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[Official Thread] Jing Bo Ran 井柏然

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English name: Jing BoRan 

Native name: 井柏然
Birth Date: 19 Apr 1989
Birth Location: Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Occupation: Actor, Singer
Years active: 2007 - present





2008    The Equation of Love and Death    李米的猜想 (Cameo)    
2010    Hot Summer Days    全城热恋        
2011    The Founding of a Party    建党伟业
2011     Love in Space    全球热恋
2012    Shadows of Love    影子爱人
2012    The Bullet Vanishes    消失的子弹
2012    The Guillotines    血滴子    
2013    Up in the Wind    等风来    
2013    Extreme Pursuit    极速无间
2014    Rise of the Legend    黄飞鸿之英雄有梦
2015    Bride Wars    新娘大作战 (Cameo)
2015    Lost and Love    失孤        
2015    Monster Hunt    捉妖记            
2015    A Tale of Three Cities    三城记    
2016    Time Raiders    盗墓笔记            
2016    Love O2O    微微一笑很倾城        
2018    Monster Hunt 2    捉妖记2    Song Tianyin        
2018    The Faces of My Gene    祖宗十九代 (Cameo)
2018    Us and Them    后来的我们    
2019    The Shadow Play    风中有朵雨做的云        
2019    The Climbers    攀登者        



2009    Youth Forward Time    青春进行时
2009    Girl Rushes Forward    女孩冲冲冲
2011    33 Story Halls    33故事馆    
2013    New Editor Department's Story    新编辑部故事
2015    Love Weaves Through a Millennium    相爱穿梭千年
2019    The Love of Hypnosis    南烟斋笔录



2010    17th Beijing College Student Film Festival    Best New Actor    Hot Summer 
2011    9+2 Music Pioneer Awards    Best New Artist (Mainland China)    
2011    Top 10 Songs of the Year - Where Did Love Drop
2011    Most Popular Duet - "Warm Hands"
2012    2nd Global Chinese Golden Chart: Awards    Best New Artist (Silver)    
2012    Music Radio China Top Chart Awards: Best New Artist (Mainland China)
2016    13th Changchun Film Festival: Best Supporting Actor - Lost and Love

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Jing BoRan is one of the best men for Zhang RuoYun at Ireland :) - he posted at Weibo, saying he couldn't help and feel relief on behalf of Zhang RuoYun when the wedding ceremony came to an  end, and wishing them all the best despite being envious of them as well :) 


(Jun/28/2019 Weibo posting)



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4 hours ago, rosierosie said:

Saw him in Love 020 movie ^^!!! He is so cute and handsome!!!


yes i love him in Love O2O :) 

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