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3 hours ago, heartslined said:

I respect that. I'm not surprised that they shut that possiblity down so as to not cause any rumours between them.


I gotta admit, a little part of me can't help but be disappointed that they weren't as flirty as Shin Hye Sun and Sung Hoon (for reference watch their Happy Together interview). They were another cute couple in another KBS family drama Five Enough that received a lot of love from the public


Oh well :)) hope to see them in more commercials and tv shows in the future

A few days after they filmed "Knowing Brothers", they went a SBS radio show and did a skit as their "Once Again" characters and they said they wanted to have three kids. The actors actually seem somewhat flirty in this video. 


Also, look at Lee Cho Hee's dance skills. I was very surprised. Very different from the shy Da Hee character. Look at Lee Sang Yi cheering her on in the background.


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Hello everyone! I finally saw the finale last night after a busy weekend.   OMG the ending of my first weekend family drama. It had its up and downs with Leech story line (wrapped up )

Whoa! We've got a real development between GJ and NH!!    What's funny is that I watched the interview of LMJ and LSY Friday. LSY said that GJ will be straightforward from now on...but given

Hard sub: GJ: It's been a long time since we walk together like this NH: That's right. If we walk together after we divorced, anyone who sees us will think that it's strange GJ: Na Hee-

I'm  suffering from Once Again withdrawals and decided to sub Lee Cho Hee and Lee Sang Yi's radio interview with Kim Young Chul.


Click English-United States CC for the subs.



Highlights include Cho Hee singing Hug Me by 10cm, DaJae couple cuteness and a reenactment of Jae Seok serenading Da Hee with Little Star. 


I will be translating their other radio show soon so stay tuned :)) 

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