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I recommend this drama

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Name: Matchstick Men

Summary: a con man who is deceived by his partner into believing he has a daughter, in order to know the pass codes of his safe and steal his money

Watch when you are in the mood for: black comedy

Visual factor: Nicholas Cage obsessive compulsive disorder 

Emotional moments that you liked: his relationship with his fake daughter was so touching 

Annoying bits you might need to ignore: nothing

Overall grade 10






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Not sure if anyone's suggested this, but I'll give it a go because this drama just won Outstanding Korean Drama at the Seoul International Drama Awards!!



Summary: "A story about a doctor who was fired by a hospital he used to work for and returns to take revenge and overtake said hospital by registering himself as a prisoner doctor" (from Dramawiki)

Watch when you are in the mood for: adrenaline rush, a revenge drama with smart characters, and/or a well-written drama with top-notch acting (Namkoong Min, Choi Wonyoung, and Kim Byungchul -- what more can I say)

Visual factor: Namkoong Min, duh! And Choi Wonyoung is hot as a villain (as per usual). Creepy af villain, but still hot lol. Also, I personally like the lighting in this drama.

Emotional moments that you liked: Namkoong Min's character every time he talks about his mom

Annoying bits you might need to ignore: One of the antagonists (Park Eunseok's character) might be annoying at first (but I'm sure you'll become fond of him by the end of the drama).

Overall grade: 9/10 (point taken off because the second half can get a bit dragged out at times)

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Name: Chinese Paladin 3

Summary: Journey to save the world from evil spirit. The leads have past life that tied them together

Watch when you are in the mood for: Fantasy Drama, Reincarnation, Unfulfilled Love

Visual factor: Great ancient costume

Emotional moments that you liked: The pure priest and the goddess romance. 

Annoying bits you might need to ignore: Ending lol... 

Overall grade: 9



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