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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Go Ahead 以家人之名

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I admit I am sensitive to LX situation. I know what it's like to be blamed for things I had very little control over. I know what it means to be in a toxic family. I've seen how hard it is on caregive

I was so disheartened by the attitude of someone in this thread, that I could not make any more posts.  But I just have to "share" the following pieces of informations with you all:   Piece

Just want to share this with everyone.   In ep 20, after finding out about Ling Xiao's insomnia,  JJ & MY decorated his room - so that he will feel more relaxed.  JJ placed a "Book" against his pi

1 hour ago, cheekychipmunk_stv said:

Tomorrow's preview


Woohoo ... Li papa going on a date with HM. I love love HM. She's straight to the point with the kids making Li papa choke on his soup. :joy:

I love HM, JJ is very lucky to have her as her mother, she’s fierce LOL she can help JJ face against CT lol

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This drama has been great for me. I have laughed out loud, cried, and got really quite angry watching it. Certain portrayals were quite realistic and I could resonate with some of the struggles the characters face. The drama has a great start. I am hoping the drama will not end terribly. We have 3 more episodes left. Shall we talk about what you think is the ideal ending for:

1) ZQ

2) LX and JJ

3) CT (LX’s mum) and her relationship with her children

4) TC and MY (JJ’s besties)

5) HC (JJ’s dad)

6) HP (LX’s dad)

7) XCZ

8) Any other characters you can think of.


I really want to know what you think and maybe, just maybe, some of our wishes will be fulfilled.

My ideal ending for CT and her relationships with her children:


Her mental illness became evident, she tried to hurt JJ and ended up in the hospital. She received treatment but was not completely well. Some days she would be well and would be regretful of her actions and some days she would lapse into her dark hole and accused all of hurting her. She became a long term patient in the mental institution because of her condition. Her children realised that she was unwell and they were not responsible for her illness. They remained filial, visit her at the hospital but were finally free to live their lives.

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My ideal ending for ZQ:


He became the legal son of HC and brother of JJ through HC's and HM's marriage. ZQ finally found a way to make his cafe a success despite the not so ideal location.  The cafe was so successful, he made plans to start a few more.  He "adopted" XCZ as his younger sister, inducted her into the Li family, helping her, teaching her and caring for her.  Many years later, XCZ (all grown up) expressed her affections for him and he was taken aback but soon realised that he cared very much for XCZ in a romantic way too.

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On 9/4/2020 at 11:56 AM, luvhollandlop said:

@hush puppy I do notice that the netizens can get really critical of SWL's acting.  But I am seriously impressed with his acting in this drama. I agree; his eyes can really act. So many of the scenes he had with LX's mum was so good, (1)  I wanted to swoop down and rescue him away from her.   he looked so vulnerable then... My maternal instincts were stirred.  If JJ did not hug him, i would... He gave off very mature vibes as an actor for someone so young.  Well done! 


I have also noticed that certain Chinese netizens can get quite heated up; moreover, they have a lot of power and can do serious damage to actors/actresses' career.  i recall  (2) Xiao Zhan (肖战) debacle.  .. now his drama series are in cold storage...


3) SWL appeared quite reticent in many of the recent interviews which seemed different from his earlier interviews. To navigate the harsh realities of show business industry at such a young age must not be easy and very likely will take a toll.  I really hope he has a good mentor to guide him.


Hi  @luvhollandlop, 1) Song Wei Long /Ling Xiao does give the Impression that he is very delicate and fragile - and needs to be protected. So it is very natural for you to feel that way.  I'm sure you are not the only one.


Zhang Xincheng gives the Impression that he is very tough and competitive. So one does not have to worry about him.  He can fend for himself. (Which I think he is)


When I said: "He is a very shrewd person", I meant it as a compliment.  To want to be a Producer, he must be very business-minded.


2) Xiao Zhan : Yes. That is very Sad. Which is why I said our Society is still very Cruel & Materialistic.


3) He is a very sensitive person.  In 2016. when he was suddenly thrusted into "Untouchable Lovers" - as the ML, he was so presssured that he suffered from Insomnia for One Whole Year. He was only 17 years old then.


His boss also altered the second part of the Script, causing him to be embroiled in a Plagiarism Issue in his Current Project.


Yes. He needs a good mentor to guide him.  But I doubt he has.

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My guess of endings:


- ZQ finally got his wish to be included in Li's family book via his mom marriage with Li Papa. His cafe is now flourishing.


- LX and JJ  will continue with their relationship happily. They will only get married in the future.


- CT will finally realised she is sick in mind and get herself treated after something happened to LX or LX got hurt while trying to protect JJ.


- MY goes to Beijing to work and is now on good terms with her mom. Her mom is now finally living her life and not revolving her life around MY and her ex husband. 


- CT finally is realising her dreams in theatre n is in relationship with the lawyer guy who supports her dream all the way.


- Li papa gets married with HM. Maybe they can have a baby together. 


- Ling papa still happy single and look forward to LX n JJ getting married in future and have grandchildren for him.


- Little Orange continues to work at ZQ cafe under ZQ mentoring. She is now part of Li family pack and is happy to have 2 big brothers and 1 big sister ... now they are known as 4 little monkeys. 


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LX and JJ ideal ending:


LX and JJ got married and have a daughter. LX has his hands full managing JJ’s and his daughter’s mischiefs and sweet tooth. His daughter is an exact replica of JJ, doted by ZQ, Ling Ba, Li Ba and XCZ. The daughter is great friend with TC’s and ZB’s (the lawyer) son.... 



A new clip which includes CT telling LX she hates JJ and LX slams the table in response. Also shows CT in hospital...



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How I wish Go Ahead to end...


- MY is successful in Beijing as a documentary reporter. Her mom find a job or career of her own. MY’s dad is a loss on how to make decisions, and no longer wants a divorce.

- TC works steadily as a Theatre Actor

- Lawyer friend - sigh, I suppose he’s redeeming himself, but I’m not sure he should end up with any of our girls. Maybe after some time he is granted a date with TC

- Ling Ba after helping his son put his ex-wife in nice but confined mental institution, starts getting setup on blind dates. 

- CT honestly I think there will be either a showdown or accident. Something that will show that she is clearly not sane in the legal sense. I don’t want anyone hurt, but it would need to be a crime that is legally binding, either going at JJ or LX with a knife, or attacking Little Orange. I don’t think she can be reasoned with (Ling Ba has tried, we know that CT knew about LX’s problems). Anyways she needs to be in an instituion. Her children can visit, and they can have family therapy together. It might take years but their family might mend.

- Li Ba and HZQ mom get hitched. HZQ is in the family registrar. 

- HZQ starts catering his cakes, he has an online order system and the cafe does well as lunchtime hang out. He starts going on TV as a top chef and is very popular with the ladies. I think who he ends up with will remain open. Instead he will be in the family he’s always belonged to, and richer than his birth-father. He and his birth-father with come to some kind of treaty, but they will never truly be father and son. Maybe he will be a big brother to his half brother in the UK and little Orange.

- Little Orange, will probably have a small hero worship to HZQ. But I don’t know if it should go anywhere, instead she will be happy in the Li, Ling Family, going to college. She and JJ will be very close, even if HZQ is her favorite.

- LX and JJ date for a while after CT is out of harms way. LX is in therapy and JJ is out of her plagiarism mess, which will finally show the statue that brought her all the acclaim. Her business is booming. LX has his own practice. They will eventually marry live above the noodle shop.



Have I forgotten anyone?


Actually one more point: I would like Ling Family to acknowledge the accident of their daughter, as an accident. That everyone makes mistakes but LX is not at fault and should stop bearing the responsibility. That CT confesses she was careless in locking two children inside the house without a phone and LX was too young to know any first aid. That boy needs to know he’s not a fault. That he has the right to live his life burden free.

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@funnypeopleswim I agree. LX needs his closure for the whole sister’s death accident. He needs to know it is NOT his fault. For a child, when things go wrong at home, like parents divorce, they usually think they have a part to play and feels guilty. In LX’s case, things were made worst cos his mum accused him so viciously in his face. She neglected him and didn’t even cook for him. He probably thought that was his just punishments then. He needs to know it wasn’t his fault and move on with life without this shackle.


Mum will probably have a large part to play in freeing him from this guilt. Perhaps a realisation on his part that  mum was mentally unwell then and her blaming him was her selfish way of protecting herself. I can’t imagine her apologising unless she is warded and received treatment and therapy... 

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@phuong1317 I can’t for the life of me see that she will suddenly turn for the better. She seemed to really bend on hurting LX.

From the previews, it seemed she was still trying to set LX up with his female colleague. Even after the female colleague told her LX has a girl friend. It is such a meaningless thing to do cos both parties (LX and the colleague knew they cannot be a couple and mum knew too). My sense is that She did it because she knew he would be upset. She knew how to hurt him. She told LX she couldn’t like JJ, LX (in a I couldn’t care for how you feel attitude) told her “I never forced you to like her.” She was upset and responded that “I just can’t accept her.” LX replied “that’s your choice.” In a fit of anger she shouted “I hate her.” That’s when LX slammed the table. 
I don’t blame LX for asking his mum why doesn’t she love him. Her actions thus far are not hurting JJ directly but every action seemed calculated at hurting LX deeply. Perhaps, her torturing LX is really because she believed he is the one who caused the daughter’s death. She couldn’t face up to her own guilt and projected all her guilt on LX. If that’s true, it will answer why even after Ling Ba told her about LX’s mental health issues. She Chose to ignore it. She saw his mental state in Singapore and chose to ignore it too. She is really making LX pay for her guilt.

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Clip of tomorrow episode where LX talking to his dad saying I have not been dreaming about my little sister does that mean she has forgiven him does it mean that all that I owe mom is over I keep wanting to shout out stop feeling bad it’s not ur fault 



JJ getting caught sleeping over at LX place I thought it was a one time deal LOL 


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I am hoping that Ling Ba will have a heart to heart talk with LX. He will explain that the responsibilities lie with the adults. Ling Ba has a part to play and the mum. Moreover, it was an accident. Importantly, LX was so young then and had already done his best to try to save his sister. He is NOT at fault and owes his mum nothing. Finally, knowing what the mum has done to LX, Ling Ba will play a part to ensure mum gets psychiatric attention.

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1 hour ago, phuong1317 said:

Im annoyed we only have two episodes left and they are using so much time on side characters nothing against them but I'm worried they are going to rush LX storyline and make it so LX mom miraculously turns for the better

agreed..i am annoyed too.. it's hardy to see LX's scenes, and JJ&LX's couple scenes in the 2 last episodes...

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Preview of coming ep



CT is horrible.  Invited the nosy coleague for dinner thinking she can manipulate LX into submission.  She really go all out to stick a knife in LX.



Poor baby ... his Confession shock Ling Papa. Bet he didn't know that LX dreams about his sister all along. I'm sure once Ling Papa makes LX understand that his sister death has nothing to do with him and is not his fault, I think LX will find relief from it and can tell his mom to go shoot herself.


Looks like CT never tell little orange that she had a sister too but she died when she was little. 

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