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[Drama 2020] Touch, 터치


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10 hours ago, Ayame said:

I did notice in the preview for tonight, the scene where they're all drinking (JH, SY, DJ, YA, etc.)...  JH and SY seem to be wearing the same clothes as the one in the photo stills, so I'm wondering if this took place after the hug or before? For some reason I keep thinking it's after the hug scene. Well, I guess we'll see tonight either way. This is the part I was talking about:



The dinner happens before the hug scene shown in the stills.

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2 minutes ago, larrysouth said:

The dinner happens before the hug scene shown in the stills.

Yeah, I know. I posted that before the episode aired. And I mentioned I was wrong in my live recap post right below that one, haha.

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@Ayame Oops sorry, I missed the second post.  Sadly, the Website I am using is being very slow in providing the English subs.  I will need to wait patiently before really getting a full understanding of what everyone is saying in the two most recent episodes.  This is definitely a slow developing relationship.  I hope we get a kiss before the final episode airs.

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This is my rough translation for the dialogue between JH and SY. It was such a beautiful confession. 


Soo-yeon: Do you like me?

Jeong-hyeok: Oh, I like you. Why not? You're my employee.

Soo-yeon: No, not like that. Uh, I mean if you like me as an woman. I think I like you. And I guess you like me. I'm a little confused.

Jeong-hyeok: mm, of course I don't dislike you. But I'm the boss, and you're the youngest employee.

Soo-yeon: So what? There is no such law prohibiting that relationship.

Jeong-hyeok: Yes. I know. But you're young.

Soo-yeon: No. I'm not young.

Jeong-hyeok: you're right. You're not young.... and then..

Soo-yeon: and then what else?

Jeong-hyeok: I have to focus on my work. You know about my situation.

Soo-yeon: There is saying that people are giving a birth to a baby during the war.

Jeong-hyeok: what?

Soo-yeon: I mean people can date under any circumstances.
Oh no... I think I screwed.

Jeong-hyeok: Soo-yeon ah,

Soo-yeon: I think my feelings are true.
Can you say something? I'm so shaky.

Jeong-hyeok: I'm just too careful because I like you too.
I was worried that I might hurt you, so I couldn't express my feelings.
You saved me when I had the hardest time. I think it was from then on. It could be uncomfortable in many ways. It will be okay?

Soo-yeon: Yes.

Jeong-hyeok: I'm sorry that I made you to say that first.


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This drama likes to torture us :)


On watching with Subs here is my prediction:


She be make her debut honestly this time to to show she can, get real closure of that chapter with the encouragement of Cha and the rest. That done she will go back to the shop to persue her real dream and be with Cha officially. 

In a mirror of the first time Cha did her makeup he will do it again. And he will cheer for her this time of course.


Cha will finally get a song from her.. when she sings on stage it will be for him alone, 


Do Jin and Young Ah will start something hopefully. 

...And Watch me be totally wrong lol.

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@RobinM It actually seems like your prediction is coming true? Parts of it happened today.


Episode 15 Notes:



It continues where Episode 14 left off. With the hug and DJ leaving to go home. DJ goes to his room and closes his eyes.


JH and SY are walking together holding hands and talking. SY walks inside her home. SY sits down and smiles. JH is walking and he smiles.


SY wakes up the next morning and starts getting ready. She wants to wear jewelry, so she goes into YA's room to pick out earrings.


SY goes to work and the scene from the preview happens (with SY trying to feed JH). LOL SY and JH can't concentrate to doing makeup since they're looking at each other.


At DJ's house, he decides to go to the gym. He keeps thinking back to watching the hug.

A scene with Touch with SY and JH. (Didn't see much of it, since it was lagging.)


BJY talking with... I think it's KH's sister? Not sure what is being said, but it's serious. KH's sister (?) goes to see KH and they're talking/arguing.


YA looked up the picture they found when HJ's makeup box was broken. YA realizes the woman in the picture passed away a while ago. 


JH and SJ are talking about business, and SY walks into the room. [The stream lags again, so I missed some part.] SY is talking to two people, and I think they're suggesting SY debut? But she said she's not thinking of debuting again and leaves.


SY goes home and YA tells her about the picture she found. SY then mentions that she reject the offer to debut again, but YA doesn't get why she wouldn't try to debut.


JH and SJ go to the hospital regarding LHW's mother. LHW watches from a distance.


KH is visiting Oh Secret to talk to OSE. I thinking they mentioned KH's sister (?). In another scene, BJY and HJ are talking.


BJY goes to Touch to get her makeup done by JH. She talks to him as he does her makeup. SY sees them and gets jealous lol. Later on, like in the preview, JH tries to ask her about it...  and she tries to play it off like nothing's wrong haha.


When SY goes to go home and her parents are at her house. They heard about the company's offer to debut. And they said they already looked through the contract. SY is really upset. She tells her parents to go back and leaves the house.


SY is walking outside by herself and calls DJ to meet him. They talk. When SY gets up to leave, DJ says she can call anytime.


JH and SJ are drinking and talking at home.


The next morning, SY's parents talk to JH and mention the contract offer and ask him for help. JH is surprised. He goes back to Touch is stares at SY for a moment.


The next morning KH and his sister have a confrontation.


OSE's secretary tells OSE that she found out that LHW has returned to Korea. OSE starts to panic. KH calls her and they're both upset.


SY and JH talk for a little bit. JH then leaves to go to DJ's house and asks about the company that offered SY a contract.


JH went back over and is thinking. SY texts him. JH walks out and asks SJ to talk the day off tomorrow so he can go on a date with SY lol. 


Next day, JH and SY going to the beach together (like in the preview). SY is sleeping so JH is on the beach by himself and he thinks back to when SY was at the beach back in Episode 1. SY wakes up and joins him. They start to have fun like in the preview from last week. JH tries to convince her to consider singing again, but SY gets upset. She said it's her life and she doesn't want to do it. She said if she becomes a singer, she'll break up with him.


They drive back and they're both upset. They go back to Touch and JH wants to do her makeup. Ah, it's the same makeup that she had in Episode 1 when she was performing on MIRACLE. She starts to cry thinking back to her singing. I think she might go debut? Because JH says he'll wait for her. And then they kiss. [Episode ends here.]


Preview: It went kinda fast, but I think SY is preparing for her debut. HJ and YA go on a date. OSE goes to JH asking for help. SY and JH hug each other.



Some highlights from Episode 15:


Episode 16 (Final) Preview:


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I mean that just seems like a tidy  sweet ending. She doesn't want to  lose her new found happiness and Dreams to be a major Idol but still wants vindication and achievement for all the years of work and injuries and stress she went through.  

Cha Loves her enough to want her to happy even if she has to leave him for awhile. He wants her to happy even if it means leaving him and breaking his heart. Which is what true love is :wanting the other persons happiness more than your own.  

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] Touch, 터치

Wait, in the end she didn't go back to singing, since she said she was happier doing makeup than singing. So different than what I expected, but still happy ending nonetheless. There was a 2 year time skip.


Episode 16 (Final) Summary



Continuing from the previous episode, they kiss and then hug. Later, at her own place, SY thinks back to her time as a trainee and then thinks about makeup.


JH tells SJ what happened and SJ feels sad. JH goes into his room and looks at the picture he and SY took at the beach.


The next day, SY is still in her room (seems like she didn't get any sleep). She goes to the ONE Entertainment building and walks into a venue. She imagines what it would be like to be on stage. She smiles. Then suddenly two girls walk in and start to try to fix their makeup. They recognize SY and SY helps them with their makeup.


SY then meets up with the employees from ONE and they want to make her the leader for their next girl group. SY explains that she's extremely grateful for the opportunity but she refuses again. She goes to meet with her parents and a restaurant. She asks her parents to understand. Her dad is understanding about it, but her mom is more sad about it. She tells her mom she understands her heart. Her mom says she wants her to be happy.


Meanwhile at Touch, everyone is wondering where SY is while they're eating lunch. SJ reassures them everything is fine. JH doesn't have any appetite and leaves the room. He looks at SY's picture.


Then, SY goes to DJ's house and thanks him. They talk some more.


JH is waiting outside SY's house, but SY went to Touch. She calls him that she wants to see him. He gets there and she starts to sing for him. Then they hug. She said she's been happier the past year than her 10 years as a trainee. Then they hug again.


The next day at Touch, everyone is there. JH and SY smile at each other. 


More scenes with OSE, and then with KH. Not sure what's happening though. Something with LHW?

At DJ's house, DJ and his manager are talking.


Meanwhile, KH went to BJY and handed her documents (divorce papers?). They share a few words and then KH leaves.


YA goes to Touch as everyone prepares to go home. SY said she'll be done soon, but YA tells her she's there to see HJ. YA and HJ go on a date.


Meanwhile at Touch, JH is there and LHW walks through the door. JH and SJ are shocked. Meanwhile OSE gets a call and goes off. Back at Touch, LHW explains everything that happened. OSE gets there, and LHW leaves. OSE begs JH and SJ to save her.


Meanwhile, KH is doing some kendo training. When the match finishes, OSE calls him. OSE is upset, but KH just hangs up on him.


The next day, LHW goes on national TV and explains what happened. Everyone at Touch is watching. JH talks to LHW on the phone, and JH wants to meet but LHW refuses. LHW says sorry and thank you.

CSS goes to DJ's house. DJ suggests the 3 of them (DJ, manager and CSS) go to Europe to start an entertainment company there. They agree on it.


Back at Oh Secret, OSE is nervous.


At SJ & JH's place, SJ and JH are talking about what they'll do about everything that's happen.

The next day at Touch, DM's friend walks in (ah, this is the cameo for tonight's episode). They talk about business.


After, JH meets with OSE. He tells her what he'll do. Meanwhile, SJ's meeting with KH to tell him what they'll do as well.


Later at Touch, JH is doing paperwork and SY is standing around. She slowly walks to JH. They're playing around and DM walks in on them LOL! JH tries to lie his way out of it HAHA. Later, DM, HJ and HS talk about it. DM and HJ are suspicious but HS doesn't believe it. DM walks out of the room saying that his cell phone battery died so he asks to borrow JH's phone. DM immediately calls SY when JH's phone LOL. JH has SY as "Yeon" on his phone. And SY has JH as "Hyuk" in her phone. DM teases them and then JH says, "Let's go Yeon" and leaves with SY haha. SJ then takes DM to leave too, lol.


Later, KH meets up with BJY. KH says he finally understands what BJY meant. BJY tells KH to live well. KH says thank you...  and then sorry. They smile and then BJY leaves.


Meanwhile, DJ and SY are meeting up. DJ explains his future plans. SY tells him to do well. She also says to send pictures once in while.




SY is doing JH's makeup. Later, while they're outside JH gives SY a peck on her cheek. Then they walk in to see DJ and JH starts DJ's makeup. Then SY finishes up DJ's makeup while JH watches her.


Later it shows DJ getting an acting award.


At Touch, DM goes to Touch with someone. HS is already there. The three of them talk. Then HS tries on some outfits for them.


The next day, everyone is working at Touch. All of the other former employees of Cha Beauty are working here too, now. Then DM and HS drive off together. Meanwhile, SY is teaching makeup classes at Touch, I think.

JH and Hye Jin are watching her.


Some other scenes. BJY and KH smiling at each other. OSE is much happier.


Meanwhile at DJ's house, SY made JH hide for DJ's surprise birthday party, but JH's complaining LOL. DJ says thank you, but asks why JH is there. JH says him and SY are one I think haha. DJ is teasing JH and JH is getting jealous lol.


The next day, HJ is at SY and YA's place doing makeup. I guess they're dating now. Later JH and SY go on a date at the amusement park. (They're so cute lol.) JH & SY keeps thinking about the makeup of the other people passing by. And SY says stop thinking about it while they're on a date and gives him heart-shaped sunglasses to wear haha. She wears heart-shaped sunglasses too and continue their date.


Episode ends.



Also, there was no wrap-up party tonight. It was cancelled due to the coronavirus. So here's Kim Bo Ra's post thanking everyone (I posted Joo Sang Wook's IG post a few posts above this one):


More farewell posts on IG from the actors:








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