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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

4 hours ago, Sak Cien said:

@cybertron please ask,are hyunbin and sonyejin responding about their dating rumors?do they both still deny it?because i read from one of the media in my country,if they keep denying it.thank you 



Since our couple been professional and it's not easy to working together again after their dating rumors, I thought we're just waiting for their wedding confirmation than in relationship status :blush:.

As a long time fans I support them with their professionalism. They're not deny it and always said that they are closed friend. 

Now we see their gesture, intamacy and their eyes answer all of your question.

Let we enjoy their drama. Support them and keep praying they will achieve their goals. 

Anyway welcome to this shipper sist.. We'll share this thread with a lot of BinJin hearts :heart:

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Thank you very much @Xoxo , @cybertron , @peggygordon for giving me a very satisfying answer and reassuring my heart.Thank you for all the insights you have given.Honestly,Hyunbin & Sonyejin are the most beautiful couple in my heart,this is the first time i have brought a couple from Korea,despite already many yejin dramas and movies that i have seen.:kiss_wink:

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I don't think they will completely deny it, since it may be half true or they are open about dating each other. It's just that as professional actor and actress, the drama comes first. As this is everyone's hard work, they don't wish the rumor to be in the spotlight. And relationship is fragile especially working in this industry. I hope when they decide to be together, it will be for very long time. 









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I really hope they are together in real life.Building a beautiful marriage relationship.I feel Hyunbin & Yejin can complement each other.How much Hyunbin admires Yejin.I also pray and hope that their drama gets a special place in the hearts of the audience at all over the world.i hope that next year they will be able to walk together at various awards shows. :heart:

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@Sak Cien I don’t read Malay haha..and you are not supposed to post in Malay here.


Re your question, it’s in one of the Tong Tong videos which links I had posted in the drama thread while the press con was on. For your benefit here’s the vid again (in the spoiler)


My honest views. There is no way they will deny or admit anything. If they vehemently deny, it would jeopardize the drama. If they admit, it would also jeopardize the drama. As what Hyun Bin has said, just like when the rumor first appeared, they both just laughed it off. They wanted to work with each other again in a romance project and the script is good; so there. There’s no reason not to take it up and act together, regardless of the rumors. 

Whether they are dating or not, we have them as a drama couple. From here on, everything that we see from them - great chemistry etc - everything is for the promotion of the drama. They are both very professional artistes. So just appreciate the acting they give us and be really thankful and happy that they are a pairing that has explosive chemistry! It’s not going to be easy to see such chemistry again. Just from the press conference alone I can already see such daebak chemistry though I will admit that Hyun Bin looked nervous to me at the beginning. Subsequently his smiles were nervous smiles and it did take him a lil while to warm up. 

Since their interactions were so sweet and filled with explosive chemistry I can’t help but post their pics here for our sheer appreciation and enjoyment.





And quite a bit more in the spoiler (since Soompi’s rules requires me to put 4th pic onwards in spoiler as I can’t attach more than three pics per post).







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Agree with @KimSooHanMoo Admit or deny at the drama press con is never a smart move. I think they came  well-prepared for this kind of question, and HB answered it really well :wub:

Edit: forgot the important thing :D: They look like a newly-wed couple after honeymoon :blush:

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I think they already know from the get-go that they will be asked about the dating rumors in the press conference, and both of them safely and professionally answered the question. :rolleyes:  They definitely came well-prepared for it! Hyun Bin even grab the microphone first and wanted to answer the question straight away, and Ye Jin approved his answer (well done Hyun bin!) while the director kept laughing and shyly answered the question like he knows something about them..:P Therefore "Dont worry too much and positive thoughts only"  (as the director said :wub:)  and through this drama they will show their deep relationship and developing teamwork which we are all excited to see!


I have so much respect for both of them. In my opinion, they're priority right now is the drama, and if they are truly dating in real life (which is highly likely) it makes more sense if they will admit their relationship after the drama ends and not in the beginning. Even HB is excited when the drama ends based from his Esquire Korea 2019 Interview: 

Q: Which part of the future do you want to go?
A: I just want to be able to go to the end of this drama right now.
Q: At the end of Crash Landing of Love?
A: Yeah. If only I could just see the time when the drama is just over .... (Laugh)


Who knows maybe we will get a good news after the drama?  :phew:  :) 

For now..... its a HYUN BIN X SON YE JIN TOP SECRET ROMANCE! :wub:    



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Hi everyone!


It's my first post in this thread even though I have been around and I am a big fan of both actors separately and together. Thanks for all the photos and insights on the pair! I just want to comment that there is this happy aura everytime when both of them are together, and when Hyun Bin looks at Son Ye Jin, it feels like the rest of the world just melts away. I really wish the best for both of them and if they really do end up together, trust me, I will go celebrate with a friend of mine who is also a fan and I will post a photo as evidence of celebration. xP

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Hi everyone! Been reading this forum since a while and just got a chance to greet everyone in this forum formally. :sweatingbullets:

Seeing the presscon pics and vids made my shipper heart overjoyed. Eventhough Hyun Bin looked a bit nervous, but you know that the woman beside him tried to make him more comfortable (by slipping her hand in his forearm). I also noticed how they put little smirk when both were asked about the dating rumor. :lol: and the way Hyun Bin directly grabbed the mic without hesitation and tried to answer the question with the wise and well prepared answer:P Yejin nodded and agreed by saying like yes, I will follow my man' answer. :love:

I followed the kakaolivechat for a while too and I noticed that Yejin loves to give a little touch to Hyunbin's forearm when she talked. And it happened not only one time. Here is one of them. I do not know what they are talking about but it seems so pleasant how both of them and the interviewer shared the laugh and joy. If anyone wants to give me a little hint about what are they talking about, I'd be so thankful:lol:


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2 hours ago, eastherdjsf said:

If anyone wants to give me a little hint about what are they talking about, I'd be so thankful:lol:

Oh I have not seen this part of the kakaotalk chat?! Haha..or did I just gloss through the one @peggygordon shared in the drama thread? So he did talk about ratings at two points- one when asked what present he wants from Father Santa and the second when SYJ talked about ratings. In gist (just from my memory after watching):


SYJ said, talking about ratings she wants to do her best in acting. Thinking about ratings can make her quite nervous. If the gap between the target and the actual ratings is too big, she’ll feel disappointed and disheartened. At this point Uri Hyun Bin suddenly interjected 22%, yes ratings at 22%! MC then asked why 22%? Because it’s 2Ri? (I have explained the significance of 2Ri and 22% in drama thread- as I prefer to promote drama related stuffs in the drama thread and not have side discussions here in the Binjin thread, please go to the drama thread if you want to find out more. Re Hyun Bin’s sudden interjection, you can see how sensitive he is. He was quiet and letting SYJ chat away but when he needed to take the lead and display confidence to give her strength he did so without any hesitation. He’s really such a fine man :wub: 


Let me take this opportunity to encourage all of you to participate in the drama thread haha..I am more interested about promoting the drama than Binjin shipping (as you all know by now, I am here only because of Hyun Bin :blush:. It’s Hyun Bin and Crash Landing first and Binjin shipping is incidental for me though I really do enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my thoughts with you. I will still not consider myself a shipper haha coz I still don’t know much about SYJ. 

4 hours ago, Sak Cien said:

Thank you very much @KimSooHanMoo .Your views and insights are very extraordinary for us in sending this couple in this thread.

 You are most welcome but there’s nothing to thank me for. I didn’t do anything. The words are from the couple themselves. I merely presented to you what they have said. 

Re supporting Binjin, for me, it has not been by way of fanfics or fan edits or shipper fans’ contrived connections of the couple or shipper fans’ conjectures through their own delusional thoughts and fantasies. It has been solely based on what they have shown me and what they have said. 

Do you remember that I had speculated that they might have committed to the drama before the rumors came out?


What PD Lee said reinforces my speculation. He was asked why he casted the two of them and he said Hyun Bin was because he had watched Confidential Assignment and he thought Hyun Bin would be perfect for RJH coz he can speak North Korean with good accent etc. For SYJ it was because she had never acted as a super rich chaebol before and he thought she would do well in a lively and refreshing role for her. Then he said he had not expected that they would be embroiled in the rumors. That means when he casted them there was no rumors yet; then the rumors came and he thought, oh well, that’s good coz that means they would have great chemistry.:lol: Won’t repeat my speculation as to why they denied based on this- you get the drift. That said, it is still my speculation only :D




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