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[Drama 2020] Money Game, 머니게임


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tvN Drama

Money Game


Network: tvN

Genre: action

Episodes: 16

Airdate: January 15th - March 5th, 2020

Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST

Director: Kim Sang Ho

Writer: Lee Young Mi

Website: HERE




“Money Game” imagines a setting in which the major Korean banks are failing and on the verge of bankruptcy. A group of employees at the Financial Services Commission try to prevent the country from falling into a second “IMF crisis.”




Go Soo as Chae Yi Hyun

Shim Eun Kyung as Lee Hye Joon

Lee Sung Min as Heo Jae



Supporting Cast

Yoo Teo as Yoo Jin Han
Jung Dong Hwan as Chae Byung Hak
Choi Woong as Han Sang Min
Jo Jae Ryong as Jo Hee Bong
Choi Byung Mo as Na Joon Pyo
Choi Duk Moon as Kook Kyung Min
Oh Ryong as Park Soo Jong
Bang Eun Hee as Lee Man Ok
Kim Jung Pal as Jin Soo Ho
Mi Ram as Jin Ma Ri
Kim Seung Wook as Kang Won Hee
Song Jae Ryong as Kang Nam Jin


Character Chart:







Press conf




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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Money Game, 머니게임 - Go Soo, Lee Sung Min & Shim Eun Kyung
  • 1 month later...


Upcoming Drama Starring Go Soo, Lee Sung Min, And Shim Eun Kyung Holds First Script Reading

Upcoming Drama Starring Go Soo, Lee Sung Min, And Shim Eun Kyung Holds First Script Reading

Dec 3, 2019
by R. Jun

Upcoming tvN drama “Money Game” (literal title) has revealed photos from its first script reading with actors Go Soo, Lee Sung Min, Shim Eun Kyung, and more.

“Money Game” imagines a setting in which the major Korean banks are failing and on the verge of bankruptcy. A group of employees at the Financial Services Commission try to prevent the country from falling into a second “IMF crisis.”

Go Soo plays Chae Yi Heon, an economic government official who hides the fact that he’s from a wealthy family in order to be acknowledged for his own abilities. Lee Sung Min is Heo Jae, an ambitious chairman who will do anything it takes to reach his goals, while Shim Eun Kyung plays Lee Hye Jun, a young woman who’s new to the work force, but has passion and morality.

Director Kim Sang Ho said, “‘Money Game’ is the story of our lives. Moreover, Yi Heon, Heo Jae, Hye Jun, and everyone in the drama represent all of us. Through the characters’ conflicts, I want to ask the question of how we must look at the world.”

“Money Game” is scheduled to premiere in January 2020.

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  • 2 weeks later...

First still images of Ko Soo in tvN drama series “Money Game”


Here’s the first still images of Ko Soo in upcoming tvN drama series “Money Game” also co-starring Lee Sung-Min & Shim Eun-Kyung. In the drama series, Ko Soo plays economic bureaucrat Chae Yi-Hun. He tries to carry out his duties as best as possible, even though the country teeters on the verge of bankruptcy. Filming of the drama series began summer, 2019 and filming is already passed the half way point.

“Money Game” will first air January, 2020 in South Korea (takes over tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 PM time slot after “Psychopath Diary.”). Credits: Asianwiki

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Money Game, 머니게임 - Go Soo, Lee Sung Min & Shim Eun Kyung - Premieres in January

I might watch this drama because it intrigues me. The last time I watched Go Soo was in Empire of Gold and this drama gives me the same vibe. I love Lee Sung-Min from Miss Korea and Memory. I watched Shim Eun-Kyung in Naeil's Cantabile.  I am familiar with the cast but I want to watch this drama for the plot. I hope the newbie writer will do a good job.


New poster



Shim Eun-kyung works the grind in new stills for tvN’s Money Game

by tccolb


More character stills have been released for tvN’s upcoming Money Game, this time featuring Shim Eun-kyung (The Journalist, Cantabile Tomorrow) who stars in the drama alongside actors Go Soo (Heart Surgeons) and Lee Sung-min (Memory).

The drama is a re-imagining of South Korea today, based on the what-if scenario of a potential IMF crisis hitting Korea for a second time and a conspiracy involving the bankruptcy of one of the major banks. Adding to the scale of the catastrophe, this is a bank in which the Korean government owns a large share. However, amidst the calamity, there are people who rise to the occasion, standing for justice and fighting to build a better world.

Within this story, Shim Eun-kyung plays the character of Lee Hye-joon who is a new hire at a government office. Coming from a humble background with no connections, she rises to her position solely through hard work and positive spirit. And she is driven by the motivation to always do what is right and work for the good of the people.

In the newly released stills, we get a look at the character’s dedication to her job. Although alone in a dark office, Shim Eun-kyung works well into the night and eats a simple meal of gimbap at her desk as she continues to stare at her monitor.

Writing for tvN’s new drama is Lee Young-mi and directing will be helmed by PD Kim Sang-ho (Spring Must Be Coming, Buam-dong Revenge Club).

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/12/shim-eun-kyung-works-the-grind-in-new-stills-for-tvns-money-game/








Lee Sung Min Grabs Go Soo’s Collar Amidst Rising Tension In Upcoming Drama “Money Game”

Dec 23, 2019
by L. Kim

tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Money Game” has released stills of Go Soo and Lee Sung Min in a confrontation.

This upcoming tvN drama takes place in a world where major Korean banks are failing and on the verge of bankruptcy. It centers around a group of employees at the Financial Services Commission who try to stop the country from falling into a second IMF Crisis.

Go Soo plays Chae Yi Heon, an economic government official and the son of Korea’s best economist who fights to prevent another financial crisis, while Lee Sung Min takes the role of Heo Jae, an ambitious chairman who will do anything to reach his goals. These two high-ranking officials will engage in a fierce confrontation with the fate of the nation in their hands.

In the new stills, Chae Yi Heon and Heo Jae are in middle of a tense battle of nerves. Chae Yi Heon is calm despite Heo Jae’s glare. Their contrasting expressions create a sense of tension that is like an impending storm. In one photo, Heo Jae is clutching onto Chae Yi Heon’s collar, and Chae Yi Heon firmly responds by gripping on to his hand. An explosive confrontation is about to take place.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1373154wpp/lee-sung-min-grabs-go-soos-collar-amidst-rising-tension-in-upcoming-drama-money-game


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Go Soo Talks About Why He Chose “Money Game” As His Next Drama And Why It’s A Must Watch

Dec 26, 2019
by R. Jun


Actor Go Soo talked about why he decided to star in tvN’s upcoming drama “Money Game.”

The drama takes place in a world where the major Korean banks are failing and on the verge of bankruptcy. It centers around a group of employees at the Financial Services Commission who try to stop the country from falling into a second IMF Crisis.

“Money Game” is Go Soo’s first return to the small screen in two years, and he said, “I think a lot of people are interested in the economy these days. I chose the drama because I felt it would be a fun drama that allows for a strong connection with viewers.”

He added, “When I saw the script for the first time, it had something incredible.” He told viewers to look for what that “incredible” thing is when the show airs and said, “The script gets more interesting and fun as it goes on. There was really no reason for me to not do this drama.”

In response to people thinking a drama about the economy would be difficult to understand, Go Soo said, “‘Money Game’ is first and foremost a story about us. When watching the drama, you won’t think for a second that it’s difficult or uptight. There have been a lot of films and dramas about the economy lately, like the film ‘Black Money,’ and they were well-loved by many. I think viewers are ready.”

Asked to name a reason to watch the drama, the actor said, “I’m going to borrow the words of director Kim Sang Ho. He said with certainty, ‘It’s a drama where it’s fun to watch the cast acting.’ As an actor, it’s also a drama where it’s fun to act.”


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Just stopping by to share some photos/videos. I am a fan of actor Ko Soo and very excited about this drama. May be I am not really understand the world of money and finances, but still I trust my actor and know if he says it is entertaining drama, than it must be for sure!

Share photos from tvn official site. Full credits: tvn





Money game Teaser 1; cr: TVN @ Youtube


and Drama First Script reading



And Official stills; cr: TVN


































anf by the way, it will be really nice for the first post to be updated. There is enough information already! :)

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Money Game, 머니게임 - Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST - Premieres on January 15th

Nation-toppling stakes in Go Soo’s Money Game

by tineybeanie


Promos for tvN’s Money Game have come out, featuring Go Soo (Heart Surgeons), Shim Eun-kyung (The Princess and the Matchmaker, Cantabile Tomorrow), and Lee Sung-min (Misaeng, Memory). This drama is about a breathtakingly thrilling fight to prevent the collapse of the Korean economy in the largest financial scandal to ever hit the peninsula.

The cool noir-type poster above says: “A dangerous game that will decide the fate of the nation begins.” Front-and-center is Go Soo, who plays an economics bureau worker and it seems that economics is in his blood as his father is renowned as the greatest economic mind in Korea. Having always lived in his father’s shadow, Go Soo wants to prove to both himself and his family that he can succeed on his own..

Lee Sung-min plays his boss, a man who will go to any lengths to make his ambitions a reality. Finally, Shim Eun-kyung plays a new employee who has gotten where she is through hard work and grit despite her “dirt spoon” background (in other words, the opposite of a silver spoon). She has the righteous passion and fervor of someone who’s yet to be jaded by time or experience.

tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Money Game, directed by Kim Sang-ho (Spring Turns to Spring, Hwajung) and written by Lee Young-mi, will begin airing on January 15.





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What is Money Game?


Can you really be rich if you work hard?

Even if we work hard without skipping a day, we cannot keep up with the rise in apartment prices in Gangnam. So the hard work itself is a structural contradiction that seems elusive and pointless. After all, the sense of injustice and relative deprivation in a world where the art of making money is recognized as ability rather than nobleness. Many so-called losers are produced in the process.


Why was this monstrous society born?

The myth of a generation that solved hunger through high compression growth gave rise to the absurdity that only growth is omnipotent. Somehow, many things, even people, were reduced to means under the absolute premise of having to live well. Some people who are good with information and numbers have made a fortune by making products that ordinary people cannot understand. And at the center of it was Wall Street. The definitive edition of human greed.


About human values that numbers can't produce...

A society in which living together is not just a virtue, but an obligatory one. Therefore, the people who work with sweat, the nation that faithfully protects their people. Heo Jae dreamed, Chae Yi Hun tried to practice, and Lee Hye Jun had to complete. I wanted to look at the utopia through a state official who stood at that peak.


Relationship diagram




cr: TVN (not native korean speaker, so correct me, if I"ve misunderstood somewhere)


I've tried to translate the character's info too, but finance is not really easy, so will post them all one by one in the newxt few days.


Starting with my boy.




Chae Yi-Hun (40s)
Chief in the Financial Policy Bureau, Financial Services Commission


The modifier "Son of the nation's top economist Chae Byung-hak" was not a boast, but a shame. He knew that his father, Chae Byung-hak, who advocated market-oriented economics, had joined hands with each previous administration and faithfully served by creating the economic theory that they wanted.


After graduating from college, he started his career as an official at the Ministry of Finance and Economy and then moved to the Financial Services Commission when the Ministry of Finance and Economy was reorganized into the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. While working in the global finance department of the Financial Services Commission, he studied the causes of the country's weak financial system in earnest and reached the conclusion that US Congress and US Treasury lobbied through Wall Street to thoroughly implement their interests.


It was in this situation that brought attention to the Chungin Bank issue. By market order, the bank should have gone bankrupt. But if the bank goes bankrupt, an unbearable economic shock will rush like a tsunami In the end, Chae Ye-Hun's choice was to sell. The sale relieves the government's burden and then recovers its competitiveness through severe internal restructuring.

The National Assembly's political affairs committee will begin its audit of the state affairs. Lawmakers, depending on their political stance, push the Financial Services Commission for a solution to the Chungin bank.

Questions raised in the process. "Should we sell Chungin Bank?"

The answer government wants is "NO." But Chae Yi-Hun usually says what he believes. "Yes".


Chae Ye-Hun's answer "Yes" was not just "Yes".
It was a "yes" that blows the chairman of the Financial Services Commission.
It was a "yes" to acknowledge the government's incompetence in public.
It was a dangerous "yes" that could bring a tsunami to the stock market.


cr: TVN (not native korean speaker, so correct me, if I"ve misunderstood somewhere)


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19 hours ago, poochai said:

I've tried to translate the character's info too, but finance is not really easy, so will post them all one by one in the newxt few days.


 WOW thanks for the translations. It is very good, IMO. Now I understand more about the drama and its characters.


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On 12/28/2019 at 10:05 AM, larus said:

 WOW thanks for the translations. It is very good, IMO. Now I understand more about the drama and its characters.


Glad to know I was of help. Actually the info was to unclear and i just tried to find more about the story. 


On 12/28/2019 at 6:53 PM, sellienice said:

Can't wait. I'm also Go Soo fan. So glad he had a new drama. Yihuu...!

Same here. I felt dissappointed last time with 'Heart surgeons' only 16 episodes. I wanted more. Glad he did new drama so soon.




Heo Jae (50s)
Chairman of the Financial Service Commission

He started his career as an economic bureaucrat when he was in the EPB (Economic Planning Board). The firm belief that a nation's economy should be adjusted and operated under strong government control had nothing to do with his origin. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Ministry of Economic Planning and Finance joined together to experience the IMF during the financial crisis. In particular, as the youngest member of the working-level team, Heo Jae took care of all kinds of things during the IMF, including the negotiations in New York. He learned how a country without economic power, a country without authority, could lose weight and crumble its bones.

Heo Jae thought that Korea should change the framework of the their economic structure. He wanted to build it up completely from the ground. But it didn't work out. A fundamental group of neo-liberal-based marketers has been cautious about Heo Jae. Since then, he was deeply impressed with the idea of eliminating Chae Byung-hak, the nation's neoliberal leader.

Heo Jae hid his hostility toward him and waited quietly for the right time. And then it came from unexpected place. Chae Yi-hun, head of the Financial Policy Bureau detonated a nuclear bomb at the parliamentary inspection session.

When Heo Jae finally reveals his claws, the Korean economy begins to wind up in a whirlwind.




I can't stand the excitement of knowing Heo Jae is after Chae Yi Hun's father. Wonder if Yi Hun will join hands with Heo Jae...


Coming back with another updates.




Lee Hye-jun (20s)
an official of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.


А chilly spring day in 1998.

Her father, Lee Seok-chan, who is sitting in the front of the main trading bank, Shannon's eyes, Shannon's eyes from the coldly smiling Wall Street, Korean bank officials giggling together. This is the picture of the foreign exchange crisis imprinted on seven-year-old Lee Hye-jun's head.


The Republic of Korea graduated with excellent grades in the financial crisis, and the 2002 World Cup was said to be a dream comes true. Her father, Lee Seok-chan, who collapsed during the financial crisis, did not survive in a fierce market. Lee Hye-jun, who grew up in her aunt's house, learned too early that the world was unfair. In order to escape from the injustice, she studied badly and accomplished a remarkable miracle of being a secretary of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.


Life as an official at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, which started with the belief that the world at least shook off the injustices it has applied to it. But it was another beginning of discrimination and injustice. She's from a local university, she's a dirtbag, she's a woman.


Lee Hye-jun didn't avoid it, and she takes all this head-on. In the meantime, they face unexpected events. The BIS ratio, which was manipulated to pass Chungin Bank to a private equity fund on Wall Street. She have obtained a definitive document to shed light on the reality.


Lee Hye-Jun finally bets on a stable future as an official of the Ministry of Information and Communication.
She'll be on the front line fighting Wall Street.


And some Stills from the official site.






And a video message from Ko Soo for the New Year! ( rough translation )

Hello. I'm drama "Money Game"s Chae Yi Hun, actor Ko Soo. nice too meet you. Everyone! I wish you Happy New Year! 2020 will come with Money Game. Please stay healthy in the New Year. Thank you.


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December 31 2019

3 character teasers for tvN drama series “Money Game”


3 character teasers added for tvN drama series “Money Game” starring Ko Soo, Shim Eun-Kyung, and Lee Sung-Min. The character teasers are of Ko Soo as Chae Yi-Hun, Shim Eun-Kyung as Lee Hye-Joon, and Lee Sung-Min as Heo Jae. Ko Soo’s teaser has him asking around the 8 second mark “If the economy crumbles tomorrow, are you prepared?,” Shim Eun-Kyung’s teaser has her around the 9 second mark stating “The past 20 years, South Korea has changed. This time we wont suffer,” and Lee Sung-Min’s teaser has him around the 13 second mark stating “South Korea has always been like this. The 1% controls the economy.”

“Money Game” first airs January 15, 2020 ins South Korea.















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Happy New year everyone! :star:

@larus Thanks for sharing all the infos. Actually I can't remember when Ko Soo looked so good in a drama! Too excited already.


Sharing more charachter infos. Why do I think Eugene will an intriguing character?




Eugene Han (30s)


As a child, when his mother, who was a laundrywoman in Brooklyn, was beaten by a big black man who had a quarrel with her, Eugene hid in the laundry and didn't come out. This trauma is the main component of Eugene's perception of the world.


As he gave up his dream of becoming a musical actor, he joined JP Morgan after graduating from Wharton. During the global financial crisis, he earned enough money to spend his entire life idle. After inflating the ransom and moving to the Bahamas, he bought a bad company, restructured it, and sold it back to realize huge profits. In the process, an African president committed suicide, children in Africa who were not vaccinated against cholera died, and a laid-off Mexican auto factory worker died.


In the process of Eugene's money achievement, many of the dead bodies were scattered like trophies. Korea caught his attention. Although he was chosen as a tool for Heo Jae in the process of resolving Chungin Bank, Eugene realized a huge profit by hitting in the back, and in the process he stands at odds with Chae Yi-hun and other South Korean economic officials.

Winning and failing on the battlefield, he realizes that he was an accessory to fatten Wall Street.


He wants to get out of the prison of the rough trauma that kept him.
The woman who resembles his mother in many ways is Lee Hye Jun.




Shannon (30s/50s)
Bajama's Financial Lobist
White supremacy, moreover, tends to over trust all of its decisions. She is very particular about what she will do and she has no mistakes. During the Asian financial crisis in Korea, she visited Korea to buy a bank and instilled fear of Wall Street in young Lee Hye-jun.




Kook Kyung Min (40s)
Director of Financial Policy Division

He manipulates the BIS ratio of Chungin  Bank and serves as the main tool for the sale of Chungin Bank.

While he felt the limitations of his position within the organization due to his accident during the Financial Services Commission, he went to the advisor of a leading accounting firm by Heo Jae's arrangement, and acts as a bridge between Heo Jae and the Continental Group.




Han Sang-Min (30s)
Secretary, Global Finance Division, Financial Services Bureau

Chae Byung Hak's follower.

Even in the Financial Services Commission, he is considered a global financial expert. Working for the Financial Services Commission, he got closer with Chae Yi-hun.


A real-life person who thoroughly enjoys his own life rather than pursue a bureaucrat.'s ambition. He is taking care of his wife, who is a PhD student, with the aim of becoming a university professor. The pursuit of luxury in everyday life is a kind of small scale. His theory of happiness is reflected.








cr: TVN

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@ktcjdrama it is not my favorite topic too. But i can guarantee you Ko Soo is really good when is in finance drama. And Eun Kyung is fitting perfect everywhere, I think... so just give it a try. Ko Soo promised to be entertaining drama


Here is the full lenth trailer.


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On 1/3/2020 at 11:44 AM, poochai said:

Here is the full lenth trailer.

 Since it is not available in my country, maybe others can`t watch the video.


Here it is from another source.




I prefere watching this topic or other serious, intense stories. I like the cast but the story has to be catching me interested in this show. I can`t wait to see if it is a drama I will enjoy watching week by week . So far it looks promising.

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Adding some stills from the official site.














And more about father Chae :)


Chae Byung Hak (70s)

an economist


Chae Yi-heon's father.

As Korea's best economist, juniors and disciples are overflowing in  and academic circles.There were Chae Byung-hak divisions all over. This is literally a solid force to support the chaebols.

He's straight and fast-paced, with the confidence of an elite person, he has a great sense of superiority.
After graduating from the University of Chicago, he was named the son of Milton Friedman and laid the foundation of neoliberalism in Korea during his prime days. He had harshly criticized the government in the face of Heo Jae, for any government attempts to get involved in economic matters.
cr: TVN
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