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12 minutes ago, Jhari♥자리 said:



Now that the BAA are over, here we are again as investigators :D


Ok, so I found this a bit intriguing so I decided to share here. And I wish to see your input @ElectricHearts since you're my bet in givng dates. Help me out - clear my delulu mind hahahaha!


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It's the file name of the mp3 song that RJH recorded for YSR playing the piano in ep14.



Oh lol. I didn't pay attention to this date. :joy: I will go watch those scenes again

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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

Out of all the Binjin crumbs i have seen  so far from Baeksang, this by far is my favorite.


A photographer friend once told me that the way to know if someone in the photo/video is genuinely happy is through his eyes. Smiles and smirks can be faked but eyes never lie.


Look at both of their eyes. They have for sure decided to put on a "cold or neutral facade" because they do not want to attract more attention to themselves ( because they are hiding something... something so precious that must be protected from the public) but in these very few seconds they let their guard down. Yes she smiled. And he smirked. More importantly, their eyes sparkled.   

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On January 9th, an online community claimed Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating by traveling together to United States and eating at a restaurant with Son Ye Jin's parents.


Episode 10 when YSR looks at her phone the date says January 7.

Although it isn't clear how many days went by since RJH comes to see her at the end of the episode 


@Jhari♥자리 as for 162623, does that mean the actual days are Jan 16 - groceries/golfing?, Jan 23 - he flew back and the official time she arrived back in SK is Jan 26? Like is the show trying to blow my mind even more :joy: hey it was fun before when I did that cloy timeline with binjin but now it is going to far with these other potential "easter eggs" ^_^



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1 hour ago, lovelyz said:

Then who was he smiling and laughing at during this moment?The Wall?A ghost?

You just made a new acc,I’m still not sure whether you’re another troll or you just didn’t backtrack and read the previous pages yet...

But if you’re really a shipper,i think it’s better if you take a break from this ship...it’s better for BinJin too so they will have less people judging their relationship and getting into their business constantly.


And stop comparing BinJin with other couples.Just because a certain couple used to flaunt their relationship doesn’t mean BinJin have to do the exact same thing.Look what it does when you flaunt too much...the relationship doesn’t belong to just two people but the public too...and what does it resulted?Pressure and excessive attention that causes a couple to split up.I’m proud of BinJin for being professional and being protective of their relationship.

@lovelyzyou go girl!  Let us defend this ship from any negative energy!

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53 minutes ago, ElectricHearts said:

He looked at her twice. She looked at him once. And he said "we"


"Close friends" can't social distance and technically don't really need to :P 

But they are at an event after all.  Got to be professional

We could see clearly he's trying so hard not to smile brightly after look at her like he did before. 


Well, take a close look at his face. 'Don't smile. Hold yourself' :D

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13 minutes ago, CLOYALLL said:

More importantly, their eyes sparkled.   

Indeed!! Even in the distance, even though it was fast showed... we can see the sparks flying!!


Happy ship everyone! 

Sorry for my repeat mode with the following: LET’S BE PATIENT, LET’S IGNORE TROLLERS (and jealous spies from other ships LOL), and important... LET’S SHIP RESPONSIBLY.

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11 hours ago, Sun-shine said:

Sorry with my bad English.


Why it feels this threadh became Yejin threadh?

1 or 2 post its ok, but if continues like this, its uncomfortble to follow.


She is very humble, and didnt like to brag herself.


 If you feel uncomfortable, please read other threads.. the door is open, this thread did not become Ye Jin's thread, I dont see you complaining about HB's CF shared here before. LOL

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6 hours ago, BinjinUK said:

I agree with what everyone said about being responsible shippers. We need to respect their privacy whether they’re in a relationship or not. For those that are bombarding SYJ and her close friend‘s/ stylist’s Instagram posts with HB related comments, please stop, it’s actually quite embarrassing.

Wow. People actually do that? :anguished:

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6 minutes ago, wolfie26 said:

They are two professionals with long career , they made it obvious already they want to continue being private.


7 minutes ago, wolfie26 said:

Girl has been private 20 years , she wants someone to say it in private , not in some random super professional event and jeopardize  their career and life .


11 minutes ago, wolfie26 said:

Dont feed the trolls , respect the privacy of the people you claim to support and love .

I second you on this.


:)Let’s just ship responsibly, respecting them. They are excellent professionals and humans being trying to protect their privacy. 

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7 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:


Yup I have mentioned it before lol. We guess they probably had a crush on each other for a while (fanboy, fangirl crush who knows LOL) Like how can HB watch A Moment To Remember (as well as attend the premiere) and not have a crush on her  lol. Plus you can see she definitely noticed his good looks at PIFAN from the way she glance at him. He was too shy to actually make a conversation which is probably why they only said hi. Regardless, they are both fans of each other. I think that is also why during TN promotional period, he felt more comfortable to call her Actress Son and he knows how good she is as an actress which is why he says to watch TN for SYJ instead of to watch for him or for both of them :wub:

Don’t they have mutual close friends? I read somewhere that they do. So perhaps they had attended parties together, just didn’t work together until TN.  So they are not total strangers.

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Honestly all these negative shippers might be a blessing as long as they jump ship sooner than later. It puts less pressure on Binjin and we don’t need the dead weight B)

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13 hours ago, From a distance said:

HB was being true to himself and has shown who he is and the kind of relationship he has with SJY by unmasking his real feelings. On the other hand, he looked pre-occupied and could probably be struggling with personal issues or could be having some tough times. In their past interviews, they claimed to be "close friends". But even casual friends would look at each other's eyes and smile. Close friends do talk. Even Jung Hae In went to SJY and had a conversation with her because they are friends. Real friends talk. How much more if they labeled  themselves as "close friends'?


And I agree, social distancing has nothing to do with the facial expressions HB displayed. It just breaks my heart looking at SJY smiling at HB and HB not reciprocating her smile. Oh well, maybe he did a few times (he probably couldn't help it no matter how much he tried to avoid looking at her) but it looked like he was almost ignoring her at most times. Here are my "over-analyzation" about the "cold treatment" of HB towards SJY:

1. Their relationship levelled up to being just more than friends and broke up. HB's actions is saying he still has feelings for her and wouldn't act that cold if he doesn't. And because this event was important to both of them, they had to be there no matter how awkward it would get.( Crazy idea? Hmmm.. probably! So sad if this was the case).

 2. They are still in relationship but they are currently having relationship issues and HB just couldn't hide it. You can see a huge difference on how HB used to look at SJY if you saw the previous videos of them together in public where he was more shy, gentle, caring, and warm towards  SJY. During the awards night, he looked like he was intentionally ignoring her.He looked a bit sad, very stiff and awkward. Obviously, "something" is really going on between the two of them and you can only see this kind of scenarios (such as HB acting cold with SJY) to people with "more than friends" kind of relationship.

 3. HB was simply done with promotions, therefore, acting off-cam is just probably not his cup of tea.Just saying.( Hope not! This remains to be seen if their path ever crosses again).


So sad that my favourite couple who looked so powerful and perfect when they are together didn't show the chemistry that they used to have in that one most awaited event.They are for sure great in acting on-screen.I only started becoming a fan after I watched CLOY- the first Korean Drama that I watched and although I tried to watched other K-dramas, none of the current or even previous shows could match the chemistry and the level of  acting that they left in the show so I could not move on and would probably watch the drama for the 3rd time anytime soon while it's still on Netflix.They both definitely deserved to win the Best Actor/Best Actress Awards and the drama itself, the director, and the writer, and the whole team deserved a recognition.Hoping SJY will find her true love! She deserves someone who is not afraid to tell that world the he loves her!


Hello, not to sound rude or anything :) The fact that CLOY is the first K-drama you watched and the one that introduced you to K-ent means that you do not know yet how the industry works. Koreans value professionalism so much that any act that isn't in line with it is considered disrespectful. Even married couples don't display affection in front of the media. Take Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, for example. They've been married for quite a long time now and they also have a child, but when they attended their friend's wedding (Ye Jin also went, too), they did not act lovey dovey at all. There was no clinging of arms and whatnot. They just posed for a picture and directly went inside the venue without holding hands even.


In the same way, BinJin were also being professional. They've been caught up in 3 dating rumors; they would not want to make headlines anew with their actions during BAA that could overshadow the entire event, the winners, and even the current situation that is COVID-19.


You see, K-Ent is VERY DIFFERENT from your country's show business. You have to primarily know how it works, so that you don't overanalyze things. As a long-time K-drama and K-Pop fan, I was not surprised with their actions, because IT IS VERY COMMON to be like that. I've seen a lot of artists (including SSC) acting that way. So yeah, here you go :)


ps. I think that they are in a serious relationship right now. Based on their previous interviews, both expressed how they want to settle down already. At their age (38 and 37), I think they're really considering marriage and family. (SJK hinted this too even way before their engagement news)


pps. I used SSC as an example, because I was really a fan of theirs back then :( Please tell me if this is against the rules.

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