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SYJ speaks her mind through her projects

Politic issues: The Truth Beneath

Metoo: SomeThing In The Rain

Child sexual abuse: White Night

Women Equal Rights: My Wife Got Married



Don’t forget A Moment to Remember was about Alzheimer and Cloy was also somewhat political because it touches on the issue of NK & SK re-unification. 


I like to see SYJ and HB together again in movies  about:

- disability: husband has an accident and becomes disabled. The movie can show how the family cope, issue of discrimination, accessibility, rehabilitation etc 

-adoption: married couple who can’t conceive and decide to adopt. Adoption is still a bit of a taboo in SK. 


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BinJin Timeline: (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember’ VIP Pre

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

24 minutes ago, rosy said:

 HB touched YJ's hands, paused and holdt there, then YJ moved her hands away from his.


HB touching YJ's hands and YJ moving her hand away is exactly how i would react to my bf holding my hand in public, I will move it away because I m shy, I know people are watching and we could be caught! 


This is a receipt!!!   



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I've been trying to watch The Truth Beneath and White Night but haven't found any working links. If anyone would be so kind as to help me out, it will be much appreciated!

Not sure if this is against the rules but if it is please let me know and I will delete ASAP, thank you!

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40 minutes ago, hallyu said:

Jenny House's shampoo is out of stock. That's super fast!


Brands are doing well with the association. Her CF is very cute, with the Ah Ahaa comment in the CF and it makes me want to try the brand too. I wish they start selling Jenny House in India  too. 


I read on the wiki page of CLOy that the BBQ Chicken restaurant brand that they show in CLOY  gained massive sales during CLOY because of the popularity.


Here's wishing more brands notice them. More power to the couple.


BTW, off-topic but Korean skincare is a rage and it really works and is good for the skin. I need more products from Korea in India.

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5 hours ago, anony-mouse said:
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The number of times HB has said that he would get married only with his parents approval. Given the ex’s history and what I understand of Korean society- I am not sure if the parental approval will be forthcoming that easily. I can’t believe I managed to post this in the other thread (really I wasn’t trolling). :astonished:


Also, they need to stop with the dissecting of BTS from 10 years ago. That just reeks of desperation. 


This is funny. I mean, the fact that you posted that in other forum. We call that patol.com (this is a joke) here in the Philippines. I do not reply to them when they bash me for no reasons on IG. They probably see my posts with #SonYeJin #HyunBin and #Binjin tags and hating me for loving BINJIN. Plus, the actress  (or more likely her PR team) they support subtly fuels their imagination to create buzz, I believe, judging from their press releases/ posts that use black hat SEO techniques so they are visible to BINJIn fans, and intended to fuel social media discussions like what we are doing now haha. Hence, we can't really blame her fans. Anyway, let's just wait a bit... soon BINJIN will tell the world the confirmation we have been waiting to hear. Okay, back to shipping. 

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13 hours ago, ooxxoo said:

As you want to compare their power.

Here you go!


Hey @ooxxoo!  My comment was never about comparing their power.


Just back-read the pages, and I realized my innocent observation and curiosity on how a beautiful drama such as CLOY was conceptualized turned this forum into another debate zone. 

Sorry if anyone's feelings got hurt. 


To make myself clear, i  understand that most times producers and directors select their casts based on who is actually suited for the role and the drama/film, rather than just looking at Power lists and going for the most sought after actor or actress. 


Also it depends on how much interest the actor or actress has in trying out the role, whether it is something drastically different from their image, or suited to their image or helps their careers in terms of showcasing their acting prowess/ in increasing their popularity/ money . Ultimately, they are like us,  working on their careers and they will work on something based on whatever is best suited to them.


I am well aware of SYJ's and HB's  power and calibre individually and together.  SYJ definitely doesn't need any recommendation from HB. She is already established as the Nation's First love and Melo Queen. He might ( and i use the word ''might') have suggested her name as he was interested in working with her in a rom-com. Or maybe  because there was a buzz already about them the Director, Producers thought that their pairing will be the best for the success of the drama.   

It is all a speculation. We don't know what really happened. 


Also, regarding speculations that SYJ rejected One spring night for CLOY, she could have just needed the break then and was looking to try out a different role which gives her a fresh image. It is not necessary that she avoided it only for CLOY. Se-ri's role is a unique one where she is playing a smart business savvy chaebol and a Fashion icon. She's never played such a role before, and it has definitely helped in boosting that image of her. I saw instagram posts where fashion influencers in Philippines are wearing outfits/ sunglasses similar to hers & saying Se-ri Look today. 





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8 hours ago, yejinatic1981 said:

As far as I know, HB contacted the writer to write a rom-com/melodrama scenario which would star him and YeJin. He expressed wanting to work with her again so many times before CLOY. I'm sure the two both talked to the writer together. Of course, they were not going to admit it during the presscon (part of their plan to avoid any dating scandal/ not affect the show).

Absolutely right! There is so much proof of this. The CLOY characters seemed to be so close to the real HB & SYJ personalities. Even the dating denial and the grocery store they went to (even if it was not the right grocery store, they put in the one fans speculated at the time) were put in the script. Lastly, CLOY highlighted the many times HB & SYJ met and never got to know each other throught the scenes in Switzerland  where the lead characters met many times as well. Furthermore, the likelihood they would be offered a good project  within months of expressing their desire to work is really small.  We would have to accept many coincidences to believe this project came to them at the right time. They definitely made it happen. This tells me that their love was so passionate and they wanted to get married as soon as possible,  so knowing this would prevent them from working together,  they decided to make it happen before they got married.

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This drama was written for years . So it wasn’t HB who requested the drama . They were both for days in negotiations to be in it . First they said HB was the first being in discussions starring at it , which was debunked in press conference partially. Either way they were both officially the only ones who were offered the drama, no who nominated who for the role it’s just something we don’t know . Maybe the writers themselves saw the insane chemistry and offered them both straight way. I mean we discussed it in the past , they were offered a drama way too early after the rumours came out and they both accepted it . They really wanted to work together . 


HB is literally the most mannered guy , even if he touching her arm it’s like the most behaved skin ship I have seen . I mean I’m surprised you all picked it up now ? I mean we discussed it before how he used full on manner hands in the reunion scene in Swiss . So that’s funny to me . 

For me they are a total power couple . Respectfully they both have been in different genres but they were king and queen of box office so what comparison is there really? What matters is for them to be compatible , have common interests , love and sincerity between them. Everything else is just snow ❄️ 


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Just my two cents on this as I used to be from media line though not korea. Usually a story is written then the director is found . The writer and director will then look for suitable actors for the roles. So in normal Instance only 1 actor or actress is usually the one that they have in mind. The second main lead might be recommanded or looked for after that. But regardless the director and writer has to agree that it's a suitable fit for the role . So it really doesn't matter who got the role first. Regardless ,they made the best decision to cast both of them . 

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