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[Drama 2020] Forest of Secrets Season 2, 비밀의 숲 2

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5 minutes ago, larus said:

 It was the moment when he has imagined how things might have been, how events unfolded?

It's just like in season 1 when he reconstructed the event at the murder scene.  I think SM is thinking if the boys were on the beach at 8:19pm when he stopped the car.

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I can`t believed how fast the subtitles come. YAY!   I also missed Shi Mok and Yeo Jin. Just seing them work or live like ordinary people was enough.   The case just started. Somet

My heart is full of joy      All well that ends well.   Truly an excellent second season.  True friends will find each other      The End.    Till S

Can we stop loving them even behind the scenes?

8 minutes ago, bedifferent said:

t's just like in season 1 when he reconstructed the event at the murder scene.  I think SM is thinking if the boys were on the beach at 8:19pm when he stopped the car.


Yeah. I think the time the boys were at the beach and when they went in the water is important. He will find a crack in the story and he will want to find out more.

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@diane90 it’s on Netflix


@taeunfighting  yes loved the voiceover by Lee ChangJoon.  The little footnote from the past about digging up dirt on the prosecution by the police.  As YJ was recounting what was to be printed.


”What Hwang SiMok the Prosecutor in charge, said about the late Lee ChangJun on TV was just an act to protect the image of his colleague, and it was because a deal was made before Lee ChangJun’s death.  He was cornered so he decided to end his life, asking Prosecutor Hwang to protect his wife and make him seem like a hero in return.  So Prosecutor Hwang received info on Hanjo and turned a murderer into a patriotic hero.”

Then she drops this gem...

YJ - But it’s not the truth Chief.  (I wanted to cheer out loud :).  You tell them YJ!  Truth matters)


Chief - that’s for the concerned parties to care about.  We can just enjoy the results. (Boo...wrong answer)

YJ - I am one of the concerned parties. (Go YJ. Own it.  Truth matters to everyone.  Not just the “concerned“ parties.  There’s a flow on effect when it gets muddied.)

Chief - that’s why I gave this job to you.  Don’t get your emotions involved. (What?  As a test of her allegiance? <_<  To the Police force and not to the Prosecution?)

YJ (undeterred) - have all the articles we have published about the Prosecution been lies?  Did we ever falsely accuse them of driving under the influence?  That article might seem like a good idea now but it’s still fake?

Chief - then which article did you like?  (I like that she’s open to listening and doesn’t just slam the brakes on YJ)

YJ (ever the idealist :wub:) - a Police Officer quickly brought a child who injured his eye to the hospital (you go girl - spread the love and positivity).  The officer was quick even though there was a traffic jam, so the kid didn’t lose his sight.

Chief - the story is nice but it lacks impact. (Sigh...isn’t that the truth though?  We LOVE the scandals and the bad reports and are more than happy to tear down, but we so often neglect the good news?)

YJ (keeps going - I love her enthusiasm and unwavering belief in all that’s good and right) - And yesterday an officer in Ulsan found a mother’s lost son after 14years.  Wouldn’t articles like that be the best way to deal with the article about long term missing cases?  It’s better than fighting back by criticizing the Prosecution.  (Taking the higher road - yes YJ, you’re so right)

Chief (looks frustrated) - do you have the right to decide that?

YJ (realizes she’s overstepped) - I’m sorry.


O YJ, I am so glad you’re back.  Both you and SM live and breathe the mantra to be


Doggedly chasing after the truth and marching towards what’s right”


Bravo.  Welcome back to our screens.




It's just like in season 1 when he reconstructed the event at the murder scene.  I think SM is thinking if the boys were on the beach at 8:19pm when he stopped the car.

Yes I think also he would’ve heard the yelling or seen something?  He had stopped the car, wound the windows down but there wasn’t any sounds from the beach.  No laughing of the boys splashing in the water, no calling out to his friends by the boy who lived (this sounds like Harry Potter)?  Where was he?


SM’s clock read 8:25 when he reported that part of the rope cordoning off the area was missing.  He wanted the number for KOEM from his staff but then decided not to ring them because he had to go to the party.












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Lee Joon Hyuk Is Back With More Plans Up His Sleeve In Season 2 Of “Forest Of Secrets”

Aug 16, 2020
by S. P

The second season of “Forest of Secrets” has shared a glimpse of the first appearance of Lee Joon Hyuk!

The second season will bring the reunion of emotionless prosecutor Hwang Si Mok (Cho Seung Woo) and warm-hearted police officer Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doona). The two will be on opposite sides of a tense situation involving the police and the prosecutor’s office. Lee Joon Hyuk plays Seo Dong Jae, a prosecutor who walks on the thin line between chasing success and having a conscience.

The new stills preview Seo Dong Jae not at his current workplace of the Uijungbu District Prosecutors’ Office, but at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, where he dreams of working at. However, it may be difficult for him to reach his goal due to his unsatisfactory performance review as well as his history of being investigated by his junior Hwang Si Mok who was a specially appointed prosecutor at the time.

However, Seo Dong Jae is someone who is adept at finding opportunities in any situation, so his schemes at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office will be a point of interest in the new season. The new stills show his various expressions, ranging from a proud and confident smile to his intense features when he speaks passionately to someone.



more https://www.soompi.com/article/1419413wpp/lee-joon-hyuk-is-back-with-more-plans-up-his-sleeve-in-season-2-of-forest-of-secrets

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I watched 1 episode and whoa that was a strong opening to a second season. It was great to see Han Yeo Jin's old colleagues at Yongsan Police  Station. I think she doesn't get along with people at National Police Agency but she won't leave because she believes she can make a difference. She clearly misses her old job. 


Looks like Yeo Jin and Si Mok have been in touch all this time, considering she called him just like that to talk about the drowning case. As for Si Mok, he didn't change at all. Not even saying hello to our Yeo Jin haha Can't wait for them to meet in person. 


Could it be that Si Mok's old boss Kang Won Cheol became involved with some influential people now that he closed the drowning case so fast? Something is definitely not right here. 


First impression when it comes to Yeo Jin's boss, Choi Bit. I don't like her for now. The way she fights with prosecution is kinda shady. It's like an eye for an eye. And on top of that she tells her subordinated to publish articles which are not true like the one about Si Mok and Lee Chang Joon. 


So, judging from the preview Si Mok and Dong Jae will work together. That's going to be hilarious. I wonder if Dong Jae changed a little bit. Looking forward to today's episode! And btw the new OST Crisis gives me chills! 


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i liked the pacing of this episode much more, wow. such a good episode and i already liked 1st. it was really interesting, things are slowly untangling. choi bit is such a fun character, she knows how to play this game but there's a bait on her already. i can't wait to see more of her with woo tae-ha, what's their relationship about. woo tae-ha didn't show much so far but obviously we'll see him more. THE WAY HE SHUT DOWN SIMOK WITH HIS STARE, I-

these two and sdj are crazy combination, simok is going to have hard time, isn't he?

sdj truly is the best at digging people's dirt. i was glad to see lyj too, she looked so powerful. i loved how she asked her 'advisor' i guess if everyone left before her rage lol she's going to have hard time this season with her conflicts with her brother and prosecutor kang. about kwc, his conversation with simok was SO good. i truly felt secret forest is back. the script is so good. and simok's and yeojin's reunion!!!

the restaurant they ate at!

it was so wholesome :D but the face yj made when she learned that she'll be working against him :( and she couldn't tell him that. the next week is probably going to be intense between these two (please start working together soon). another case next week! i'm already so excited, the wait is going to be painful.






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23 hours ago, dairymilks said:

LCJ’s narration is making me miss him so much :tears: i’m still attached to this legendary villain. 

Yes, totally right. Miss him so much. I can't help but keep having flashbacks when I watched episodes 1-2.

I hope we can see SM and YJ solving another criminal case soon, 'cause they totally rocked it. I'm such a sucker for catch the culprit storyline :sweat_smile:.


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1 hour ago, dairymilks said:

is there a continuity error in the show? the story takes place in march 2019, but why are they already using the galaxy s20?

1 answer it is fiction so not like it reflect real life in real time. 


But for real they still need to cash in that sweet samsung money lol maybe thats why probably. 


They already write it for 2019 but then when they had negotiation with the ads you need to show samsung s20 in their drama. Why not ? Haha although it a bit outdate for now because note 20 is coming

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6 hours ago, larus said:

You can watch it at Netflix if not ....I sent you a PM.



I wonder what really happened with  those boys. The thrid friend did not tell the whole truth. And who was that car that stopped for a moment? I like how Shi Mok went to the scene and not to the party. Shi Mok and the party! :w00t: Like his secretary said Shi Mok is consistent until the last minute. So what is the chief was mad? 


I loved when Yeo Jin called Shi Mok. I think they have been comunicating all those years. She knows him so well. "How about a hello!" How come you`re not asking why I am asking those questions?" Shi Mok, you are killing me! You never change.  :w00t:

Thank you, I know it but I can't

I have netflix but netflix ftance

So I'll watch it when netflix korea ....finish hahaha 

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looks like they’ll be (re)investigating a case after all. i loved the exchange between woo tae ha and hwang shi mok, their dynamic is something i’m looking forward to. i don’t think i’ve ever seen hwang shi mok hold himself back in season 1, but woo tae ha seems to have an impact on him. LOL.


you know you’ve grown when you’ve become unfazed at seo dong jae’s schemes. compared to when i was watching season 1, i was just laughing at him in this ep LOL. he’s the kind of villain the protagonists are too tired to deal with.

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One word for Ep 2: OMG! 
Fast paced and rich with details, too rich! :sweatingbullets:


The most memorable part of Ep 2 is what Chief Kang said about HSM: 

KWC: “You’re a sharp knife that should only be used for tough jobs. They’ll swing the knife until the blade is chipped, and when they end up with a cut, they’ll say that the knife is dangerous and shove it back into the drawer. You’ve been through it already.”
HSM: “However, I can’t stay inside the drawer forever and I may find the answer this time.”
Watching Ep 2, I realized that basically all the cases that are presented here reflects either Police or Prosecutor's inability. 
We have the Tongyeong drowning case. This part I agree with HSM; it's not about the non-prosecution verdict, it's about how the whole process is completely ignored. Even if they are not guilty, they still have to go through the same process of due diligence. By closing the case in just one day, the prosecutor do not give respect to the victims or let the guilty party learn their lesson.
You know what, if this is a US trial, I bet the charge would be involuntarily manslaughter (watched too many legal dramas). So, for this case > prosecutor lose. 
Next we have the leaking information case with Police's Director Kim Myeong Han. 
Not sure what actually happens here, not much details but obviously in police vs prosecutor battle. Police lose. 
I wonder who targets the director? Or is this simply a strategy from the prosecutor office - bigger name means bigger exposure on police's flaws? :mellow:
Past case: Choi Bit vs the former Chief Prosecutor's 'drunk' drive
Ongoing case: Hanjo vs Prosecutor? > will see what this is all about 
Past/new case: Segok police 'murder'
Welcome to the new characters, Choi Bit and Woo Tae Ha!
Yes, Choi Bit can be manipulative but she is resourceful. 
I like how she presents the story of the students' death to the media. If she has not done that, the public wouldn't know prosecutor's mistake. 
Woo Tae Ha is unexpectedly cunning! I love how he turned the table around for SDJ. 
I guess more will be revealed about these two, but so far, I'm liking their characters. 
And yes, SDJ is baack! Seriously, I don't like him in S1 and I still don't like him in S2. He is still a slimy snake to me. For him to come buttering up to Woo Tae Ha and presented the dirt of Choi Bit can only raise one question: what will he gain from this? SDJ is all about shortcut and if it doesn't work in his favor, he wouldnt go through all the troubles. Perhaps he just really really want to join the criminal legislation divison, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are other reasons. 
And Lee Yeon Jae! Hmm.. not sure. I'm not convinced of her acting as the big boss of Hanjo group. She looks like the adult version of spoiled brat, with her feet stomping and hair whipping. :huh:
Looking forward for next week's eps!
Oh, anyone notice how HSM is still interrupted during his meal time?  :lol: :lol:
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1 hour ago, penelop3 said:

The most memorable part of Ep 2 is what Chief Kang said about HSM: 

KWC: “You’re a sharp knife that should only be used for tough jobs. They’ll swing the knife until the blade is chipped, and when they end up with a cut, they’ll say that the knife is dangerous and shove it back into the drawer. You’ve been through it already.”
HSM: “However, I can’t stay inside the drawer forever and I may find the answer this time.”


I also loved this quote and it explains Si Mok's character so well. And how SM responded fascinates me since season 1. The curiosity to find answers and even dig deeper and ask profound questions is admirable. 

I think what we've seen already is how the infrastructure of both police and prosecutors are weak and corrupted. And then it all goes down to the individual. In season 1, it was the Chief Prosector Lee Chang Joon. In this season, it's a fight between the police and prosecutors. Each side is digging dirt on the other side. 


What's so interesting is that we get something out of the side characters such as the rich spoiled couple who got away. @breadstal's twitter screencaps of HSM noting privilege and power of the couple hits hard and it reflects upon the current events IRL! 


Oh these next few weeks I need to stay patient and be comfortable with feelings of intense angsty. I am loving the comments and observations people have mentioned here! Thanks for sharing! 

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