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Name: Choi Sung-Jae

Hangul: 최성재

Born: July 18, 1984

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 181

AgencyPan Stars Company

Short Biography:

Choi Sung Jae is the son of the voice actor Byung Sang Choi.

He graduated from Dongguk University (Bachelor of Theater and Film). He was the sole breadwinner of his family after his father died. He worked part-time jobs then debuted late in drama in 2012. His roles were minor till 2017 when he played a main role in KBS 's daily Sea of a woman



《툭 치기만 해도 울 것만 같은…》it was like crying just by tapping, 2008

The Outlaws (2017) - Detective

 유린타운 Yurin Town , 2008


 《칠백의 혼》Seven Hundred Souls, 2002
《스카펭의 간계》Scapeng's Trick , 2004
《아름다운 시인》Beautiful Poet, 2004
《방목된 자들 (저수지의 개들)》Grazing Ones (Reservoir Dogs) , 2007
《인류최초의 키스》Mankind's First Kiss, 2007
《바냐 아저씨》Mr. Bagna, 2009
《갈매기》Seagull , 2010



Drama Series

Feast of the Gods (MBC / 2012)

Gabdong, the Memories of Murder  (tvN / 2014) - detective

The Man in the Mask (KBS2/ 2015) - Kim Ki-Tae

Doctors (SBS / 2016) - Hwangbo Tae-Yang

Something About 1 Percent  (Dramax / 2016) - Jung Sun-Woo

Sea of the Woman (KBS2 / 2017) - Kim Sun-Woo

Circle: Two Worlds Connected  (tvN / 2017) - control team leader (cameo, Ep.2)

Hospital Ship/MBC, 2017

Temperature of Love (SBS/2017) - Lee Sung-jae

My Contracted Husband, Mr. Oh  (MBC / 2018) - Oh Byung-Cheol

Grand Prince (TV Chosun/ 2018) -Kim Kwan, Lee Hwi's bodyguard.

Liver or Die (KBS2 / 2019) - Kang Yeol-Han

A Place in the Sun  (KBS2 / 2019) - Choi Kwang-Il





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Choi Seong-jae in The Man in the Mask



Actor Choi Seong-jae played the role of a gangster in KBS 2TV's drama "The Man in the Mask". He mercilessly commits murder and kidnapping.









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SNS share and commenChoi Sung Jae plays a role in SBS drama "Doctors" in 2016Knight images


In 2016, Choi Sung Jae played a role in SBS drama "Doctors" and in the drama "Something About 1 Percent"











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I did not know he won an award for that drama. I felt bad for the lead female , she ended up alone . :tears::tears::tears: @nohamahamoud2002 You have a major crush on this actor. He sure is handsome. He eyes are his best features. 

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