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[Drama 2021] Sisyphus: The Myth, 시지프스: the myth - Wed & Thu @ 21:00 KST

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JTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Network: JTBC Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi Episodes: 16 Airdate: February 17th, 2021 - Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 21:00 KST Write

Whoa...we’re 2 eps in and we’re already solving it all.   Go us!  

@nrllee @bedifferent @Sleepy Owl   http://m.slist.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=228384   Found this while browsing twitter. Read it with Google translate. At the last the producti

[Sisyphus: The Myth] JTBC has released the extended version of Teaser 1. Check it out below. 







#Cisyprus #Cho Seungwoo #Park Shin-hye

[Teaser 2] "If I save you, you will save the world..." "Seung-Woo Jo x Shin-Hye Park 〈SiJips: the myth〉 First broadcast in February 2021 #시지프스 #조승우 #박신혜
[티저1 | 확장판] "내가 널 구하면, 네가 세상을 구할 거라는 거…" 조승우x박신혜 <시지프스 : the myth> 2021년 2월 첫 방송

•Dic 29. 2020
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That trailer was totally unexpected  :lol:.  I have never seen PSH like Lara Croft.  But she seems to have all the right moves in the trailer.  I am intrigued.  Good that they have a premiere date.  Not long to wait till March.  

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Watch: Cho Seung Woo And Park Shin Hye Fend Off Mysterious Beings In “Sisyphus: The Myth” Teaser


JTBC’s upcoming 10th anniversary special drama “Sisyphus: The Myth” released another action-packed teaser starring Cho Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye!


“Sisyphus: The Myth” is a fantasy mystery drama that focuses on the genius engineer Han Tae Sool (Cho Seung Woo), who embarks on a perilous journey to find out the truth, and his savior Kang Seo Hae (Park Shin Hye), who has walked a long and dangerous path for him.


Han Tae Sool, the co-founder of the international company Quantum and Time, is a genius who is exceptionally skilled in engineering and coding. This innate ability of his is the very reason why mysterious beings—who have been living in secret on the very planet that only humans were thought to live on—are after him.


Kang Seo Hae firmly believes that if she saves Han Tae Sool, he can save the world. Although she says about the future, “It’s a mirror of the present, and we can’t change it,” she seeks out Han Tae Sool and joins forces with him in order to create a future different from the one that they are stuck in.


The teaser shows Han Tae Sool digging through equipment as his voice says, “Those guys. We’re not the only ones living here. Other people were hiding among us. They’re looking for you.” After Han Tae Sool warns Kang Seo Hae to never go to their side, the action escalates as they struggle against the mysterious figures who are chasing them.


Text flashes by that reads, “One world, two futures,” and Han Tae Sool’s voice is heard saying, “Let’s put an end to this.”


The teaser comes to a dramatic end as Kang Seo Hae declares, “If I save you, you can save the world.”


The drama’s production team commented, “We hope this teaser will give you a little more insight into the story of ‘Sisyphus,’ which still has many secrets. We ask for your continued interest in the story, which will be unveiled piece by piece.”


Watch the teaser below!



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One world... Two futures
Beings hiding their identity in the world!

One person they are chasing, Han Tae-sul (#Jo Seung-woo)
Kang Seo-hae trying to save him and save the world (# Park Shin-hye)

'Fantasy Mystery Drama' depicting their journey
<#Cyprus: the myth> First broadcast in February 2021




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/ Photo provided = JTBC



cr: @M2MTwins



Happy New Year Everyone

Have a greater 2021!

happy new year cat GIF by Loly in the sky

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It’s almost midnight

Goodbye 2020  

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year








Cho Seung Woo  and Park Shin Hye
Sisyphus The Myth Behind the scene

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[Video] Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Sisyphus: The Myth"

2020/12/30 Source
Teaser released for the upcoming Korean drama "Sisyphus: The Myth".

Teaser 1

"Sisyphus: The Myth" (2020)


Directed by Jin Hyeok



Written by Jeon Chan-ho, Lee Je-in

Network: jTBC


With Cho Seung-woo, Park Shin-hye, Sung Dong-il, Tae In-ho, Chae Jong-hyeop, Heo Joon-seok,...

16 episodes - Fri, Sat 21:00

A fantasy mystery drama about the journey of Han Tae-seul, a genius engineer who tries to discover the existence of a hidden life in our world, and the Savior Kang Seo-hae, who has made a long and dangerous journey for him.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2021/02/__


Source : /www.hancinema.net/ko...





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Park Shin Hye And Cho Seung Woo’s New Drama “Sisyphus: The Myth” Unveils Intriguing 1st Poster

Park Shin Hye And Cho Seung Woo’s New Drama “Sisyphus: The Myth” Unveils Intriguing 1st Poster

Dec 31, 2020
by E. Cha

JTBC’s upcoming 10th anniversary special drama “Sisyphus: The Myth” has revealed its first poster!


“Sisyphus: The Myth” is a fantasy-mystery drama starring Cho Seung Woo as Han Tae Sool, a genius engineer who embarks on a perilous journey to bring to light hidden beings that are secretly residing in our world, and Park Shin Hye as his savior Kang Seo Hae, who has walked a long and dangerous path for him.


At some point in their lives, everyone has asked themselves the question, “What if we could go back to the past?” According to JTBC, “Sisyphus: The Myth” will turn that hypothetical into a reality.


On January 1, the upcoming drama released a poster that shows its leads facing a mysterious path ablaze with blinding light. As the two silhouetted figures look out onto this daunting gateway of time, the poster raises the question of what lies beyond—and whether it is something to be feared.


Notably, Kang Seo Hae is clutching a gun as she stands several steps behind Han Tae Sool, hinting at her mission to return to the past to save both Han Tae Sool and the world.


Meanwhile, the poster’s caption intriguingly teases, “One world, two futures,” referring to the possibility that the future may change depending on whether Kang Seo Hae is able to rescue Han Tae Sool or not.


The producers of “Sisyphus: The Myth” commented, “On January 1, the gate to 2021 has finally opened. In order to celebrate this moment and greet the new year, we have released a launching poster that symbolically captures the key message of ‘Sisyphus: The Myth.'”


They continued, “Please tune in to find out whether Tae Sool and Seo Hae, who face the destiny of ‘one world, two futures,’ will be able to open the gate to the second future after waging a fierce battle. Please look forward to the beginning of their epic journey to save the world.”


“Sisyphus: The Myth” will premiere in February, following the conclusion of JTBC’s “Run On.”


In the meantime, watch Park Shin Hye in “Little House in the Forest” below!



Source (1)






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Han Tae-sool lie down!!!!!!
                                   (Aren't you sitting...?)
Get down!!!!!!
                                 (I can't do that yet)




cr. @Nurungz_z



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