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14 minutes ago, RiRiGaGa said:

Throwback Thursday (It's still Thursday in the States y'all ;) ) 


One of my favorite BTS of them playing some game during TN promo. Being in their own little blissful bubble, as per usual. 


Note how CLOSE Binssi's hands are next to close friend's thigh. I mean you really gotta excuse him, guys. 


1) The bench was far too small for the both of them to sit at an appropriate distance apart. 

2) Binnie suffers from a breathing condition called Yejinsma, it's sorta like asthma, but when he sits too far apart from close friends named Ye Jin, he can't breathe his own air. So he's gotta sit closer to her so they can breathe in the same air and maintain his O2 levels. It's a rare but fatal condition. It's a survival method, really. Can't blame the guy for trying to keep breathing and living. Close friend's his air supply. 

3) Sometimes, Ahjusshi's manner hands just get tired and slip, ok? It happens! :vicx:


4) *Ahem*..Idk about these two..But, the last time a "close friend" of mine had his hands THAT close to my thigh during our 2nd date, he became my husband (not like on that 2nd date, I'm a classy girl, lol, years down the line) :joy: Just sayin'. :phew:



OMO!! Good observation!! Saw this video so many times and didn't notice the hand proximity. :D  And YJ was like.....so comfy with him that she didn't even notice it. 

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WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

@RiRiGaGa :lol: I always noticed how close they were then. It made me want more footage of them playing lol. Like there is no personal space between them too as you mentioned his hand at the beginning lol. Plus when he most likely learned how she is at playing games unless they already played some games before then. At her house where she has a stack of games collection :lol:


Also I noticed the m store ad of them together is gone as I was browsing the website earlier. I wonder when it was removed. I hope it wasn't after people were making fan art out of it.. with the m part

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2 minutes ago, Intuition1 said:

. And I agree with you that Jin's liking of the Binjin photos is a a way to prepare fans for official announcement, but do not understand why you think it should not be spread.

Thanks for the insights. I am skeptical if the spreading is good or bad for them. I did read in the previous pages that there are some aspect of lazy journalism where the media partake the info seen on social media postings and make scandalous reports out of it. For china cp fans, they are keeping it very tongue tied about the incident to prevent anti fans ( they got alot of those) from stirring up a fan war. 


Having said that, what I see is that this incident is not virally spread in korea and so far media reports are quite factual. It may also be of yj intent to get more public attention in this matter to convey 'her message' across. My two cents. Cheers

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2 hours ago, TotoroSY said:

The bench was far too small for the both of them to sit at an appropriate distance apart. 



Cannot stop laughing over this as I look at the pic of them playing.

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@Riri forever I can't be certain. I'm assuming Jordan next month and done by August/Sept. Since Hwang Jung Min has a TV show to film, apparently it premieres in Nov unless premiere date has changed 



 I look at shoots of theirs too much now that the SYJ one threw me off for a second lol 







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1 hour ago, Riri forever said:

From reel to real, the 6 months will fall sometime in Aug-Sept. ( Sept 2018 is the heart selca IG post). But I was wondering as well, anyone has an idea when Binnie is going to finish filming Bargaining( this had a really great effect with their timeline I suppose)? That would have some effect as well specially if travel to Jordan is still in his itenerary. If Binnie will wrap up around August this year, I just have this gut feel that it will be September this year or latest the last quarter of 2020. Of course this will remain a delulu as well. Happy sailing everyone.


Good point :p

Now everything seems to fall on Sept. 

The anniversary of TN Promo (where it started), 6 month condolence period and his birthday.


Fingers crossed :)

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6 minutes ago, Binjin2Ri said:

Idk why, but the way HB was trying to get close to SYJ for the photoshoot made me feel so touched. It reminds me of when RJH said to YSR, “if you stay within my sight, I’ll keep you safe.” He’s a real life RJH! :cry: He loves his woman so much and will do anything to protect her!




I completely agree, I wrote earlier too, strong RI Jeong Hyeok vibe there in that photo/video and of all the BAA video footages/photos this is my favourite too. You can totally *see* in his eyes that he wanted to be next to her. I analysed it enough to make sure it was not just in my head. He definitely tried his best and failed and was disappointed 

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