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On 2/22/2021 at 11:42 AM, Seriya said:

I don't know what they are finding so funny, especially Ms SYJ, but their laughter = our smiles. :D 

If they wanted an eye catching moment with the TVC, they got it with that full on laughter and chest touching, scripted or not.  


I'm not sure what is so funny either. I'm not saying HB is not funny (I actually think he's pretty humorous) but do I literally laugh out loud like SYJ does when he says something? No sorry :lol: But what matters is she gets him :wub: 


Re: the laugh/chest touching, Jane from Smart confirmed it was NOT scripted, but it was so great they likely just left it in. Good call. 


7 hours ago, Angelfish said:

Hi @BinJinshipperfromindia. I am glad you brought up the removal of the photo of BinJin by Bride and You. The fact they removed it has to do most likely with the fact they used the photo without prior permission and stood to gain from its use. 


Yes I believe you are correct. They actually reposted it and tagged Smart but looks like that still wasn't sufficient because they deleted it again :ph34r: 

18 hours ago, KimDdalgi said:

Maybe she deleted it because she's protecting them because you know some people keep on bothering them.  


BinJin is not only their client and talents there's more to look forward. If we can do leave Jinnie's and Binnie's privacy and just protect them all cost and support on their new upcoming projects, we should respect too the privacy of their colleagues and friends, and also support the works they are doing from BinJin Couple to other clients and talents too. 


If you look at the four pics she deleted, they all include staff from her agency so that is most likely the reason. Maybe the issue is with a particular individual who requested privacy. She still has plenty of pics up with fellow actors, her Cinderella friends, her glam squad, and HB. She has never deleted pics before so there was probably a good reason for it. But I agree in general we should be respecting the privacy of those around her and not bother/pester them in any way. 

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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

Everyone still over the moon, swooning from BinJin Smart TVC and Smart BTS footage. 


Here's a quick update on BinJin's TL with Smart. Excerpt from MetroStyle Magazine.


Dec, 2020 - BinJin signed contract

Jan 12, - Smart TVC Shooting

Jan 22, - Smart Audio recording & photoshoot.


Now, that explained to fans curiosity on BinJin's schedules last month especially after Yejin's birthday on Jan, 11.


There's more interesting facts. BinJin signed the contract with Smart in Dec, 2020. The TVC storyboard was also prepared in the same month, perhaps without knowing BinJin real score as a couple at that time. 

Jan, 1 dating confirmation breaking news. Walla, Smart hit the jackpot! 

The shooting was done after BinJin broke to the world as a confirmed real life couple. And it's BinJin first commercial shoot as a real life couple. 






To end my post, let's enjoy this beautiful edit by Edelweiss98 on YT.


"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been. Lucky to be coming home again" 


"They don't know how long it takes, waiting for a love like this"








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BinJin x Smart Exclusive Q&A  
In a Smart-exclusive video, the two shared their experience working on the project. Hyun Bin revealed that they had to shoot in the middle of a snowstorm in January. “I remember it snowed a lot on the day of the shoot. Thanks to that, the shooting was fun despite the cold weather.”
Son Yejin recalled how unique the experience was working with the Smart team anew. “I am so happy to be with the Smart for the second time.  Its a lot easier because we worked with the same team.”
1/12: A cold snowstorm day in Seoul & Vast staff building snowman with HB chupa chups lolliops outside their 925 Building and HB was busy at work in Songdo:lol:


Fans: Do you think its possible that Smart was shooting TVC in Songdo on that heavy snowy cold day?

Smart: We do! Its indoor TVC shooting and we prepared a beautiful birthday cake for YJ but you eont see them in BTS:lol:

HB: It snowed alot on the day of the shoot.  Thanks to that, the shooting was fun despite the cold weather.


BinJin on Today’s Philippine Star 

Smart promises more BinJin content: 2nd TVC,Philippines visit, Online event.. 

In a virtual presscon last Feb. 22, Smart Communications, Inc. SVP and head of Consumer Business Jane Basas revealed, “The scenes that you saw in the first commercial are not the complete scenes. There’s going to be a Part 2 where they will be together end to end. That’s even more kilig than TVC 1.”  Sources said fans can expect Part 2 to premiere very soon.


We shot the commercial Jan. 12. So, we shot it after they actually went out in public to confirm that they had something together. So, we were really just lucky. It was perfect timing,” said Basas.


She recalled that a snowstorm hit South Korea that day, initially delaying Son Ye Jin’s arrival to the set but also keeping them from being followed around, which could be why there were no “leaks” this time unlike what happened during Hyun Bin’s first TVC last year.  We started shoot around 10am and SYJ  was a little big late because she was stuck  in the snowstorm.  She came in around 10:45am. Their scenes together were the first to be filmed.


Added Basas, “There was a second session on Jan. 22, where we had both of them again to do all the audio recording as well as the photoshoot.”


Asked what it was like working with the BinJin couple virtually, Basas said, “There was actually an opportunity to talk to both of them while they were together. Siempre kami, kinikilig kami. We tried to be as professional as possible but I was just squealing the whole time.”


Meantime, the Smart exec said they’re working on a live online event so that Filipino fans can at least meet them virtually “whether separately or together. That’s something that we still have to fix in the next few weeks.”


Basas said, “We were really, really lucky that both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin love the first two campaigns. And that they trusted us enough to make this happen because, you know, they’ve never said yes to anybody. We were the first brand that they said yes to and we’re very, very proud of that.”


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4 hours ago, bin-jin said:


Smart:  We do!  Its indoor TVC shooting and we have prepared a beautiful birthday cake for YJ but you wont see them in BTS:lol:


Too bad they don't show the birthday cake BTS, I bet there are many Binjin sweet moments there! 

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It's hard to keep up with all the Smart content. Based on the teaser (umm are they holding hands :ph34r:) we may be getting CF # 2 really soon. Speaking of Smart, more info today on how they managed to get Binjin on board in the article below. I especially like this little tidbit from Wilbros who talked about how many international offers Binjin received once they confirmed their relationship. I think they were always planning to do a joint ad with Smart based on all the behind the scenes planning that went on from August to November 2020 (as per Jane). So even if they were offered more lucrative contracts, it made sense to do their first joint CF through Smart. 



“We shot the commercial January 12. I think the news about them came out January 1. So, para kaming nanalo sa lottery. Who would’ve thought?” “It was perfect timing,” said Basas, who also shared that it took them and their partners between August and November to be able to finalize the plans with VAST (Hyun’s agency) and MST (Son’s agency). “It wasn’t easy at all.”


Glenn Llamas of Wilbros, whom Basas credited for coordinating with VAST and MST, said it was the trust that both Hyun and Son had in Smart and its stellar work that clinched the deal and got the couple to say “I do” to the project. 

“Honestly,” said Llamas, “there were a lot of offers from brands from other countries for the couple to come out together in an ad especially after they confirmed they were dating. And I heard some even offered them more. But they chose only Smart because of their trust relationship with the brand.”

“This endorsement from Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin is their first together. It has never been done before,” said Llama."



Also, CLOY coverage from The Wall Street Journal. I love that even a year later, CLOY continues to get a lot of credit for international interest in Korean content. 


Lastly, even the Netflix CEO knows about Binjin :lol:




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BinJin x Smart Part 2 Teaser2

”What’s meant to be, will be”


Smart will be dropping TWO teasers TODAY, 2nd one coming up this evening 6:00pm PST!


The Part 2 cf will be releasing TOMORROW 2/27  Saturday, 12:00pm PST!!

Hahaha set our alarm and get ready more O2!!!



HB: I am putting an effort. I am trying to protect it.

YJ: I’ll work hard to tend the relationship with care  








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I love how easily he makes her laugh. All he needs to do is barely say anything and put out his hands and she is laughing. Anyways, they clearly have inside jokes lol...




Also there was Confidential Assignment 2 casting news yesterday too.


Lee Min-ji  confirmed her appearance in Confidential Assignment 2...Breathing with Hyun Bin X Yoo Hae Jin X Daniel Henney



She is playing a new NIS agent in the movie.

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19 hours ago, bin-jin said:

HB: I am putting an effort. I am trying to protect it.

YJ: I’ll work hard to tend the relationship with care


Haayy... how can you not fall in love with these sweet couple :love:


My social status is “Married” but I am changing it to “In a Relationship with BinJin’s Relationship” 






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2/27  We are blessed with another YJ ig update fm her new iPhone 12 Promax:)





The flower basket card msg 

“Crocodile Ladies is cheering on beautiful Son Yejin’s 2021”

(translate crd tw)




This drawing is so cute..








Lol, 50 shades of HB Grey Wall theories are back:lol:


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2/27 BinJin x Smart CF2/ Part 2

Awww, our BinJin hearts are full now:)


HB: Do You Believe This Is Possible?


HB: Is This Finally Real?

YJ: It Is Now






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2/27  Its a HAPPY YJ DAY....

YJ IG update 2.0 feeding us 2 IGs in 3hrs and her bff GYJ was tagged in this post


Hahaha HB busy at work today and she’s bored so trying her iPhone 12 Pro max performance on socmed in 5G :lol:








HB updates...



2nd coffee truck to his CA2 filming site this afternoon coming fm HyunBin English Global fc of 19 different countries




Interesting Banner: “We have the clue to work it out! Hyun Bin, let’s go to 19 countries to complete the mission!”


Can you spot ALL the 19 countries??? I spotted MERLION, PETRONAS TOWER, YJ LEANING TOWER and alot more:wink:


Edited by ferily
Maximum of 3 images per post, please put any other images in spoiler tag. Thanks!
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Okay. Did anyone scream “KISS! KISS!” when you saw the Smart ads 2.0 at 0:11? When Ye Jin and Hyun Bin stared at one another?


No? Just me? :D 


Dang these two and their otherworldly chemistry.


(that made me wonder, how did the crews survive filming them together without being reduced into squealing fanboys/fangirls? :D ).

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How romantic their eyes when they look at each other. Especially, they look very happy for this shooting, as if it is part of their dream... a dream being dreamed and lived. Hah, my heart! 


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