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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] A Little Thing Called First Love 初恋那件小事


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21 minutes ago, angelangie said:

infact there are stills around that show MiaoMiao in long curly frocks that actually look good on her....of course she does look fairer in those pictures too :) 


they just put the wrong mix in order that make her look a lil lacking.....i wont call change....maybe some mix and match :D 

Right? I love how they brought her back with glasses that showcase her cute face. And her hair modifications magnifies that she’s still very curly haired but has learned to be more stylish. (I am jealous of those locks.)

Thanks for the stills!


Are episodes 13 & 14 out yet?? :D

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9 hours ago, angelangie said:


is this how you look at your sister? :D or someone you treated as your sister? :D 

Right? “Sister”, yeah right. Keep on telling yourself that LYN. Eventually that River of Denial ends...
Love those pics. He just simmering on low burn, giving those eyes and smiles only at her. Oooh. 

Watched 13 and 14. :wub: Jealous LYN is so amusing to watch. So many ways he showed it, in these two episodes alone. 


Loved when he saw drunk LK put his hand on XMM’s. Ooh, how quickly did he jump up to remove that offending hand! Hah. How about how he wanted exclusive breakfast time with XMM? That table was only set for two. :D  And his eyes locked on that candy box and couldn’t unsee it. It distracted him for days until her rooftop phone conversation...see that deep breath he took? Whaaaa. It was like he was drowning and just surfaced for air...but all these jealous feels...what will he do about it? Will he do anything? I think the onstage confession in the preview is his way of testing the waters. Now that he’s starting to realize his attraction to her, just as his onstage lines say, he’s going to start going her way to test her heart out. (Which, come on genius architect, your job is to pay attention to details! Can’t you tell she’s got stars and hearts in her eyes only for you?) 

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6 hours ago, cheekychipmunk_stv said:

I was interested in watching this drama but I couldn't stand the hairdo of the lead actress.  Whole time I was so distracted by her awful hair style and they try to uglify her. So I dropped it bcos I couldn't follow the story.


1 hour ago, angelangie said:


i didnt like the hairdo at first too....however slowly the hairdo kinda grow on you....i mean 'me' :)

Yeah. There’s a fine line to toe when you’re trying to make a story for people to enjoy, make it realistic, relatable, not distracting. But everyone’s preferences are different, and that’s okay. For me, it was her teeth that distracted me, but I got over it quick. The character’s personality made me be more attentive than per say her physical appearance.



***Sorry to post consecutively...as I’m on a phone, and do not how to do, could any moderator amend my posts? 
Thank you in advance 

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I think that was the whole point of the plot right?

In some culture, teens usually would not care about their appearance until someone notices and would make fun of those traits that other people might consider hideous. The story tells us that she became aware(when LYN's friend made fun of her teeth). 


I hope a lot of people would give this a chance, even though the synopsis tells you that the story is about from ugly turned beauty. It's not entirely true that she made herself better for the sake of the guy.


Also the synopsis is somewhat different, it might be the earlier draft? or was it for a different show?

The story doesn't involve music at all.

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On 11/5/2019 at 1:03 PM, angelangie said:

@Kimberly Amor are you watching this? lols you should you should if you like the genre like 'All I Want for Love is You'


this one is cute too.....and really just like 'First Love' i need someone to spazz with me on this hahahahaha. :D 


Im planning to watch this too. Just setting the mood. I watched clips of them. LGL looks "pretty handsome/handsome pretty" :D Thanks for the recommendation. :glasses:

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One thing I hate about dramas is whenever there's a big misunderstanding occurs in both  the leads. But in this drama, I find the misunderstanding entertaining. We are past halfway down the episodes, and I do wonder if they start dating during this week's episodes, what would  they show us during those?

So I think this misunderstanding between  our leads might be up until next week.


@angelangie love your enthusiasm for this drama. And, when there's a will, there's a way. I hope you enjoy your vacation/trip.

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I am enjoying this drama and liked it that Liang You Niang loved Xia Miao Miao for the person she is and saw her beyond her physical appearance.


I laughed when Xia Miao Miao commented why Liang You Niang behaved like he was jealous after she knew he saw Lin Kai Tuo's picture on her camera. Throughout he never liked for another male species get anywhere near to Miao Miao.

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Aish as usual the male lead misunderstands:rolleyes: and it doesn't help that everyone else around him sort of confirms his suspicions further<_< I was so frustrated with Miao2:angry: I kept yelling at her to Just give him the damn chocolates already! But of course, she didn't and sort of made You Nian come to his own conclusion-_-

     That scene where Miao2's lil sis called the TF Boys her sons was so hilarious :w00t: typical fangirl behavior!:lol: LoL at He Xin's many failed attempts to win over Kai Tuo. He's really a bad boy tsk, like we all know you like Miao2 ok?! Don't have to act so cocky & a bully or whatnot. I really like Miao2's friend Xia she's so much fun! Ugh hate hate that girl who keep blocking Miao2 from getting closer to You Nian like back off girl he don't like you.

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Finally got to finish episodes 18-20. Several parts stood out to me. 
For one, I really liked the conversation between LYN and LLK about HX and how LYN said ’if LLK doesn’t like her, then he should say so’. In other words, stop stringing her along if she hasn’t a chance. So that got me wondering if LYN knows his feelings towards XMM run more deeper than just a sister, otherwise, wouldn’t he tell her clearly that she doesn’t have a chance, if he didn’t like her? :D

Loving jealous LYN! Heheh. The part where they were making food, and he was so jealous when XMM was laughing at LLK for being mistaken as Granny’s husband, LYN’s look was hot. XMM totally shut up when she saw his unamusement. Plus, he did his best at making egg dumplings, and when they sat down to eat, XMM was too into explaining her embroidery project, that she didn’t even compliment him on his dumplings!!! Hahahah, he was so seeking her praise and attention. So cute :wub:

And let me say how much I love how LYN supports XMM’s decisions. It’s her future, she should love what she does. And he can tell she doesn’t care for architecture as she shines more when designing and creating clothes. 

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Er--what is it about Asian dramas where the not-incest pairing happen quite frequently?! Like in Love is Better than Immortality, the other male lead kept referring to himself as the female lead's brother but don't act like a typical brother y'know what I mean?! :P I mean I certainly don't have such relationships with my own male siblings! :crazy: It's just icky to me is all ha-ha (shrug) 

      In this drama, I was confused over the relation between Kai Tuo-You Nian. So it looks like his dad remarried Kai Tuo's mom. I thought Kai Tuo was You Nian's half-bro LoL. Nope Kai Tuo has a different dad~ He's still a jerk though. <_< And wouldn't that make He Xin his step cousin?! :blink: So yea icky..eheheh.

     The actor playin' Kai Tuo don't look asian..like he's mixed? He thinks Miao2's leaving architecture 'cause of him (you wish!) It's obvious she's always been into fashion. She makes all of Yao2's dolls' clothes ;) I thought she look so pretty during school play~ Why are there so many evil ******* who try to tear the otp apart?! :rolleyes: Love Miao2's reaction when she found out the doraemon bouquet was for her! 

     I find it so funny when the 2 kept sulking whenever there's a misunderstanding (which is often:rolleyes:) & then the 2 are so happy when they realise both like each other ha-ha. 

      I just wish You Nian tell Miao2 he likes her for goodness sakes. But I was right I think they'd drag it until ep. 25-26 tsk. Anyways it was sweet how supportive he was in her changing her major.. 

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7 hours ago, Latte_Anyday said:

what is it about Asian dramas where the not-incest pairing happen quite frequently?! Like in Love is Better than Immortality, the other male lead kept referring to himself as the female lead's brother but don't act like a typical brother y'know what I mean?! :P I mean I certainly don't have such relationships with my own male siblings! :crazy: It's just icky to me is all ha-ha (shrug) 

I get what you mean, it’s not popularly a good idea to mix your own blood (cuz of the ramifications of defects; hello hemophilia!) And its just plain icky to think of people in the same family having more than the normal brother-sister relationships, but in this case, and in the other drama which you referenced, these don’t have blood relationships.


@Latte_Anyday I was trying to quote you on a few other things you said, but my phone is going wonky. Anyways, regarding KT and him thinking that XMM is leaving architecture degree cuz of him bullying her, this is one reason why they’re not the OTP. His ego is too big, he’s like the big, macho man on campus, “follow me without questions!”, “Don’t do this, let me do it!” Even caveman picking XMM up, he doesn’t listen to her, doesn’t respect her desires, hopes and dreams. Well...that will work with HX, since she’s head over heels for him. lol.


And XMM was sooooo adorable when she found out about the flowers! Kicking her feet up in the air, and her happiness back. Loved it!!!

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I still don't like it LoL. I guess we're all sort of incestuous in a way when you think about it. Most girls want a man that reminds them of their fathers y'know what I mean? And in some cultures, it's ok to marry cousins etc. 


Kai Tuo's cold hearted jerk character is very popular in majority of C-Dramas I've watched! And the girl is always plain, naive (more like dumb:P) kind hearted. She melts the cold guy's exterior & wins him over with her innocence:rolleyes: but I still watch 'em though:lol:<_< I'm not sure if Kai Tuo likes Miao2 because she doesn't like him as much(?) If that makes any sense, like she doesn't throw herself on him i.e. He Xin obviously ha-ha. Or he likes her just to upstage You Nian. 'Cause he's jealous how his mom often favors him or how he keeps beating him at grades. Regardless i admit i like jerks but marry one? Er nope LoL. I think it's 'cause they have this whole angst goin' on that makes you want to sympathise & help him heal sort of?



Ah yo~ Miao2 ah she's so blank minded I swear ha-ha! Her eating paper is so adorable. Ugh hate that other female senior's face:angry: You have your own admirer so leave You Nian alone:unamused:

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