Prime Minister Li and his seventh wife. Born to a mother of lower social status, she is treated unfairly and assumed to be of lower intellect, however she surprises the family when she recites a famous a Tang dynasty poem. Knowing she has the aptitude to learn, she hides her ability so as to avoid being married off to a prince or court official like her sisters.

Six years later, A’Luo leaves the estate for the first time to participate at a flower viewing banquet, where the most elite Five Eligible Bachelors of Feng Cheng are also said to be in attendance. The men include, Crown Prince Liu Jian, Fourth Prince Liu Fei, the young An Qing Wang Liu Jue, the son of Prime Minister Gu Gu Tian Xiang, and the top scorer of the Imperial Examinations Cheng Si Yue.

In the midst of the banquet A' Luo sneaks off and almost meets an accident at the river, only to be saved by a young and handsome man. A' Luo too shocked at the sudden incident, accuses her saviour of being a pervert, to which he only laughs, and promises to find her in the future.



Native Title: 蔓蔓青萝

Also Known As:  Man Man Qing Luo

Genres:  Historical,  Romance

Tags:  Smart Female Lead,  Adapted From A Novel

From what I could tell, fans of the original novel would not be happy with this adaptation. The second male lead got bumped up into the main lead role, meaning Qingluo will end up will the Emperor instead of a prince like she did in the novel.




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