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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] A Little Thing Called First Love 初恋那件小事


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On 10/31/2019 at 10:01 PM, angelangie said:

@raziela @lynne22 @UnniSarah @n3bula @cenching @packmule3


u guys might like this light romance too....first crust is never too old like what @nasaan ka Alex? said ;) 


i know im enjoying this light romance and hopefully i can watch all of them before i go for my trip lols :D 



@sugarplum892 are you watching this my dear? :D it is really nice :) 



ooohhh. It's on netflix, too. I'm on it then. I need something light and happy. :)  


Thanks for the rec, @angelangie  Will post my review here later. 


edited to add:

Hi @lynne22, @cenching. @mouse007 I can't just pass by soompi without greeting you, too, from the add/subtract forum. :) 

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Hi @packmule3:) Hope you are doing well!


Netflix releases new episodes every Friday so they are a bit behind compared to Viki or any other streaming sites. But yes, this is definitely a light and happy one and just an all-over-feel-good type of drama.



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Although You Nian does not agreed to keep their relationship "under the radar" so to speak but he respect Miao Miao's choice. I loved how he defended her against the criticism of the 2nd prize winner.


Our You Nian got a couple of cheesy moves and loved his jealousy moments. In the preview, I think he had enough of the Junior pursuit of his girlfriend, he will now make known of their relationship.


I thought it is so funny that he wanted to find out how to break ties with his father after his father forced him to go on a family holiday just when he and Miao Miao is officially an item.

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I can understand You Nian's decision to stay back to do the project that his mother had started. It is his way to carry on his mother's dreams.


I also know that he is unselfish to allow Miao Miao the opportunity to go abroad for something she worked so hard for regardless what motivated her to do it in the first place.


In the end, there will be that 1 year separation for our couple and perhaps with that experience Miao Miao can finally be confident that she can stand next to You Nian with her head up high. 


However, I like to see her taking her time to return so that You Nian will frantic wondering whether she had met someone else and not coming back. He made most of the decision in their relationship so it will be nice to see him in some anxiety for once.

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Just finished ep 32. YN and MM are adorable dating; loving scenes with YN drinking vinegar, and MM is a cutie with her sass. Haven’t had the time to watch past 32, but I’ve caught some spoilers on IG.


We all knew there was going to be a separation at some point, right? They’re too cute to not have some trial to test their relationship. This drama is all about ‘First Love’. For the majority, first love is something that you leave in the past. For the minority, the chance that a couple who have only loved one person their whole entire lives, and are still with them today, that’s an amazing feat! In reality, most of us may recall bittersweet thoughts of our first loves, but regarding the drama, I really hope (since I haven’t seen the end yet) that whatever separation leads our couple apart, will resolve and they reunite positively. (I need my HE, I say!)

I’ve seen remarks on YT about ‘not a proper kiss scene’, or ‘the production just teased us’. The only thing I can say is, it’s age appropriate. These actors are 17 & 18. To expect them to have a full-blown make out session, is downgrading the innocence of our youths. If these two were a little older, then my expectations would be extremely high. lol. I’m content that the director protected the actors, while still giving us the hints of the actual first kiss.


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4 hours ago, angelangie said:

@packmule3 heheheh good luck....i love the drama through out hahahha :) 


and i say the ending is very nicely tied up.....first times i seen a drama tied up so nicely :) 


Edit to add: YouNian finally let MiaoMiao knows that she is his muse :) 



Thanks. I want a happy ending to my Cdramas and Kdramas. I don't want "misery" drama.


I  must admit that I cheated. I snuck a peak at the last episode because I couldn't believe that MiaoMiao would end up as ugly as she was in the beginning of the story.  :)


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Idk but as ep. go on the novelty of this drama is lost on me:P, like it's losing steam a lil just sayin' (shrug) I even skipped 2 ep. & honestly I didn't miss out on much. 

I for one, am gettin' tired of You Nian's possessive, jealous behavior:rolleyes: I had never found it cute & honestly it bothers me LoL. Irl this is a major red flag. 

I'm happy however that He Xin isn't stalking Kai Tuo blindly anymore & is growin' up for once.      

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I finished the drama today on netflix, actually watched raw yesterday. When i watched Younian confession scene with english sub, i cried every time even repeated for 3 times. It was so truthful and beautiful and earnest. He was so earnest, loving& faithful to MM even from the beginning. 

I dont blame him for being jealous and doing little things to possess over MM. As a married person, i have never done anything to irk my dear husband, but i know he will be jealous and possessive as i would too.

We got so many couples in the drama yet not one was shaded the first couple, it was very nice & amusing. I loved Younian& MiaMiao from the very start.  

Drama is a little gem i'd cherish forever. I know what drama i'd love and watch over & over again not getting bored.  

Bet this is only beginning of the Lai Kuan Lin's successful acting career, such a beautiful boy. 

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Excellent drama.  Actually I liked the original Thai movie very much.  I thought how will this out to be as they made this into a drama.  But to my surprise, it was good.  I liked all the actors esp. the leads.  Is it Guanlin's own dubbed voice for the drama?  It's so deep when he calls "Miao Miao".  

I liked how he is so understanding of her when she is so slow grasping of when he makes a move to kiss her in the theatre during their romcom movie watching and also after that.  So cute.

I HV not watched the last 4 episodes yet.  I loved so far all the eps.  I look forward to these actors future dramas.  Jaiyou!!!!

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39 minutes ago, pad-hari said:

Is it Guanlin's own dubbed voice for the drama?  It's so deep when he calls "Miao Miao".  

Yes, it’s his voice. :) I wasn’t familiar with him or his work in the entertainment industry prior to this drama, but he’s quite versatile in languages; he speaks Chinese, Korean, and English. Looking forward to more of his projects. 
It’d be funny to compile all of his scenes saying “Xiao Miao Miao”, he says it so sweetly. 

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Just finished watchin' the finale, it was bittersweet for me.


I appreciate how mature Miao2 handled Yu Tian's confession & let him down gently while at the same time tellin' him to move on basically. He looked good btw LoL. You Nian's confession was lovely too but it sort of felt cliched Idk LoL? Maybe I've watched too many similar dramas that it just felt underwhelming to me.. Anyway I am impressed by the young actress who plays Xiao Miao Miao. She did a really fine job for someone so young. 



I see it a lot here where bfs carry their gfs handbags & the bags looked much better on the guys ha-ha! Seriously though, I don't like it 'cause it sort of seem like the girls pushed their man to hold it y'know LoL? But I'm sure the guys offer to carry. I don't date much so what do I know??!!:rolleyes:    

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So I just learned something about the OST. Did anyone catch that the song “Can you feel my heart” was sung by Wang Bowen, aka the character Wang Yi Chao? 


This song has been floating in my head almost daily since the drama started (and only until the drama is done do I check out who sings this). So kudos to him for singing such an amazing song. :wub:

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