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Son Woo Hyuk 손우혁

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Son Woo Hyuk

(born 17 December 1983)




(original name Son Deok-ki)



Actor Son Woo Hyuk majored in French Literature. He won in SBS Miracle Audition in 2011.





  • The Play (2006)

  • Heartbeat (2008)

  • Romantic muscle (2016)

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Son Deok-ki renamed as Son Woo-hyuk… SBS 'Suspicious Mother-in-law' Cast Confirmed [Official]



Actor Son Woo-hyuk, who renamed himself the new name in SBS's "Miracle Audition Winner," has been confirmed to star in sbs' award-winning daily drama.

"Son Woo-hyuk was cast as An Man-soo in sbs new morning drama "Suspicious Mother-in-Law,""

"Suspicious Mother-in-Law" is a love story about Eunseok and Jenny, who fall in love at first sight, depicting the suspicious mother-in-law and her son-in-law, Mansu.


Son Woo-hyuk plays Ahn Man-soo, a Korean-American hotel businessman. A hotel conglomerate that inherits enormous wealth from his predecessors, falls in love with the heroine Jenny.


Son Woo-hyuk participated in "Miracle Audition Winner" and won the award by captivating the jury with his unparalleled acting passion.

"Suspicious Mother-in-Law" will be broadcast for the first time at 8:40 a.m. on May 20 as a sequel to "Gangnam Scandal."


Reporter Jung Hee-yeon, shine2562@donga.com



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In an interview published in Naver website, Actor Son Woo-hyuk discussed his career and how he started in 2011 by participating in SBS Miracle Audition and won in the audition. 

He became popular through the SBS daily drama 'Shady Mom-in-law' broadcasted every morning.


Shady Mom-in-law tells the story of Wang Su-jin (Kim Hye-sun) 's only daughter, Jenny Han (Sindae), and the two men who loved Jenny. It is also the first debut film of Son Woo-hyuk, who has debuted as an actor by winning the SBS 'Miracle Audition' in 2011 and gradually building up his acting skills


0004208166_002_20190913084305310.jpg?type=w430View original

Despite winning in the Miracle Audition, it took him a while to get recognition but he didn't give up. He also mentioned that he majored in French Literature, and that he was inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio. He also took part in musicals.






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Son Deok-ki, finally debuted… 'All About My Romance' 

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Son Deok-gi, the winner of the Miracle Audition, finally makes his debut after a long wait.

Son Deok-gi was cast in the SBS TV drama  'All About My  Romance'  in 2013.


He played the role of Park Jung-san, an assistant to Kim Jung-tae, a corrupt politician who played the role if a villain.





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Family Secret (tvN, 2014) as Kim Chi Jung (Support Role)


Actor Son Woo Hyuk, appeared in the drama 'Family Secrets' in the role of Detective 'Kim chi joong' attracted viewers with his wonderful acting. 



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