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[Drama 2020] Meow, the Secret Boy, 어서와

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12 hours ago, summer2017 said:

I think there is some romantic relationship between HJ and SA. 


Oh boy HJ is aging super fast now, he even has white hair in the stills released by KBS. Luckily his face is still handsome and wrinkle free. Can't wait to watch the episodes live tomorrow.


Do you all watch it live too?

Really I didn't see that picture can you post it here ? 

Yeah I watch this drama live.

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KBS Drama Meow, the Secret Boy   Other title/former title: Meow, the secret boy / Man Who Bakes Bread Network: KBS Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy Episodes: 3

I'm super excited about this drama. Not only because it could potentially be Myungsoo's last drama project before enlisting, but also because out of all the actors out there, I simply cannot see anyon

Kim Myung Soo is one of my favourite stars. He always manages to draw a smile on my face. 

@summer2017 Bet you are saying I can't wait for tonight's final episode, if you have watched E11! :tears:


Edited after watching the ending: I love that Jae Seon with his quiet ways, always showing his love, care and concern and supporting Sol Ah, not intimidating, not pushy....just someone who would always be there for her. It made me feel so glad for Sol Ah that she had a friend like that.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] Meow, the Secret Boy, 어서와

Yes I have watched it live but without subs. I'm gonna watch the subbed version of Ep 12 tonight. What a bittersweet ending... with all the characters achieving their own small happiness. 


Be it Jae Seon, Sol Ah, Doo Shik and Ji Eun… they have grown in their own ways. And of course Hong Jo helped all of them in his own way given his limited time. 


Myungsoo's message to viewers is for viewers to love their pets and of course have a pure heart. 


I really love this drama!



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