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[Drama 2019-2020] Civil War of Prosecutors, 검사내전


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12 hours ago, sadiesmith said:

Soompi translated the first teaser for us, although I find it a bit confusing. They call the show "War of Prosecutors." So many different variations on the title. 


Haha, yes... So many English translation of the title, we don't know which one is the official one...


12 hours ago, sadiesmith said:

He replies, “The cases here are directly connected to someone’s life,” to which she responds, “What would a precious son who was raised without hardship know about survival?”


I wonder about this part...

Who is this "precious son"? Is it Lee Sun Woong or someone involved in a case?


Ugh, can't wait for December 16


Maybe it's a bit out of the topic, but do you guys notice that this year's year end awards shows are not as many as last year?

Sometimes new shows use these awards shows to promote their content. So, I was kind of hoping LSK and JRW make an appearance to promote this drama. But turn out, there aren't many award shows...

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Teaser 2!


JTBC’s upcoming drama “War of Prosecutors” has released a witty new teaser ahead of its premiere!

“War of Prosecutors” will tell the story of the ordinary, daily lives of prosecutors. It stars Lee Sun Gyun as Lee Sun Woong, who works at the Public Prosecutors’ Office in his local district, and Jung Ryeo Won as elite prosecutor Cha Myung Joo, who was climbing the ladder of success at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office before being transferred to a branch office.

The teaser begins with the words, “We’re not sure if our timing is good or bad. With all of the focus on prosecutors these days, you may be wondering why we’re talking about prosecutors, but we’d like to cautiously share our story.” Along with the words are clips of protests that have been taking place in Korea calling for the country’s prosecution to undergo reforms.

They then go on to say, “The Jin Young Local Prosecutors’ Office’s 2nd Division is not the 1 percent. They’re not flashy or cool, and they fumble with their work,” with snippets of the upcoming drama. The final lines are, “Prosecutors who stand on the same side as the citizens, we’d like to make that happen.”

“War of Prosecutors” premieres on December 16 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki! 



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ohhhh I really like the fun vibes of the second teaser.  Glad to see LSK playing a fun role!  Love both leads.  JRW is a force as prosecutor in her last drama.


Writer PD duo’s Age of Youth is my sentimental favorites.  I think this drama is in good hands.

Will check it out when it airs.


Good luck to the drama.

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Jung Ryeo Won Transforms Into A Fierce Prosecutor For “War Of Prosecutors”

Nov 16, 2019
by S. Park

The first stills of Jung Ryeo Won in “War of Prosecutors” have arrived!

Based on a bestselling book of the same name, this upcoming JTBC series will explore the ordinary, daily life of prosecutors. Jung Ryeo Won portrays Cha Myung Joo, a prosecutor who is skilled, passionate about her work, and has a strong sense of responsibility.


She was top of her class during her four years in college, passed the bar with top scores, and also graduated from the training institute at the top of her class. Cha Myung Joo has remained in Seoul for 11 years of her career in prosecution, where the location of one’s workplace reflects one’s skills.

After a single mistake, however, Cha Myung Joo’s life takes a turn and she gets assigned to a branch office in the countryside town of Jinyoung.


In the stills, Jung Ryeo Won is dressed in a suit with her hair tied back and stands on a platform. She looks straight ahead and her confident attitude shines through. Another still shows her arriving at the office in Jinyoung while holding a box of documents. Will Cha Myung Joo be able to adapt to life in the countryside?


A source from the drama said, “I look forward to seeing Jung Ryeo Won, who expresses any character with her own charms and wide acting spectrum, winning over the hearts of viewers once again as Cha Myung Joo in ‘War of Prosecutors.’ Please look forward to Myung Joo’s fun, tough adjustment to Jinyoung.”


“War of Prosecutors” premieres on December 16 at 9:30 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki!

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From Dramabeans:



Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Seon-kyun take a stand in new teaser for Diary of a Prosecutor

by tccolb




New stills and a video teaser have been released for JTBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Diary of a Prosecutor featuring Jung Ryeo-won (Greasy Melo) and Lee Seon-kyun (My Ajusshi) as well as supporting cast.

The story is a slice-of-life take on regular, everyday prosecutors who work at a regional branch office outside and far removed from the more glamorous capital offices in Seoul.


Among them, though, is newcomer Cha Myung-joo (played by Jung Ryeo-won). Passionate, responsible, and highly capable at her job, she graduated college at the top of her class, received top marks on her judicial bar exam, and excelled during her articling period as well. Owing to this, her career was well paved during the 11 years she worked in Seoul. However, one unfortunate mishap leads to a relocation to the outer provinces which causes changes in both her job as well as her life.


The newly released teaser includes Lee Seon-kyun as well as the other members of the regional prosecution office: Lee Sung-jae (Abyss), Kim Kwang-kyu (Trap), Lee Sang-hee (One Spring Night), Jeon Sung-woo (Designated Survivor: 60 Days), and Ahn Chang-hwan (Fiery Priest) among others.



The video starts with a logo screen showing “Jang-won District Prosecutor’s Office / Government Branch Office” before transitioning to clips of several large-scale protests in Korea. In the background, we hear the voices of different newscasters reporting on news about the protests. A caption appears on the screen: “We’re not sure if the timing is good or bad.” We switch to a sequence of shots showing a prosecution office flag, staff walking in a hallway, and a blurred out prosecutor working, all with the same caption laid over the screen: “When the world’s focus is on this very place right now.” The screen cuts to black and text appears, “You might wonder why, of all things, is it a story about prosecutors, but we are hoping to tell our story carefully.”


Cut to Lee Seon-kyun, Ahn Chang-hwan, and Kim Kwang-kyu watching Jung Ryeo-won on a TV news report with the caption: “The second team police detectives at the regional branch office are not part of society’s 1%.” A sequence of shots introduces the other members of the regional office with text explaining: “Police Team Two at the regional branch office are not glamorous.” We see the team in a panic, running, and one person carrying someone; the text continues: “The second team police detectives are not cool.” And, at night, the team gathers for drinks with the caption: “Police Team Two detectives are devoted to their work.” It cuts to a fight at the office and the teaser ends with a shot of the team holding out their badges as the text declares: “Our goal is to be prosecutors who stand with the people.”


Written by Lee Hyun and Seo Ja-yeon, and directed by PD Lee Tae-gon (Age of Youth), JTBC drama Diary of a Prosecutor is currently set to premiere next month on December 16.

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