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[Drama 2019-2020] Unasked Family / Down the flower path, 꽃길만 걸어요

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1 hour ago, shamrockmom said:

The expression on Jenny's face is absolutely perfect! I cracked up laughing just before my alarm went off this morning. What a cute and well adjusted dog, she seems to love everyone on the set. 


lol, dogs are really very smart :wub:  and she/he is really a very tiny lovely dog, everyone cuddles her/him :) 

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OST 22, I added the English subs at last, Press cc (on android the 3 dots down right) Some of you already watched the music video, because I published it last week but it wasn't with English subs  

Oh great, more crappy in-laws. I guess it makes sense, my future Korean in-laws are pretty against me too so these dramas are practice for how not to act and be pushed around 

my new video. I used the sad OST of their separation. Press cc (the 3 dots down right) for English subtitles of the song (the subs are taken from a blog lol)   @angelwingssf @lu09 @dramaninj

I've been watching this daily on and off lately. YW's in-laws just irks the heck out of me. Her sister-in-law and Il Nam don't have any redeeming qualities, and I sure hope they do not get a happy ending whatsoever! They truly do not deserve it. I'm praying that Trang finally wake up and divorce that lazy bum!


I also hope the brat's family also get no happy ending. In fact, if they go bankrupt and the CEO goes to jail for illegal activities, it's even better!


The only people I hope gets a happy ending is YW & CD (looks like tomorrow may begin HOPEFULLY of their path towards one another again! I also like @dramaninja hope that I Nam, SH and YJ get their happy ending as well. These only the only people I'm rooting for.

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Oh wow the level of disrespect from Il Nam towards his mother! Wow just wow. Trang best run to the hills with her kid. That's one nasty lot of people I wouldn't want as relatives and wouldn't let anywhere near a kid. Look how quickly they wanna sell out their brother. Someone needs to remind them that she didn't have to comeback for their ungrateful arses. Il Nam is hung up on the fact that she left in the first place but look at all these years of service. She cameback specifically for them kids and look how they want to treat her. She partly to blame cause she let a lot slide but still nah man Il Nam should've been covered in that soft tofu stew he likes to insult when he started carrying on. I hope they get nothing! But I know they'll be some sort of turn around and they'll be playing happy families at the end, urgh so urksome.. For once I'd like to see some actual consequences.

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Yay! Finally. Now all I need is for I Nam to let his heart flutters get the better of him & plant one on pretty little YJ. 

Actually, I also need some retribution for JH & the Hwang family & for those awful siblings to be knocked back on their greedy behinds - especially if its via not getting a red cent from the land deal. Hopefully Il Nam ends up alone.

I could go on with my wishes for all the meanies, but I'm choosing to stay in my happy place, celebrating that kiss & my fave sweet guy, CD, finally getting some love. 

We've got plenty of episodes left for all the rubbish characters to get what's coming to them (& yes, I know that means plenty of episodes to throw more angst on our MLs, given there's the in laws, heart transplant/donor, dead hubby's murder etc to deal with.), so I'm not sweating about them getting a good shaking. Even if they don't get realistic punishment and are forgiven, as is the drama way.

I just felt so bad for CD all this time, with his sad pale face, heartbroken and longing for love, yet always putting on a smile because he appreciates life and positivity. He's someone who has been so close to death before, that every day is a gift and he seems to honour that experience by supporting & understanding others struggles, and trying his best to remain a positive person. He's just lovely. Yes, I adore CD. YW disappointed me by constantly pushing him away and rejecting him to protect him from being burdened. As she hurt him instead. Hopefully now she'll give him and his love for her a little more credit & allow him to share the upcoming struggles as her partner. 

Anyway, it's 2AM where I live and I've had a few glasses of wine before watching. So please forgive my rambling and be happy with me that we got a smooch. 

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14 hours ago, dramaninja said:

I never seen such a bunch of greedy and disrespectful  bunch of people. whats funny they are the ones who screwed everything up.


Money shows the real evil in people. Poor I Nam wanted just a motorcycle. YW, Trang and MIL are not interested in money. Now the sister and Il Nam show their true colours. I am not surprised 

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In episode 90, YW accepts CD (again). However, how long would this last?


1) YW has decided to stick with CD to the end.

Viewers could enjoy a lot of lovey-dovey scenes between them.


2) YW dates CD again. However, when outsiders pressure her (e.g., when her meddling in-laws tell her to be a lifelong maid and widow), she would buckle and break away again.

(This could be a device to get viewers to experience more angst).

a) For some viewers, this may work

b) However, other viewers may say, "Why should we get angst for a poor story". Then, they may just:

- use the FF button more frequently

- read the comments more often (Thanks, Chingus, for your comments & summaries)

- re-watch "What happens with Secretary Kim", or, watch graceful Feng-Jiu & handsome Dong-Hua having plenty of sweet moments, with beautiful scenes around them, in "Eternal Love of Dream".

Either way, let's be positive. More pop corn and sweet drink, please.:)

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019-2020] Unasked Family / Down the flower path, 꽃길만 걸어요

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