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Monsta X vs Black Pink vs Twice: Who Has What It Takes To Make It Big in the U.S.?


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Monsta X’s scheduled appearance in Ellen and Twice’s coming documentary produced by YouTube raise a lot of questions. Black Pink seems to getting the most success internationally, why are Twice and Monsta X getting big breaks like these? Is there any truth to the theory that Black Pink plows views? How does plowing of views work? How can you increase your YouTube views? 
Black Pink is already supported by one of the biggest management companies in North America, Interscope Records, why aren’t they getting TV guestings on U.S. shows more often? 
Black Pink, Twice and Monsta X seem to be groups that are making some headway in North America. Who has what it takes to make it?


The YouTuber shared some very important points:

1) Black Pink is backed by a bigger label

2) YouTube's original series with Twice implies that according to YouTube's algorythm and business analysis, Twice is more popular

3) Monsta X's Guesting in Ellen speaks a lot on their actual future in North America 



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Not sure of Monsta X, I don't follow them at all but between the girl group choices I would choose blackpink. I'm more of a ONCE more than BLINK and I personally think BP's musical style is more in line to the western taste in music than Twice's. Twice can be more popular in Asia w/ their cutesy and sweet image while BP can dominate w/ their western style music in the US

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