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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

I know everyone is waiting for good news from our one true pair..Hyun Bin and Son ye Jin....

Tweeter is even very quiet now except on the AAA voting....

No worries BinJin teams, from March to June 05 was also a "drought" phase until we made them appear in the BAA through the voting in TikTOk.

We are trying our best but the AAA voting is a challenge for us to make them together. There are are others coming like the Best Couple award.

Let us inspire each other by reminiscing the past that brought them together and pray desperately that they announce soonest.:smooches3:for our own sane selves.




They are not yet on shoot here but practicing the scene with some personal conversations but they already give us the sweetness overload ...the reason we ship them.


Brace  yourselves , BinJin Nation, we can overcome all the challenges ...like them going MIA...no news... let us give them privacy and time for themselves ...One day...they will share!  Keep the Faith and prayers for miracles to happen!




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This CLOY news gives me IMMENSE satisfaction!! CLOY truly paved the way for Kdramas worldwide and opened up the eyes of many 1st time Kdrama audience. Previously there were naysayers at the CLOY thread that kept denying the global impact of CLOY, but again and again, news keep coming out to show how IMPACTFUL CLOY has been and still is (this is 3rd quarter Netflix earnings, and CLOY finished airing in Q1). Take a BOW CLOY and esp writer Park Ji-Eun, Dir Lee, Binjin and all the cast and crew!!


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Wow! Ye Jin's recent updates keeping fans alive! This endorsement is such a tease for my delulu mind.. Apparently the dress she wore for her Smart photoshoot came from this brand:





Nice to see her CFs and endorsements from different fields (beauty/cosmetics, telco, healthcare, clothing, etc.)

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48 minutes ago, LavenderVirgo said:

SYJ what are you doing to us?! Lol, my brain only registered the word “bride” :lol: 

looks like it’s for this collection



The word "BRIDE" also stuck to me. I thought I am just seeing things until you also point it out. I have to read it again because I thought my delulu mind is playing LOL!

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The color blue seems to be the recurring binjin hue on these past few appearances. The blue backdrop and balloons from yejin's last IG, the blue cake from bride and you (not even the brand's official color btw), hb's blue shirt from his last cf shoot. I'm sure it's all just a coincidence, but it's a nice and pretty kind of blue. And with binjin, i really don't know what to think anymore. :lol:  It's all good. Nice to see another endorsement for yejin. 

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