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[Upcoming Drama 2020] I have been there once, 한번다녀왔습니다 - Sat & Sun @ 19:55 KST - Oh Yoon Ah, Chun Ho Jin, Lee Min Jung & Lee Jung Eun - Premieres in March 2020

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KBS Drama

I have been there once


Resultado de imagen para 한번다녀왔습니다"


Original title: 한번다녀왔습니다

Network: KBS2

Episodes: 100

Genre: Family


Airtime: Sat & Sun





The story is about different thought on divorce between parents and children.



Chun Ho Jin as father Song Young Da

Cha Hwa Yeon

Kim Bo Yeon

Lee Jung Eun

Ahn Gil Gang






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Lee Min Jung, Lee Sang Yeob, Oh Yoon Ah, And More Confirmed For New KBS Drama

Jan 17, 2020
by L. Kim

Actors Lee Min Jung, Lee Sang Yeob, Oh Yoon Ah, Oh Dae Hwan, Lee Cho Hee, and Im Jung Eun are confirmed to star in a new KBS drama titled “I’ve Returned After One Marriage” (working title).

The drama is about the turbulent divorce story of the Song family that ends in the discovery of romance and familial love. The Song family includes a frugal father, a cute but materialistic mother, and four adult children with their own quirks and family troubles. The Korean title of the drama, which literally translates to “I went there once and came back” is an often-used euphemism for divorce in Korea.

Previously, close friends Lee Min Jung and Oh Yoon Ah had been in talks to be in the drama, and now they are confirmed to play sisters. Oh Yoon Ah will be Song Ga Hee, a beautiful former flight attendant who returns home with her son after her divorce, while Lee Min Jung will play Song Na Hee, her highly intelligent and ambitious younger sister. A pediatrician who was always at the top of her class in school, Song Na Hee has a lot of love for herself but little affection and consideration for others.

Lee Sang Yeob, who had also been reviewing the offer to be in the drama, has accepted the role of Yoon Kyu Jin, Song Na Hee’s husband and a doctor of internal medicine at a pediatric hospital. He is described as good-looking, warm-hearted, and witty, and he is popular with both colleagues and patients because of his sense of humor. He also grew up in a well-to-do family, but there was once a major danger in his life.

Yoon Kyu Jin and Song Na Hee met when they were in medical school before dating and eventually getting married, and they are now working at the same hospital.

Oh Dae Hwan will take the role of Song Joon Sun, the eldest brother of Song Ga Hee and Song Na Hee. He is an “invincible stuntman” whose wife Sung Hyun Kyung (Im Jung Eun) divorced him due to his debt he acquired out of loyalty. He is a positive man with an irresistible charm but zero sense of reality.

Lee Cho Hee was picked for the role of Song Da Hee, the youngest sister of the Song family. Although she is a filial daughter, she is somewhat lacking in terms of physical strength, beauty, and brains compared to her older siblings. On the other hand, Im Jung Eun will transform into Sung Hyun Kyung, Song Joon Sun’s ex-wife. After the divorce, she is raising their children while working as a teacher of essay writing.

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January 16, 2020


"I've Been There Once" Chun Ho-jin, Cha Hwa-yeon, Lee Jung-eun and More Confirm Appearances


Source: Edaily via HanCinema.net




Actors Chun Ho-jin, Cha Hwa-yeon, Kim Bo-yun, Lee Jung-eun and Ahn Kil-kang are starring in "I've Been There Once".


The new KBS 2TV weekend drama "I've Been There Once" is a fun and heartwarming drama about the gap between parents and their offspring when it comes to divorce and finding their own true happiness.


Chun Ho-jin takes on the role of Song Yeong-dal, the father of the Song family who are in the center of the drama. Song Yeong-dal is a scrooge who runs a chicken restaurant and is the father of one son and three daughters. His wife, Jang Ok-boon, is played by Cha Hwa-yeon. She is always bickering with her husband, but deep down she understands him better than anyone.


Kim Bo-yun plays Choi Yoon-jeong, Song Yeong-dal and Jang Ok-boon's in-law and Ok-boon's high school friend. She used to be in a beauty pageant, and she's still beautiful and elegant, and runs a café.


Lee Jung-eun tackles the role of Cho-yeon, the owner of a kimbab restaurant nearby Song Yeong-dal. She used to run a bar, but switched businesses when she got tired of it.


Ahn Kil-kang is Song Yeong-dal's best friend and a butcher named Yang Chi-soo. He is the atmosphere maker of the area and adds to the fun of the drama.


"I've Been There Once" is written by Yang Hee-seung and directed by Lee Jae-sang.


Source: Soompi



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