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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)


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They seem pretty reputable - the ones they reveal on the new year always turn out to be true. It’s like a quasi-tradition from what I understand.


Plus they would take quite a hit if they were publishing unfounded rumours. There’s also people saying they only published this with some sort of approval? 

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I’m so happy I stayed up for this guys but I need some sleep LOL that final hour was exhausting just from being excited and happy.


I hope to wake up to agency confirmation news :happydance:

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1 minute ago, FatedOneNK said:



This is for us - the fans who KNEW something was UP even before CLOY ended. 


This is for us - who endured the dry seasons, clinging to every crumb thrown our way. 


This is for us - who had to battle doubts when we thought Hyun Bin was cold during Baeksang. 


This is for us - who went over the moon after seeing Baeksang pics. 


This is for us - who had to fight the urge to jumpship when rumors about Hyun Bin and other people surfaced. 

This is for us who persevered and BELIEVED in this ship since day 1. 


Really, guys. This is for us!!!! We deserve this happiness!!


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I just realized, if MSteam and Yejin confirm this time, it’ll be the first time ever she openly shares about her official s/o with us. She’s always been so private about this, so I cant help but think how special it would be for her to admit her relationship with the one and only Hyun Bin.



And may they end up with a happy marriage and beautiful kids like the legendary couple Bi and Kim Tae Hee


No pressure, but I’m looking forward to Vast and Msteam’s confirmation posts :)) Going to be released around the same time, as usual? :)) And of course, wondering what and when Yejin unnie is going to post next on her insta. Gotta protect her comments section at all cost! 

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