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[Drama 2019-2020] Psychopath Diary, 싸이코패스 다이어리


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This article sheds light on where the writer wants to take the drama.  It’s risky... moving from familiar territory (heavy thriller) to unexplored waters (comedy thriller).   :sweatingbullets:  If you want to put the message out there, shock is a better delivery method I would’ve thought?  Comedy... may not deliver.  We’ll have to wait and see.


cr https://www.soompi.com/article/1363110wpp/yoon-shi-yoon-and-psychopath-diary-writer-reveal-more-about-the-drama-and-actors



Ahead of the premiere of tvN’s “Psychopath Diary,” writer Ryu Yong Jae (“Liar Game,” “Pied Piper“) expressed his utmost faith the in drama’s cast: Yoon Shi Yoon, Jung In Sun, and Park Sung Hoon.


The drama is a comedy thriller about a man named Yook Dong Shik (played by Yoon Shi Yoon), a timid pushover who happens to witness a murder. While attempting to flee the scene, he suffers an accident that causes him to lose his memory. When he wakes up and discovers the murderer’s diary — which describes his crimes in detail — in his hands, Yook Dong Shik becomes convinced that he is a psychopathic serial killer.

Talking about how the idea for the drama came to be, Ryu Yong Jae said, “During a brainstorming meeting, the idea of a psychopathic serial killer with amnesia came up. At first, we talked about it as a heavy thriller, but then we thought it would be fun if everything were a misunderstanding. We started with a thematic question “In order to survive in a world where psychopath-like people succeed, do you need to become a monster yourself?”


The writer also revealed his thoughts on the cast, saying, “Yoon Shi Yoon is so nice and can seem naive, but inwardly, he’s very firm. It’s great seeing him thinking and deliberating about his acting with more passion than anyone. He’s the perfect actor to portray the fragile pushover Dong Shik who mistakes himself as a psychopath and turns sharp.”


Ryu Yong Jae gave a tip for how viewers can fully understand and enjoy Jung In Sun’s character, a neighborhood cop with strong investigative drive. He said, “The drama has scenes that reference the film ‘Memories of Murder,’ and if you watch knowing the background of Jung In Sun, who appears in the final scene of [‘Memories of Murder’] as a child actress, the drama will be more fun.”


On actor Park Sung Hoon, who plays a “100 percent pure psychopath” in the drama, Ryu Yong Jae said, “Park Sung Hoon is constantly thinking and researching his character Seo In Woo, a different kind of psychopath. I’m looking forward to how his efforts will come through in the drama.”

“In the drama, the psychopath writes the diary with his left hand, so people won’t easily recognize [the handwriting]. For a right-handed person to write left-handed isn’t easy, but Park Sung Hoon, after a lot of practice, wrote the diary in the drama from beginning to end in handwriting that befits his character.”


Yoon Shi Yoon also spoke about playing his character Yoon Dong Shik in an interview.

He said, “Yook Dong Shik almost seems like a fantastical character, but he’s a character that shows a desire for bravery and escape from everyday life that everyone experiences.”

When asked if he’s at all similar to his character, Yoon Shi Yoon said, “People who know me told me not to worry at all about playing this character, saying that it’s alarming how similar I am to the awkward and timid Yook Dong Shik. The director and writer of the drama also said to me, ‘We hope you show a lot of your real self in the character.’ It’s probably a compliment, right?”

The actor revealed that what he most enjoys about the character is that it’s almost like a double role. “It’s been really fun playing the Yook Dong Shik that’s a lot like me and the psychopath Yook Dong Shik, who’s just and punishes bad guys. Saying ‘a just psychopath’ seems slightly wrong, but you’ll see why when you watch the drama.”


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@nrllee I know right. PSH was scary pyschopath in his previous drama Justice.. which  was a dark moral thriller. Now for this upcoming drama, to make a comedy genre of story of psychopatic thrill seeker killer is no-no. When you're a pyschopath it means there's mental instability. It's not something writer should do scenes in light manner for comedy thriller sake. I'm no purist when it comes to drama but I want to watch something that make sense and with good writing and acting. But as you said, we'll see  how this goes.

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I'm loving this drama. There are Dong Shik's scene which reminds me of Hyun Jae from "The Best Hit". Like the accident scene, amnesia and the FL stepping on his hand. LOL.


It's kinda new and has a creative storyline. I'm psyched to find out what'll happen tonight. 

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I was terrified that they would go over the top slapstick but it’s surprisingly even.  I like the elements of make believe.  The imaginary detective dad.  The voiceovers.  And the creepiness of Park SungHoon.  The flick of the switch from DongSik the pushover to DongSik the potential murderer.  It has potential.  A promising start.  Ratings have suffered because it’s finale week for 2 popular dramas.  Hopefully it will pick up next week.


I forgot about the HyunJae incident till you mentioned it @nikki7.  Nice catch :lol:

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