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[Upcoming Movie 2020] Emergency Declaration, 비상선언 - Song Kang Ho & Lee Byung Hun

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비상선언 2020 movie1.gif


an aviation term that describes the action of declaring an emergency

aeroplane.gif to perform an unconditional landing when faced with a disaster

and normal operation is no longer an option due to the captain's judgement.



Song Gang-Ho x Lee Byung-hun 4th movie together, with director Han Jae-Rim


Source: SBS NEWS, English translation by mistymorning




[August 29, 2019] Actor Song Gang Ho and Lee Byung Hun will meet again in the new film from director Han Jae Rim (image above), titled 'Emergency Declaration' (Production: WooJoo Film, Co-Production: C-Jes Entertainment, CineJoo).


'Emergency Declaration' is air traffic term when during a flight, pilot encounters a distress condition which makes it impossible to fly anymore, declares emergency and let land control knows the plane needs to land immediately. This movie will be an air disaster drama , with high tension and colorful characters.


Director Han Jae Rim debuted his first movie 'Rules of Dating' won  2005 DaeJong Award for new director and Blue Dragon Award for script, became hot star director in Korean Film. His next movie 'The Show Must Go On'(2007), a noir film won another Blue Dragon Award for the best movie, and with the film 'The Face Reader' showed his satire and sensual directing skills. Film 'The King' made people to call him 'The best story teller', with various filming methods and cheerful stories with deeper meanings. 


This meeting of Song Gang Ho, The most trust-worthy(to watch) actor in Korea, after the movie 'Parasite' which won Palme d'Or in Cannes Film Festival and 4th 10-million movie, and Lee Byung Hun, certified best actor, with Hollywood movies and loved for best acting in both films and TVs raises our expectation to the new level.


This is 4th project they work together after 'Joint Security Area'(2000), 'The Good, the Bad and the Weird'(2008), 'The Age of Shadows'(2016). Fresh material and trust for director Han Jae Rim had made this reunion possible.


The movie is scheduled for pre-production this year and will crank-in early next year.


searchdoc.gifSongKangHo soompi // LeeByungHun soompi // Naver movie // Asianwiki

 IMDb // KOFIC // HanCinema // Wikipedia // Forum rules 

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August 29, 2019


Song Kang Ho And Lee Byung Hun Confirmed To Reunite For New Disaster Film

Source: Soompi by L. Kim




Actors Song Kang Ho and Lee Byung Hun are confirmed to star in a new movie together!


“Emergency Declaration” (literal translation) is a term used in aviation that means to declare an emergency to make a landing when an aircraft is faced with a disastrous situation and normal operation is no longer possible due to the captain’s judgment. The movie, which is about an aviation disaster, is a full-fledged air disaster film that features a tense story and diverse characters.


Director Han Jae Rim will be producing the film. He was awarded the Best New Director Award and the Best Screenplay Award at the Blue Dragon Film Festival in 2005 for “Rules of Dating,” drawing attention from the film industry during the same time he made his directorial debut. Since then, he has opened up new prospects with the noir film “The Show Must Go On,” won the best picture award at the Blue Dragon Film Festival for his satire and sensual production in “The Face Reader,” and earned the title of “best storyteller” for delivering a vibrant story through various film techniques and deep messages in “The King.”


This is the fourth time Song Kang Ho and Lee Byung Hun will be working together, and expectations are high for the veteran actors’ performances.


“Emergency Declaration” is scheduled to complete pre-production this year and premiere in the first half of next year.


Source (1)

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Source: Jason Bechervaise @Jasebechervaise

August 29, 2019


Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun Korean Stars Reteam for ‘Emergency Declaration’


By SONIA KIL  Variety



Photo: LeeByungHun IG via HG Times

South Korea’s two top actors, Song Kang-ho (“Parasite”) and Lee Byung-hun (“The Magnificent Seven”) have confirmed that they are joining new project “Emergency Declaration.” C-Jes Entertainment, one of the film’s co-production houses, announced on Thursday (Aug. 29).


Han Jae-rim, who previously directed “The Show Must Go On,” “The Face Reader” and “The King” will direct the film. According to C-Jes’ statement, “Emergency Declaration” is a disaster drama set in a plane and will boast suspenseful plot and colorful characteristics. Production budget and distributor have not yet been confirmed.


Song and Lee starred together in three previous films: Park Chan-wook’s “Joint Security Area,” Kim Jee-woon’s “The Good, the Bad, the Weird,” and “The Age of Shadows,” which is also directed by Kim.

“Emergency Declaration” aims to wrap pre-production in 2019, and start production in the first half of 2020.

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August 29, 2019


Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun Are Starring in "Emergency Declaration"


Source: Sports Donga via HanCinema.net // Clip: KBS News



Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun are starring in writer Han Jae-rim's "Emergency Declaration".

"Emergency Declaration" is an aviation term that describes the action of declaring an emergency to perform an unconditional landing when faced with a disaster and normal operation is no longer an option due to the captain's judgement.


The movie is a full-fledged aviation disaster drama that features a tense story and a colorful array of characters. Recently, Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun confirmed their roles and started preparation for the production.


The meeting between Song Kang-ho, who won the Cannes Palme d'Or award for his film "Parasite", which opened in May this year, and actor Lee Byung-hun, who has been receiving love and support for his famous performances not limited to genre, raise expectations for the movie.


This is the fourth time Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun are working together since "JSA - Joint Security Area", "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" and "The Age of Shadows".

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September 16, 2019


SONG Kang-ho and LEE Byung-hun to Take Flight in EMERGENCY DECLARATION 
Superstars Team Up for THE KING Director HAN Jae-rim’s New Project


by Pierce Conran KOFIC




Superstars SONG Kang-ho and LEE Byung-hun are set to team up for the fourth time in the upcoming aviation disaster drama Emergency Declaration (translated title) from The King (2017) director HAN Jae-rim. The project is described as a disaster film set on a plane.


One of Korea’s most beloved actors, SONG Kang-ho recently appeared in BONG Joon-ho’s PARASITE, which became the first Korean film to pick up the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this year. He also featured in the period drama The King’s Letters this summer.


LEE Byung-hun is known for both his major roles in Korea, which include KIM Jee-woon’s A Bittersweet Life (2005) and Inside Men (2015), and overseas, in Hollywood blockbusters such as G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and RED 2.


SONG and LEE previously shared the screen in PARK Chan-wook’s Joint Security Area /JSA (2000), and two films by KIM Jee-woon, The Good, The Bad, And The Weird (2008) and The Age of Shadows (2016).


Director HAN Jae-rim debuted in 2005 with Rules of Dating and went on the make The Show Must Go On (2007) and The Face Reader (2013), both with SONG, before making the prosecutor saga The King (2017).


Emergency Declaration is currently in pre-production and aiming to go before cameras early next year.

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October 9, 2019


‘Parasite’ Star Song Kang-ho Has No Hollywood Plans


Joan MacDonald Forbes

Song Kang-ho is perhaps Korea’s most relatable actor. Whether he’s playing a studious monarch in The King’s Letters, investigating crime in Bong Joon-ho’s Memories of Murder, or embodying the down-on-his-luck Kim Kae-taek in Bong’s latest film Parasite, Song demonstrates an unusual talent for emotionally connecting with viewers. That ability has earned him dozens of prestigious awards, including most recently being the first Asian actor to receive an Excellence Award at 72nd Locarno International Film Festival.


Parasite, which won the Palme d’Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, and is South Korea’s entry for Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards, has been described as an ensemble film, but Song is mesmerizing as the patriarch of the Kim family, whose only scheme for success may be to con the rich but naive Park family. It’s the fourth time Song has acted in a film directed by Bong. 


“There’s a lot of good chemistry between Director Bong and I,” said Song, while visiting New York City for the 57th New York International Film Festival.


In Bong’s 2006 ecological horror film The Host, Song plays a man whose daughter is kidnapped by a monster. In Bong’s sci-fi futuristic film Snowpiercer, Song plays a poor man relegated to the rear of the super train that is humanity’s only hope. The actor and director enjoy working together.

“I think the message he wants to convey in his films is very moving and also at the same he elicits performances that are very extraordinary,” said Song. “I think that combination is what makes him remarkable.”


While Bong’s films are known for embodying social issues, such as protecting the environment, promoting animal rights, or making society more equitable, Song says he does not choose his roles based on their social messages. 

“I personally don’t like propaganda films,” he said. “Art has to be good for its own sake even when reflecting reality. All of Bong’s films have a strong sense of story to them and that’s what makes them so real and so beautiful.”


In Parasite his character may be poor and lacking opportunities, but he still has his dignity. 


“When you look at the character I play, I don’t think he is a very unusual character,” said Song. “There’s nothing odd about him. He’s an ordinary character that can exist anywhere. The character is poor, but he tries very hard, and yet his desires are not fulfilled. It’s easy to identify with him.”


Although Kim Ki-taek calmly makes the most of his limited circumstances, he’s eventually driven to a violent act, which might cause viewers to wonder what circumstances would justify such a response. The film does not answer the question for viewers, but for Kim Ki-taek, that uncrossable line is an affront to his dignity as a human being.


“The final answer lies in everyone’s hearts,” said Song. “I do think that it’s a film about human dignity and certain lines are crossed that infringe upon that dignity. There’s a certain resistance that lies in this character, a point of resistance that lies in everyone.”


Despite the recognition he’s earned as an actor and his friendship with fellow creatives, Song considers acting a lonely profession.


“It’s not just me,” said Song.”I think this also applies to Hollywood actors and actresses. When you stand in front of the camera, it’s a very, very lonely moment. There is no one to help you out. Everybody can only stand by to watch, so that’s what makes it challenging and painful as well.”

Working in theater helped the critically acclaimed actor to cultivate his acting skills.


“I did not have my acting skills trained in a professional school but I always appeared on theatrical stages ever since I was young,” said Song. “That’s how I gradually trained in my acting capacity. It wasn’t a long training but it was very intense.”


Starring in a film that’s up for an Academy Award has not convinced the veteran actor that he wants to move to Hollywood.


“I would like to pass on that opportunity to other actors,” said Song. “I think in such films I would disappear, so I will instead continue to use Korean films such as Parasite to express myself.”


Song’s next film, Emergency Declaration, also features Lee Byung-hun, who appears in several Hollywood productions, including Red2 and Terminator: Genysis. The actors previously worked together in Park Chan-wook’s Joint Security Area and Kim Jee-woon’s The Good, the Bad, the Weird. 


“It’s a very commercial film of the disaster genre,” said Song.


Song’s Emergency Declaration character will have to deal with an aviation disaster. It may be a different genre, but Song will do his best to make that character oh-so-easy to relate to.

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