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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

2 hours ago, QueenieBee said:


I knew some would turn on HB once we got confirmation, so it's not surprising. If this was not K-ent, maybe BinJin would have played this out much differently but unfortunately they are bound by the strictness of this industry.  I always looked at the numerous denials as 2 sets


1) LA rumour. 

2) CLOY filming period. 


ETA: how can anyone call themselves a true fan of HB or SYJ and be upset they have found someone they want to spend their life with? Especially when they are both decent people? They don't owe you an update on their love life at every turn especially when admitting at the wrong time can ruin their reputation or that very relationship they are trying so hard to protect. For people now concocting lies about HB and VAST to make HB out to be a villain, this eyeroll is dedicated to you :rolleyes:

HB has never denied his relationship with SYJ. 

1. On LA rumor, did Vast deny?  I thought they just stated the fact that BJ didn't travel together and HB didn't meet YJ parent. They didn't travel together.  They went to vacation separately but arrived at the same destination, same time :)  They gave some unconvincing explanation on the grocery shopping, similar to Yoon Seri's secretary explanation in Cloy, go around the bush :)

2.  Cloy filming period.  The agency denied it to protect their actors.  I don't see anything wrong about it.  A relationship between 2 opposite leads will shadow their project, doesn't matter which country.  


Why they assumed that HB talked openly about previous relationship because he wanted?  Have it ever occurred to them HB did because the other person wanted?  He is so goooood looking. It was hard to believe he has dated only 3 times.  It seems to me that people are so closed minded and stuck in the past to believe that a man should have a say in relationship, doesn't matter if the other partner doesn't want to public their relationship or not.  HB is a private person.  He won't public if he doesn't have to.  And we can see that how much he is into SYJ to protect her.

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I hope that BJ shippers will give HB and YJ privacy that they need as we are not 100% sure that they (YJ) were willing to public their relationship now or forced to do so after being caught by Dispatch. She only made that post to explain to her fans because their photos were revealed and they will be accused of lying if they deny the relationship for the 4th time and get married this year. This twitter account yejinarm is a Korean. Rain and KTH were caught by Dispatch after only 3 months of dating and most of Korean couples were caught by them.


The following Korean reporter is also not sure if BJ must admit the relationship due to stronger evidence from D or not. He also hope BJ gets married soon as a public relationship also means more pressure.




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4 hours ago, Kdramatic said:

This reminds a little bit about when my husband and I had our baby. We deliberately decided for the first couple hours after our baby was born to not let any of our family and friends know. Why? Because we knew when we shared the news the visits and the messages and all the other noise would start. We wanted the first few precious moments to just be our little family and no one else. Best decision ever. Those couple hours we shared will forever only be between us.


This is so lovely. I'm someone who assumes that pretty much all celebrities are in relationships at any given moment of time (ie just because it isn't publicly declared doesn't mean it isn't happening--your oppa is not single and waiting for you). At some point I guess it becomes difficult to hide (especially for those who go the full route and get married), but I think that people should be private for as long as possible because of this very thing. Actors don't owe us anything but a good performance. And like any normal person, they need to work out their relationships without a third party in the way. That said, though, when a couple IS ready to open up and be public, it's also very real and human for others to feel incredibly happy for them and want to send warmth and congratulations to them. And that is nice, too. From one human to another--we just want the best for each other. 


Also, I think this is sooooo important and really needed to be said:


4 hours ago, Kdramatic said:

Also, I honestly think HB and SYJ and the other celebrities they have been with or were previously shipped with are all totally cool and chill with each other. All this beef people think everyone has with each other usually isn’t true.


I've been a Kdrama fan for a while and have seen my share of fan and shipper wars. It makes me sad sometimes to see fans bash each other and each other's biases when in reality, the industry is small, and these people are likely friends. It must make them sad to see their fans bash their friends and their friends' fans. In matters of dating--these people actually in real life KNOW each other. I am sure they are well aware of who is dating who long before the public is. The fan drama is really not necessary. 


Now I think I'm going to go continue my rewatch of CLOY, which I started before the announcement came out (I was already admiring their natural chemistry anyway, and while the news is delightful, it's not exactly a bolt from the blue, lol. It's all there... :) )

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I know the title of this thread hasn’t changed, but now the word OFFICIAL (in caps no less) takes on a more special meaning doesn’t it?! It’s nice.


Is it ok to ask for a BinJin joint CF now? Please? 

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I just learned that there are some hateful comments against Hyun Bin by some frustrated people out there.


Anyways, Son Ye Jin and Binjin stans are deeply caring and loving Hyun Bin

No matter What

No matter How

No matter When!


Hyun Bin never did wrong to anyone except falling inlove to his current Girlfriend.


Is loving Son Ye Jin a sin? Of course not but a blessing.

That love from Hyun Bin to Son Ye Jin comes from him innately and naturally. 

No one dictated him to pursue her but him. Him alone.


Nevetheless, it seems Binjin is trending in K-ent and Internationally! WOW!


And i think majority among us are still floating dead since the confirmation announcement. 


Happy weekdays ahead..









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9 hours ago, Kdramatic said:

Also, I honestly think HB and SYJ and the other celebrities they have been with or were previously shipped with are all totally cool and chill with each other. All this beef people think everyone has with each other usually isn’t true.


I love your entire post and but I gotta quote this because this is something I wish people would think about more than jumping onto assumptions and making accusations here and there. Stop making the cup look half empty all the time! 


So far, Jenny (Jenny House), Lim Hyo Seon, Lee Min Jung, Jung Hae In, Gong Hyo Jin, and Lee Jung Hyun have all publicly liked Yejin's insta post confirming her relationship. I'm not sure how it's like with other celebs when they confirm their relationship publicly, but I feel content seeing how much support and love Yejin (and probably also Bin) is getting from her colleagues and close friends. For celebs who have previously been with or been shipped with BinJin, we'll never know what they think and how they really feel (and I personally don't care - not trying to sound harsh or anything) because they didn't, don't have, and will never be entitled to publicly showing anything personal on (social) media. They may have done their part with BinJin with a personal message or a call. We'll never know, so I sincerely wish people/fans would stop pointing fingers and victimizing one another. 




On a brighter note, happy 1st Monday of 2021 everyone! Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are! 


New Year Typography GIF by Malaea

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@nclyI agree with your post and it reminded me of what I feel. These are 2 people who fell in love. Like co-workers anywhere, some fall in love. Being celebrities does put them in the position of having fans of course. But sometimes these fans forget the Binjin’s hearts are like ours and....

THEY FELL IN LOVE. period. (And I am still floating with happiness for them, btw.)

My point? These fans who are so opinionated and deciding they can’t be happy for their bias are forgetting it just doesn’t matter what they think. They forget BINJIN  are 2 human beings, not public property. 

Remember this moment. Binnie as Jinnie arrived at Rampant premier? 



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Ok, I held back on sharing this because I previously thought that this was just my delulu mind working. 


But anyone else noticed at the end of the Mediheal/Manyo event video (where HB and SYJ were caught off guard by the fans) Hyun Bin was like giving instructions to the Vast president how to navigate around the sitch (aka how to leave the same building without looking too obvious). 

Ahhhhhh! I love a man who knows how to take control when it comes to protecting his woman. His charisma truly went to the roof! 



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