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BinJin Timeline: (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember’ VIP Pre

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.




Hi BINJIN lovers!

I want to share this post of Hyun Bin because he is just so good looking (Memories of the Alhambra). By the way, does anyone of you know the title of the background song? If this inquiry is not allowed, will gladly delete.

Thank you


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2 hours ago, Binjin2Ri said:

Why do I get the feeling that some HB’s fans or SYJ’s fans here are quite sensitive and like to point out that one is better than the other?


This is a Binjin shipping forum. We shouldn’t undermine either of them and support BOTH equally because we love them both. Individually they are already formidable, so together they are THE POWER COUPLE. 


Don’t make any comparisons between the two but also don’t get angry just because we try to inject some humour into the conversations. For example when we joked and called Hyun Bin cow hyun bin that doesn’t mean that we don’t acknowledge his hard work in the past, that he’s only working hard because of Ye Jin. 


I think it’s a good thing that he works hard as it shows that he is a responsible man. All of us here are Binjin shippers so we want them to get married and have a family, so HB is showing that he will be a good provider for his family. 


Both of them have said in separate interviews previously that they want get married before 40. That time has come now, they have met each other and at a ripe age to start a family after all the hard work they put into their crafts. If they are serious in starting a family, then I think SYJ will not have any projects for a while and concentrate on family life while her children are young.  She is the type of person who puts in 100% effort into whatever she’s doing, so if she has a family she will put her family first until such time that she’s satisfied she can return to work without neglecting her family. She may only do photoshoots or cfs as they will not take that much time away from her family. Plus I believe she and HB have a very healthy relationship, they have a good understanding of each other, support each other and they discuss things for mutual benefits. So they will work out between them how to maintain their work-life balance once they become a family. 


Let’s focus on shipping our Binjin because that’s why we are all here for and let’s have fun while we’re at it, keep injecting some lively humour to this forum so that this forum can continue to be our sanctuary from the terrible situation that we are all facing at the moment ie covid 19.  After all laughter is the best medicine :D







Exactly, you nailed it girl. Who cares who’s who. What matters is they belong and love each other. 

oh please!!! BINJIN give us peace of mind and just get married and be happy til eternity. We can’t wait for that day to come and be ourselves again. 

no retreat no surrender. Let the ship sails til the docking station. Pray and be happy guys. 

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Re: Post about why SYJ is quiet now.

So many shippers are wondering why SYJ is so quiet, so I try to show my points of view that she needs a rest after hard working and many shippers agree with that post.




I did not say a single bad word about HB in that post. I can’t write about his achievements as I don’t know about it. You are welcome to write about his achievements/ salaries/ properties here and I have no problems with that. 

SYJ fans can create SYJ contents while HB fans can create HB contents, so we have information/ points of view from both worlds.


SYJ and HB always support each other’s success and HB is confident enough in his own skin to praise SYJ’s success so why a very few of his fans here are always worry about him being overpowered by SYJ while HB is not at all. 

I’m sure HB likes his fans to appreciate his love’s achievements too, just like him. BinJin can be together because they are not jealous about each other’s success, but always support each other. 


All that ranking data that I presented in that post are based on proof not my own opinions. I don’t think your opinions are more important than movies, dramas producers/ distributors, Forbes, The Screen Korea records.


To: Helena and charray

Mods can remove the post which I try to explain why SYJ is quiet if it breaks the rules. 



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^^[[I do not break any Soompi rules, so you are more than welcome to block me. ]]


Your posts violate shipping rules.  Individual accomplishments repeatedly. Clips with other pairings.....
Let me repost the warnings for those who think it is to ok to constantly post things that have nothing to do with shippings. 


There are many warnings:


(March 17, page 352) Also, this thread is a Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin Shipper thread. If anyone wants to know about a different pairing FOR ANY reason, go to that shipping thread or to an acting thread to ask. 

(March 10, page 312) Is completely off-topic to shipping HB-SYJ, regardless of what that off-topic may be


(March 10, page 311) Please be aware that any posts which go off-topic and/or is anti-ship bias may be removed from a shipper thread. So, please be respectful with all of your posts in terms of each other, the actors, and the characters they portray.


I have no intention to post his accomplishments because it has nothing to do with shipping. 
This is a joint thread - comparison posts (putting one down to make another look good) are highly discouraged.


There are so many threads on Soompi and only limited number of moderators, do members have to keep breaking the rules (regardless of being warned by mods multiple times) and give moderators extra work to do?

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@citron Post after post you are regurgitating the same information about her achievements (albeit very impressive achievements). We get it, SYJ has had an incredibly successful career and does not need any man/any man would be lucky to have her. But the point is, continuing to list off her career achievements does not add to the shipper conversation. Rather, it takes away from it because it makes it seem like our couple is in competition when they are clearly not. I don’t think you mean badly, but perhaps you can go back and forth between this thread and SYJ’s thread depending on what you are posting and how relevant it is to HB and SYJ as a pair.

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How about Bagaining movie and HB’s CFs, YJ’s CFs should they be posted in HB’s/ YJ’s thread instead? I don’t think that contribute to this shipping thread either as it has nothing related to YJ/ HB as a couple. We can just go on and go on like that. This is an open forum and we should be flexible, not a primary school.

Mods: please also remove all individual posts that relate to only HB or YJ contents in this thread if they break the rules. Then we have not many thing left to post or discuss.


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Personally, I don't really care if they were at the grocery with several other people. I am more interested to know why he was with her at that section of the grocery where she was, seemingly waiting on/for her to finish browsing the aisles and, why her bag was in that grocery cart that he was pushing. :D


Also, why was he grocery shopping in LA, anyway? He tagged along, specifically with her and with her friends? Lol

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HB with YJ vs HB without YJ 

         Water vs Beer 


We are a Cow BinJin family with 600+ Pages. Please treat each other kindly like brothers and sisters. No body earns any profit from this shipping thread but must invest lots of time and efforts in providing new contents.

Let’s appreciate contents contributors and poster’s efforts as we all have the same goal. 


The ship is sailing to its final destination soon! Please pray desperately!


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18 minutes ago, girlpepper said:


That’s the decision I’ve made. We only get to live one life. But I have decided to spend mine encountering the love of my life, letting him go, and waiting to meet once again. That’s what I’ve decided to do. So if you feel the same way, come to me.” — Yoon Se-ri


Me on On Ye-jin hiatus:)

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We have been socialized to consider every single person opinions, but since women are the majority on this thread it is refreshing to hear important interplays, social cues about relationship from a guy very own perspectives  @Restless_Hearts@Under BinJin Spell honest conversation and articulating it more to try to balance everything out. But, regardless, we all have come to the same conclusion that- BINJIN is indeed in a relationship. We conclude, they haven’t:D. The reason we are here still debating.

 Ye-jin IG is actually the window of the relationship (I think). As everyone pointed it out here - who posts pictures with a guy friend with heart filter or any filters for that matter? Guys hate their pictures being taken and posted on social medias. The guy must be really into you to give in to your quirkiness. Going back to SYJ IG, we just haven’t really paid much attention until all that rumors resurfaces. I think they have been seeing each other spending a lot more time together prior to the #grocerystore sighting hence, they feel like doing the normal stuff around each other when together. They have done it before, but have downplayed their popularity thinking nobody would noticed them. Viola! and we have the receipt for that sighting. They can deny it on writing, but pictures doesn’t lie.

I totally agree with @flailingfangirl. More often than not, this forum gets into a subtleties of comparing SYJ and HB against each other as single entities. Each is a star on each own. Successful and well respected by peers. We don’t need to point it out every time how  successful each one is. I don’t think BINJIN is talking about work and their successes when they are together and neither should we when we are shipping both. 

Let us focus on them as a couple -BINJIN. There is so much to talk about them as a couple without again - being too intrusive. Their privacy is still a priority so we should always respect it and until we don’t hear it from the horse’s mouth this shipping business of ours should keep going always.


Live, laugh and love shippers!

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6 hours ago, 4leafclover said:

I'm definitely under binjin spell because my quarantine routine only consists of rewatching cloy, checking soompi, ig, twitter and watching videos that are only related to them. It's on repeat!! I know something is wrong with me but I'm really glad I found this forum, knowing I'm not the only makes me feel I'm still normal lol :D


Welcome! You've definitely got infected by BinJin virus. This is the new normal for me as well until the cure is available in the market :D


@Sigriswil kindly remove image in your quote. Guide is available in the pinned post. Thank you.


I am rewatching CLOY. I just realised that their acting is so good that even if I have my eyes more focused on the english sub than their facial expression and movement, I can feel their emotions the way they talk.


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Aigoo this forum is moving too fast. Let's keep the energy positive, friends.


I'm praying that we'll receive the good news before we reach page 1000. Summoning the law of attraction!!!:w00t:

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9 hours ago, usadango said:

Errrrrm...no one in V@st would dare to send such a DM to the lady boss, boss will be angry! LOL!! :joy:

True that! :blush:


and so, the 2 or 3 denials issued by the agency doesn't hold water versus the 7 IG posts/pieces of evidence of togetherness-- impliedly confirmed by

1. HB's active participation even if a bit embarassed and

2. his approval for those flirty/lovey dovey pics/clips to be actually posted online 

i wonder how many selfies/selcas they've taken together but were not posted publicly because, uhm too "revealing" 

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