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On 6/25/2020 at 3:36 PM, nttv said:

I wonder if anyone can give me the name of this actress. Her character in Once again is Yeon Hong. She just appeared last weekend episode. But I really like her and want to know her name. Her face is very familiar with me. WHich other dramas she is in?

Her name is Jo Mi Ryung. I was in Ojakyo Brothers drama. Her role was stepmother of Uee

I love lee sang yeob acting...and actually i always think that he is one of best looking actors. I always look forward for every his drama...

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Hello everyone! I finally saw the finale last night after a busy weekend.   OMG the ending of my first weekend family drama. It had its up and downs with Leech story line (wrapped up )

Whoa! We've got a real development between GJ and NH!!    What's funny is that I watched the interview of LMJ and LSY Friday. LSY said that GJ will be straightforward from now on...but given

There are a couple of Korean news reporting the missing screen time and narrative of GJ and NH because audience was flooding the TV naver page with complains and negative comments:  https://enter

undoubtedly LSY is such a good actor. 

we are all stressed out with empathising with his acting that many are taking it out with the writer. 


ohh but i love when he played with JS with that aegoo voice on their 'house date' with DH... 

soooo cuteeeee. 

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On 6/29/2020 at 12:33 AM, fluffyloaf said:

I find yesterday's episode to be such an interesting point in NH and GJ's relationship. The conversation about the balm GJ had once gifted to NH's mom. I think this scene gave us a clue as to why they had chosen each other in the first place. In the conversation, NH thanked GJ for being thoughtful to her parents meanwhile he attributed it back to them being thoughtful to him in the first place. And she then subtly says that she probably hasn't been a very thoughtful daughter in law (with GJ's words somehow bringing implication it was also due to his mom's lack of consideration/thoughtfulness for NH). Somehow I found this conversation to reveal a lot as some people would say that we often find partners resembling our parents. I think there was just this sense of familiarity that ties NH and GJ together and reveals a possibility of why she might not find herself to feel belonged to in her relationship with JR. JR is a good person but in comparison to GJ, JR feels perhaps a bit too perfect and polished unlike the clumsily imperfect but extra kind and warm people NH's siblings and parents are. GJ is just like that.


Aside from all the funny stuff DH and JS presented to us this week, I think seeing GJ sitting on JS' lap and teasing JS about what he wants to do with DH if he doesn't return home is by far my favourite scene from GJ. IT WAS SO FUNNY. I almost died from choking on my saliva while laughing. That was so unexpected from GJ HAHAHAHA. Please director, give us more of this side of GJ. He definitely has more humour and charm to him than what we have seen so far!!!

@fluffyloaf wow never thought of it that they actually resemble each other's parents!! Can see that after you said it..but while GJ and NH's parents get along well with their similar nice personalities, NH and GJ's mum cannot stand each other's prickly personalities x-x


Many have said here they expected NH to dodge the kiss, but i totally didn't expect it! I guess i bought into the plot/acting that they were getting along pretty well haha

lol yes the brother's bromance is really funny!! Their facial expressions also when their mum came over cos neither answered her calls and GJ was accusing JS with his eyes while JS was defending himself also with facial expression XD



On 6/29/2020 at 10:00 AM, cuplik said:

I was rewatching the older eps and wondering why GJ slept in the sofa/living room when he and NH were still living together but divorced. All his clothing were thrown about the living room. Why didn't he slept in the 2nd room (the old baby nursery room)? Was it too painful for him? Is that where JS is sleeping now because obviously he isn't sleeping in the sofa. I don't remember we were ever shown the room JS staying in (or at least the direction of it). JS is always in the sofa or in the bathroom or kitchen or in GJ's room.


@cuplik yes i was just thinking about rooms this weekend also, cos they only show the master bedroom and toilet, and living room and balcony! JS sleeps on the couch i think, as mentioned when he went to live there (beats me where all his clothes are lol). but yeah what happened to that baby room? it wasn't their master bedroom since they had those 'entering and seeing / not seeing baby stuff' scenes for GJ and NH. maybe it's like a forbidden room after the incident.


On 6/29/2020 at 11:45 AM, Nodame said:

Interesting Aunt came and apologized for cutting into Yang and CY thinking she wasn’t interested and the fried chicken peace offering. 


BY Nuna to GJ ticked me off getting rid of NH congee for him. But I am glad she directly said am I a burden to you? He definitely was dodging her and glad she made him say he was uncomfortable. 

GJ having his non communicative unhappiness when NH tried to eat with him (though she ate little with JR). 


@Nodame yes i was surprised that the aunt (who I have disliked all this while for various reasons) did that! i thought she went there to tell CY to keep their relationship a secret and not to try to get together with Yang butcher. But she actually went to give a peace offering, so that was cool


I also agree and am glad that BY decided to be upfront with GJ in the end, probably cos she was getting impatient and frustrated. Guess she got that way cos she did like him even back in their childhood. I don't agree with it, but can sympathize, so hard to let our loves go sometimes ='(


Non-communicative unhappiness is exactly the right phrase to describe him!! Both of them actually, especially when they were still staying together (and had screen time..). Their lack of communication frustrated me so much i joked to my sis that i wanted to break the screen when they were on lol.


On 6/30/2020 at 7:33 AM, cuplik said:

Who is that lady that borrowed money from kimbab lady? Her first appearance was when she borrowed money a few episode back, correct? Or did I miss her in earlier eps? Is she gonna play role in reuniting CY & YD? Or will she be the 3rd wheel in GH-HS relationship (maybe HS will be back to be delivery boy again now that drama is wrapped up, so he'll be in the market a lot often).


I was wondering what the addition of this lady was for, but like a few of you said, she hopefully advances the sibling plot (though it might seem the opposite way at first).


On 6/30/2020 at 12:29 PM, fluffyloaf said:

Just caught the latest episode with subs. Frustrated to see Joon Sun and HK unable to reunite :bawling: And Joon Sun looked so defeated when HK rejected him as he knew it was his fault. It's difficult as there is nothing he can do about it considering the director is threatening him like that. He should have called one of the stunt trios or his sister to come on set and help him care for his daughter though.


And anybody else thought JS was purposely conveying the information to both NH and BY to let them fight it out? Hahahaha his shifty eyes made it look as if he intended to do so. Pretty sure JS sees through both GJ and NH.


A real life problem indeed, i'm sure many working parents could relate to that scene where he had to choose work or family, and ended losing the latter ='( The Song family really should have a family group chat, he could have asked for help there. But i guess he blanked out on ideas other than calling (and failing to contact) his mum.


I also think JS was trying to hint to NH to go care for him! He looked like he replied BY cos he had no choice since she directly asked but it seems like his loyalty still lies with NH ultimately (though not sure how that would work out for his own relationship with DH).


22 hours ago, Nodame said:

GH is bright and smart and proving very observant. She can seem ditzy but she is not.


I agree! and she was observant with DH and her 'hanwoo guy' haha!


Btw anyone watched Lee Sang Yeob in this week's running man? It was a pity he didn't get much screen time TT

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Preview google translated text

Preview 57-58  Yeon-hong promises to stay with her for a few days, and Yeon-yeon gives permission. From that day on, Yeonhong has been struggling with the market.  Dahee is not easy to adjust to school. Let's make a friend of courage to cheer for Jaeseok.  Hyo-shin apologizes for being angry at Ga-hee, and Ga-hee makes one suggestion to Hyo-shin... What is Hyo-shin's choice?  Kyu-jin realizes his heart about Na-hee. Meanwhile, Bo-young tells Gyujin his last words before leaving the hospital...


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@dramaninja Thanks for the next episodes preview.


@Ruyi Foong OMG I know right? The sister /Aunt bugs me. I was proud she did give the fried chicken as peace offering and actually apologized for stepping in thinking CY did not like Butcher Yang. (Glad CY was sad but cool with it as they had not progressed that far for her to be so hurt given she has had a tough life and cannot easily trust people. It would have been cool to have her with Butcher Yang as he is her real oppa's BFF. Oh well.)  Her nonsense saying GH was wrong about CY and spouting suspicion about YD and egging the mom on did not help. Then leaving her at the hotel restaurant--what loyalty do you have for your own SISTER!  Spineless and full of pride---all about face. Butcher Yang was sweet to take the blame at the market for her to not be embarrassed by her "stomach/digestive" or whatever you want to call it that made them to NOT even perform at the dance contest. Her constant gossiping (and FINALLY closing her mouth after realizing she helped egg on YD and her sis misunderstandings with her WRONG assumptions.


Yeah I want to hit the computer screen too when GJ was acting all grumpy to NH when she came back to eat with him not knowing of the near Kiss (unsuccessful if he stayed).  Sigh. 


Seeing a playful GJ was nice from pouty, sick and unhappy GJ. The fact he sat on JS lap and teased the heck out of him having his date/gf at their place was funny. He was pretending NOT to know she was in the bathroom. (LOL).


Please writer nim, speed up CY and YD reunion.

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yes same, hope that CY and YD will reunite soon! i wonder how she will treat her newfound nephew and nieces and grandnephew and grandnieces! come to think of it, this makes her interactions with Seo Jin even more meaningful!! 


For Butcher Yang, actually I didn't expect him to be fickle-hearted, and he acknowledged it himself even, and added on that perhaps due to age, he preferred someone who liked him to someone whose heart seemed closed off to him. i guess that's understandable and he's a totally committed and sincere boyfriend despite the girlfriend being so needy, so i hope it's genuine! i admire how CY was really big-hearted about it when she realised what happened too. 


Throwback btw to JS saying him having a girlfriend is due to his hyung GJ (this is after JS gets beat up by mum), at first i was thinking is cos DH is NH's sister, but after that I think is cos GJ wore JS shirt present (his self-satisfied smile when he did was hilarious) and set in motion DH's realisation of her feelings xD i wonder what GJ will think of them, he has already said twice that the quiet ones surprise you haha (when DH got annulment, and when she was dead drunk).


also, the MG bank PPL in the show is pretty funny xD


EDIT: Look at what I found, 1h of his Little Star singing!! And a video on Lee Sang Yi i don't understand haha


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wanted to add video link without double-posting
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Some netizen comments on a selfie of Oh Yoon Ah, Lee Min Jung, and Lee Cho Hee


Oh Yoon Ah expresses her love for her drama sisters Lee Min Jung and Lee Cho Hee in recent selfies

Original Source (Herald POP via Nate): Oh Yoon Ah takes a photo with Lee Min Jung x Lee Cho Hee..."My pretty dongsaengs~ GaNaDa, I love you!"
t/n: The three of them play sisters on the drama 'Once Again' and their character names are: Ga Hee (Oh Yoon Ah), Na Hee (Lee Min Jung), and Da Hee (Lee Cho Hee). GaNaDa (가나다) is also the first three letters of the Korean alphabet.
1. [+797 / -34] Pretty kid next to a pretty kid next to a pretty kid
2. [+665 / -30] They're all quite~ pretty.
3. [+608 / -32] The three of them are all pretty!
4. [+56 / -16] I can't imagine how pretty Lee Min Jung is in real life
5. [+45 / -14] Wow... Oh Yoon Ah is overwhelmingly pretty... 
6. [+44 / -16] Lee Min Jung isn't Lee Min Jung for no reason, she's really pretty
7. [+43 / -5] Oh Yoon Ah's beauty ㄷㄷ
8. [+43 / -5] I feel like even Oh Yoon Ah's style in the drama is really pretty
9. [+35 / -4] The three of them are all quite pretty in different ways
credit: ddoboja (link)
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So is the directory trying to get her to go to NY? Yeah he is crazy.


갑작스런 규진의 질문에 당황하는 나희. 한편 정록은 나희에게 뉴욕 연수를 제안한다.
다희는 바빠지는 학교 생활 탓에 재석을 만나지 못하는 시간이 늘어가고, 재석은 드디어 지원이의 정체를 알게 되는데!
준선은 현경이의 단호한 부탁에 어쩔 수 없이 서영이를 밀어낸다.
초연은 자신의 생일을 맞이하여 시장식구들을 초대해 소박한 잔치를 하기로 한다.
비록 공모에는 탈락했지만 더 좋은 조건의 제안을 받게 된 가희. 과연 가희의 선택은?
Na-hee is embarrassed by the sudden question of Gyu-jin. Meanwhile, Jung-rok offers Na-hee a training in New York. Dahee's busy school life increases the time she can't meet Jaeseok, and Jaeseok finally discovers the identity of Jiwon Lee! Jun-sun inevitably pushes Seo-young out of Hyun-kyung's resolute request. On the occasion of his birthday, Cho-in invites the mayor's family members to a simple feast. Although he was eliminated from the competition, Ga-hee was offered a better offer. What is Gahee's choice?
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Ga hee and hyo shin are so adorable...they're the reason why I continue to watch this drama....sadon couple has become a bit bland for me now that they are in a relationship...lee min Jung and lee sang yeon have amazing chemistry!!! Want more ga hee hyo shin interactions 

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@dramaninja @JumeeTya @lampard7 For all today’s info and updates holiday here in USA.


I Just watched the above clips 


- DH being alone and finding it  hard to make friends & course load is hard. JD being sweet taking her to dinner saying cause she is older to be brave and make the first move. Once others know you , you will be fine. She took his advice and decided to invite two classmates for lunch and coffee- her treat. They were admiring her and going to school and mentioned her youthful looks. JS sweetly wanted to cheer her up and brought lunch to eat. Seeing her situation, generously gave lunch up and lied he had to go back to work. Laughed how told the gal who sat at his table that he had a girlfriend. But then  her BF came over & JS sheepishly said have a good day lol


-DH running away when JS looked like he wanted to kiss her-why? Not like he is your first BF (new to family weekend dramas ) I want a kiss too not only pecks on the cheek


- GH having work contest & her recruiting a reluctant HS as a fit model. When he came without telling her was a nice surprise. ( her mean boss said when pigs fly you always leave in time - hello she has a son.) GH was so happy 


- The moment straightening his collar that look of awareness of seeing him as a man and not cute good looking dongseng . GH teaching HS to pose is priceless for the pics 


- BY redeemed herself giving NH note with juk to GJ, happy to see him and have her heart flutter. At least said to him it seems NH still cares for you too. ( ok not entirely evil)


- GJ finally going to talk to NH saying now , JR saying we gave a rsvp can it wait til tomorrow . Then you have both men holding her and she is caught in the middle 


-DH got a raise at work and enjoying school a bit better now with friends 


@donutLover Thanks for the TMI on the actor as JS. I couldn’t get all the korean but jist.


Going on how he likes to be playful crack jokes, did dance cover of Rain’s song and it went viral, he did dance cover of Lalaland. Went talked other drama roles that were of opposite end acting spectrum & how he is a talented musical theater actor. It was a great video to learn more about the actor. Loved it & sorry I don’t have strong Korean skills to translate it. :transforms:

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I am just watching the scenes in KBS Drama channel from YouTube without translations but seriously I am overwhelmed by this week's scenes of the both of them. HS is being rather cheeky to keep her guessing if he would turn up and then playfully joked about him leaving. It's adorable that he is coming out of his shy shell and being a bit playful. It feels to me that GH had already developed some feelings prior to the latest episode because she seems to make opportunities to hang out with him on their own (previously to exchange a shirt for him and how this)!


But I am so glad we are seeing her more obviously fluttered while she caught herself staring at him for a bit too long. I think she can no longer stop being in denial. I think she can definitely catch that he feels something too with that unwavering stare of his at her. AHHHHHHHH. And all those playfulness during their little photoshoot. I need more. I am going to rape the repeat button all week long. This couple absolutely melts me.


And I am also falling so hard for Lee Sang Yeob as Gyu Jin. He's such a puppy sometimes with those eyes of his. I hope some GH common sense gets knocked into NH soon since GJ coming over to her house late a night drunk obviously says something. But she seemed totally oblivious to GJ's feelings. Nonetheless I am glad something we are close to a tipping point for GJ. I think he won't be able to hold back how he feels soon with just how overwhelming his feelings are at the moment. Though he says that her happiness is more important than his right now, I hope he realises that her happiness is for her to decide and opening up about his own feelings won't jeopardise that happiness but only gives her a more informed choice and gives him a fair conclusion. It's heartbreaking to watch Lee Sang Yeob's vivid portrayal of all these mixed emotions felt by GJ.

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@fluffyloaf I cannot wait to watch this episode 


Yes on GH and HS as initially uncertain but they are writing them well. Yeah her giving the shirt with first paycheck and him hating the color refusing it. Yeah she was right oppa would be jelly as he got nada.


Yes HS looked amazing in everything, yeah that was some charged look from HS to GH. Great acting by the actress from GH perspective.


Guess HS got over her answering his phone 


LSY not seen him a lot but his big puppy eyes. Yes I am glad he is finally leaving pouty woe is me territory!


Found this gem of the actor LSY singing online - more of JS singing!


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Gosh hope moocher lady doesn't stick around too long. I get she'll probably the cause for the birth secret to finally be reveal but dang man she's so annoying.


Ah man I was grinning like the Cheshire cat at GY finally having some gumption. You go lad! 

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