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[Drama 2020] Touch, 터치


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That is possible. She is taking charge like a boss now :) 


She is a practical down to earth thinker who gets done and he is the one with Vision and connections.  They complete each other platonic or otherwise. 

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Damn but Ji Yoon and Do Jin are just going to cause havoc and misery for the two they claim to care for so much. Once Psycho realizes she is trying to go back to Her Ex  the man is going try to destroy Cha’s new start. 

Do Jin is going to cause her to be put back in the Evil CEOs path as well as  stalking and pressuring her.  


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15 hours ago, LavelyShai said:

I think they made him too preoccupied with his financial issue that we can't see his personal interest in Soo Yeon like he seemed earlier. However I will say that he still responds to her differently than Ji Yoon, whom he's ready to kick out verses Soo Yeon whom he sometimes cowers when she gives him instructions lol 

Only after I came here to read the new comments did I realize that JH still doesn't seem romantically interested in SY. Which is fine, I guess, I like a good slow burn, and definitely prefer it to a scenario where the leads get together early into the drama and then split up and get together again a number of times. Although to be fair, even if JH might already be grateful to SY for staying by his side and trying to help, there's nothing even remotely romantic about how he feels about her. There are still 6 episodes to go so perhaps that's enough time for him to develop romantic feelings for SY, but I really hope they won't make it feel rushed and forced. I'm soooo looking forward to when he starts being actually attracted to her as a woman, on top of respecting her as a fellow make-up artist and his apprentice.

Having said all that, I do agree that JH is now too preoccupied with his financial problems to be wondering about why SY even told him to not leave for the States in the first place and why she's so persistent in trying to help him, even if it means giving up her current job. I guess once JH starts to work on his new beauty shop, there will be more opportunities for him to get closer to SY. Unless the abusive husband's jealousy strikes again...


Also, can I just say that I feel sorry for Do Jin? I know that there's no way SY will ever have feelings for him, but boy is he trying his best to wriggle his way into her heart. I do realize he's not always going about it the right way (e.g. when he decides for her and gets her a debut deal), but it's clear he has the best intentions. Unfortunately, just like SY, I can't really see him as a man, either -- more as a boy who's very good looking and a little lost. I think I'd like to see him develop genuine (and reciprocated) feelings for someone else over time.

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I couldn't help it and watched the teaser for episode 12... 


I must say it bothers me a little that we're getting closer to the end, and yet the teaser seems to focus mainly on the DJ-SY relationship, rather than JH-SY. I hope our leads have more interaction soon!


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I watched the live stream of the episode, and at the end of the episode DJ found out why SY wasn't able to debut. So the preview I think is DJ revealing that to the public during his fan meeting. 


SY will be confronting the Windows CEO in Episode 12, and the end of last week's preview--where JH finds SY at the bridge--seems like that will be in Episode 12.


There was actually some interaction between JH & SY in Episode 11, don't worry. :)


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Ha, that surprised me. And to think that until just now I was pretty sure DJ knew the reason all this time, which I thought was why he's always been so apologetic to SY... Thanks for enlightening me :)



7 hours ago, LavelyShai said:

I 100% agree with you 

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It'd be one thing if they said there'd be no romance then I'd be okay, but they clearly said both would fall in love. They should have closed this Do Jin thing from the beginning.


I know right?


I don't mind the subplots, I actually find them interesting in this drama, but there should definitely be more balance... After all, aren't we all waiting for some heart-fluttering moments? I hope I'm just being overdramatic due to the teaser for ep 12. Who knows, I might actually change my mind after I watch this week's episodes.


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I don’t know . Just watching the Raw seems they had quite a few cute moments and the face touching scene could be seen as almost sensual.  Her touch definitely effects him.  I suppose we may get a last 10 min of episode 16 Declaration of their affections. Beggars can’t be choosers :)

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I miss some scenes due to lag, but a summary from Episode 12. Sorry, it's long lol:




The Windows CEO revealed why SY didn't originally debut, and I think threatened him? I'm not sure. DJ left the office and asked the manager if she knew about it. DJ stood in from of SY's place looking sad. Went back to his place and cried as his manager comforted him.


YA had another mukbang stream. JH is watching and texted SY criticizing her makeup skills again lol.

A scene with OSE, but I'm not sure what is being said... 


Back at Touch, I think they want SY to call DJ?


A man with his ill wife goes to Touch and says she wants wedding makeup done by JH (like in the preview from last night). He does the makeup and the husband and wife smile at each other. (Such a beautiful scene...) JH and SY talk about the husband and wife, but not sure what is being said... 


A scene with BJY, but not really sure what's happening...


Back at Touch, JH is by himself. He's thinking back to the other clients he had. Then he goes to his office and is writing something down?


SY and YA back at their place. SY is wondering if something happened to DJ. Then YA is happy because her mukbang stream passed 1 million streams. SY texts JH to go watch the stream, but he just smiles lol.


The next day at Touch, all the employees are gathered and I think JH is suggesting something, but I'm not sure what he's saying lol. Then everyone else starts to suggest their own ideas.


DJ can't bring himself to text or call SY out of guilt. He tells his manager that doesn't want to go to Touch anymore.


He feels sorry to SY. His manager tries to comfort him again.


YA has a call and goes to Touch. Ah, she has a crush on HJ. She starts to get her makeup done.


A scene with BJY and then with KH.


Back at Touch, the team starts with the makeup on YA; JH, DM, and SJ observe. When they finish, JH gives his opinion on how they did.


Back at DJ's place, he's looking at a document (a contract maybe)?


Oh, it seems like YA had DM as a guest on her stream, it's kinda funny lol.


Later, a scene with with OSE. Not sure what is being said... 


Everyone from Touch is walking outside and they see a BJY commercial on a screen outside.


SY asks JH for the next day off to see DJ at his fan meeting because she's worried.


KH and OSE are thinking about the past.


DJ at his place. He won't eat anything, but the manager makes sure he eats something at least. He goes to sleep.

The next day, the fan meeting is going to start soon. DJ looks sad just before it starts. SY and YA is in the audience, but DJ doesn't notice yet. DJ sings to start the fanmeeting with the fans singing along. DJ is talking to the fans during the fan meeting and does the typical fan meeting things. (With games, Q&A, etc.) It's at that moment that he notices SY. He starts to tear up as he's on stage. The fans start to chant "Don't cry". Then DJ starts to tell the truth about SY and what the Windows CEO did. And talks about the fact that he dated a lot and went to clubs.


The Windows CEO is getting mad as he watches on TV from another room. SY is shocked as she hears what is being said. DJ apologizes to his fans once again. SY leaves the venue. SY goes to the Windows CEO and confronts him. She cries as she leaves.


After Windows CEO goes to hit DJ, but the manager stops him. DJ tells him to do what he wants and leaves.

What happened at the fanmeeting is all over the news online. Everyone at Touch sees it and JH runs off to find SY. Meanwhile, DJ talks to to JH on the phone and says he doesn't know where SY is. JH continues to look for SY. SY parents find out and the mother really sad.


JH goes to SY's place but YA doesn't know where SY went. JH waits all night at his own place. SY is at the countryside I think. She's ignoring everyone's calls.


JH goes to SY's parents restaurant and tells them to not worry. SY's parents give him food to eat. JH tries to call SY but she won't answer. 


JH continues to look for her. SY stands at the bridge and JH finds her. JH runs to SY and calls her name. She's crying, episode ends.


Preview: It lagged when I was watching the preview but there's a lot of cute moments. JH comforting SY. DJ is encouraging SY and JH to be together. JH and SY eat at SY's parent's restaurant together. Them smiling at each other. DJ teasing JH, I think? lol. When the Windows CEO pulls on SY's arm, JH punches the CEO.



EDIT: Here's the scene from the end of Episode 12:



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@LavelyShai @Kells @RobinM @kbleon @Kellyyuki @larrysouth @0ly40 @marrez1 @rocher22 @BinjinFTW @anna orna @tas82  @philosophie


I tried to tag as many people who have posted and/or liked posts in this thread the last couple of pages, sorry if I missed anyone.


Just letting everyone know that Viki has already completed subbed Episodes 11 & 12. It's much faster now compared to the last week. There really hasn't been much posts/discussion here since Episode 12 aired, so I'm not sure if everyone noticed or not lol.



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