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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)


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32 minutes ago, Annie12 said:

Fellow shippers 

Who else thinks that the dispach article was scheduled for a long time!

They indeed had power over the media about their relationship.


It is in the midle of winter n korea and their clothes does not seem very wintery.

I wοnder how many paparazzi photos they have!


#So happy right now#

MEEEE cuz Binjin to be prepared for it - their agencies similar annoucwments, YJ ig post.  Few months back, dispatch put up an article on BinJin investments.  lol why specifically BJ investments only.


Our powerful couple not only did cloy but also Smart cf and continue to link with each other since 2019 aft the grocery rumours.  HB has 2 absurd rumours few months ago, guess its time for YJ to standby her man & announce their dating news



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Its been a while for me to post here. But wow. What a good day to start this new year. I scream when I heard that is now confirmed that binjin is real. What a blast. My brain and heart is on hype right now. Yes!Yes!

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2 minutes ago, Abanti Farook said:

How did they confirm it in Netflix Japan interview 

They were suspecting doing the interview in the same time, same room, and similar outfit. Which was also in the same date as Yejin's fanmeet. So, we may conclude tht HB was accompanying her on the online fanmeeting

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Omg guysss  .... I thought this was a prank at first!!! I feel like i am still dreaming... Then i saw all the posts and i am still in shock... This feels like buying a lottery ticket for a year and then finally winning it one day!! Omg i just can't believe it... Our Collective wishes and prayers have been realized...i have so many feelings right now that i can't even describe. 

I have to admit that after the awards in june i toned down shipping and stalking for news of them and to think that they were dating at that time i am mindblown. I just hope they find eternal happiness because their love story truly is like a fairytale. They simply are meant to be. If year 2021 continues to be like this day then it's going to be a great year! 

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