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Leigh Perry

List of Unreleased Movies With Directors Names?

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I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place. I'm looking for information on the unreleased movie "The Q Hero". I think made in 2017/2018. It is roumored that someone connected to the film posted it in 5 parts online at youtube, because it was banned, but it has been recently removed. Does anyone know anything about it, particularly director and also producers names? It was made in Mainland China.

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Thai Boys Love Movie


DEW ดิว ไปด้วยกันนะ


In Cinemas across Thailand

Starting 31. October 2019




Ohm Pawat (as young Dew)






Sada (as young Pob)





Weir Sukollawat (as older Pob)











The Film Story


Pop and Dew are friends who study at the same school but slowly realize that there might be something more than friendship between them. Unfortunately, they live in a time when homosexuality was a huge tabu. And so circumstances made them go separated ways, never to forget what there was between them.

There are not many details about this film yet. This is all I could get so far.

There is no male actor named to be the grown up Dew... 















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:heart: Thai Boys Love :heart:


DEW The Movie

ดิว ไปด้วยกันนะ


EngSub Movie Trailer 2

(Saturday, 12 October 2019)


Directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul (Love Of Siam - 2007)





The open big question of this movie is: Does Pob manages to find Dew?
And IF he does: Do they get a change to talk about their relationship from 23 years before?


There is no actor listed in the main cast to play an adult DEW; so may guess is he could have just a "special appearance" scene by the end of the movie.

I bet most of us would like a Fairytale ending for DEW & POB like in Mario Maurer's movie "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (สิ่งเล็กเล็ก ที่เรียกว่า...รัก - 2010); as he (as P'Shone) meets his high school first love Nam after 9 years (she was living the the USA all that time) and the dialogue goes:
Nam: P'Shone... Are you married already...?
Shone: Emm... I... I have been waiting for someone to come back from America.

And that is the movie's ending.

:kiss_wink: :love: :relaxed:



I keep having the feelings DEW The Movie is going to be on the line of the Taiwanese BL Series "Red Balloon - 紅色氣球 - 2017); were the story of the young boys falling in love and all the drama related to it in high school dominates the Series, leaving very little room for the adult characters together. But in that Series the adult roles get some great scenes together... scenes I don't seem to forget; like their dialogue after they meet many years again?
Li Xiang Wan - How long has it been since then? 13 Years...?
Xia Zhi Chen - 13 years, 5 months, and 6 days.

:bawling: :flushed: :relieved:



Some users have told me that there was a possibility of Dew having a change of sex in time... :smirk:
After watching both trailers I got also the feeling this upcoming movie COULD BE an extended and modified version of the Thai BL Short Film "Change : รัก..ไม่เปลี่ยน (Love Can not Change)". That short film is a diamond of Thai BL (despite the story, and the ending) starring the 2 very young an amazing actors Fluke Pongsatorn (My Bromance The movie, Until We Meet Again) & Jaylerr Kritsanapoom (Diary of Tootsies ไดอารี่ตุ๊ดซี่ส์ S 1 & 2; Great Men Academy สุภาพบุรุษสุดที่เลิฟ). This short was produced by BANG Channel in 2013 and is available on YouTube.


Whatever the story of DEW The Movie... it won't be the first time one of the boys has problems accepting his own sexuality and feelings. In Hormones The Series Phuu wasn't able to stay together with Tee, and broke up with him; but his love feelings for him practically destroyed him in the long term. And Tee... he needed very long to get over Phuu (if he ever did). There is also "Feels Good To Say Goodbye - เพราะรัก..จึงจากลา", having both character go separated ways even after meeting again. Another Film... "Sweet Boy - สวีทบอย - 2016"... where Nack almost commit suicide, conflicted between his fanatic christian mother and his love for Toy. Or the most dramatic BL story ever told from Thailand: "The Judgement Like..ได้เรื่อง"... showing not only the same conflicts, but bringing then to a level where the suicide is the only way to "move on"; with Nao taking his own life, and Jamie collapsing into tears in his funeral.


There is only one Thai BL story I know which deals with a happy ending love story... the boys were in love as they were young... then separate... and then get back together after 8 years: "My Bromance The Series" (Cooper & Guide were amazing starring in that Series).




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