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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

Is that another crumb from Jennyhouse? :P

I'm actually glad the special guest is not HB. Like you guys said here, this is SYJ fan meeting so the focus should be on her, if HB is the guest, then I'm sure the news everywhere will be more about Binjin than SYJ, and thats not fair. As much as I loveeeeee Binjin, I'm sure a woman like SYJ never wants her relationship to define her. I haven't seen any actor/actress invited their rumored/real partner unless their motive is to sell the relationship, and that's 100% not Binjin's style!

This is just my opinion, but I saw SYJ looked very happy and glowing during the fan meeting. She must be so happy she can finally meet someone again after two months + 2 weeks. I bet she had a really good night prior to the fan meeting, and I think I know where that glow comes from :heart2beat:

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My moment of believing in BINJIN. HMMMM 

After watching CLOY, I probably googled Binnie as I was so enamored by his portrayal of Captain Ri.  I discovered the grocery shopping pictures, and jumped for joy. That was the beginning. Then I found the BTS for TN and decided that we the viewers were watching 2 people fall in love. 
My absolute moment was when Binnie  spoke of his reaction to meeting SYJ. He liked what he discovered. Comfortable. Laughed a lot. So dedicated to acting the scenes, but easy going and LAUGHED ALOT. He appeared to be totally whipped already. 
:):) :) :) 

And this began this chapter of my life! :approves:

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5 hours ago, NonKoreanMango said:

@QueenieBee  I always love reading your posts!! They are always very well constructed and written. Do you write for a living?


Haha thanks but not exactly :lol: Although I write a lot as part of my job, it's painful when the topic is not very exciting. Yet when it comes to HB and SYJ I can't seem to write less than several paragraphs each time :tightdeadline:


2 hours ago, itsmeash said:

Are these two really together or is it still just assuming?? 


Welcome! There has been no confirmation as of yet. But we have lots of receipts which is why many of us are still here. There used to be a handy list of bookmarked pages from this thread for recommended backreading. Does anyone have it? 

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Sorry for not realizing sooner. 


:loolz:They are so funny


We missed an anniversary but his team clearly didn't :lol:


2016 - The Swindlers script reading took place Sept 26


So happy birthday Hwang Ji Sung makes sense :lol:


If they want to be that way, then fine.. We miss another anniversary, Binnie filmed The Fatal Encounter on Sept 10 :lol:


2016 - Sept 20 Jinnie filmed The Truth Beneath with KJH


YAY 2016 September anniversary is sure a hot one :lol:





My Wife Got Married press conference was on Sept 23 2008. So Jinnie actually ended up working with KJH in the past in September. 

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