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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

It's in moments like these that we are reminded that we have chosen to ship two very low-key and extremely private individuals who also happen to hold significant amount of clout in K-ent as well as the respect of the media. If there are no talk of Binjin dating rumors in SK media then the denials worked because of the privacy it afforded them to live their lives. This reminded me a lot of the expectations at Baeksang. But Binjin are not and have never been the kind of celebrities who liked to call attention to themselves. Baeksang was an industry event held to honor their peers. SYJ's fan meet was organized for her to connect with her fans. Binjin being Binjin, their announcement would most likely be in a heartfelt letter at a moment we least expect.

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1 hour ago, lovelyz said:

I don’t know why all these are being brought up suddenly but....


Firstly though YJ Interview was exclusive from SMART while HB Interview was part of MetroStyle Interview too not only in relation to SMART.And you make it seems as if YJ doesn’t talk at all about HB in her Japanese Written Interview or even the FM yesterday.


Secondly,we all know there’s a rumour of YJ and KNG...and again I’m not sure why it’s being brought up again here but we all know there’s a whole difference between that dating rumour and rumour with HB which I don’t even have to explain tbh Even some reporter didn’t count that dating rumour as a big scandal of her in the first place.


@lovebirds Honestly,sometimes I questioned the tone of your posts whether you truly here to ship BinJin or not.I have so much to say in regards to your posts but I don’t want to start some negatives vibe here.

And also I’m not asking you to agree to my opinion.I’m just clarifying to your statements in regards of the interviews while for the rumours part,

I understand why you brought it up now but then again I don’t know how that even has any relation to Korean media not reporting about BinJin rumour anymore when the answer is obvious but okay.




Anyway,just once again I wanna encourage everyone here to lower their expectations of things so you won’t be disappointed and ended up somehow response negatively towards a situation.HB and YJ doesn’t owe us anything...It’s their life not ours.Shipping is supposed to be fun too so take the positive sides of it instead of worrying and focusing on the negative sides.It’s good to be realistic as well but BinJin already fed us with alot of solid contents basically every month to be honest but some people are so unstable and greedy that everytime it doesn’t meet their expectation,they think BinJin ain’t real or they broke up lol Imagine if they’re married and they’re not giving us anything at all...”Whats going on why are they so silent...are they okay...are they splitting up...omg why are they not updating us”...isn’t that tiring and kind of toxic in a way.Like they don’t live and be in a relationship to feed the shippers.

The biggest receipts of this ship is actually both HB and YJ.But they just have different ways of giving hints.HB is more vocal about it during Interviews because that’s the only way he can show it since he has no other platform to express things while YJ is more vocal about it through her SNS.Don’t you think they just balance eachother so much?


I don’t know what’s gonna happen next after this but let’s all hope for the best shall we....


Which is ICBM for real lol





On point!

Correct !

Binjin all the way. Salute to them both for being private. 


Sorry soompi, i dont know how to exclude those videos and pictures in my reply qoutes. Thanks for hour patience to edit my reply posts..

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1 hour ago, The Negotiation said:

I think i didnt see that someone said here that hb is her first rumor dating? What i read is Hb is her first scandal dating due to that grocery shopping? I think there's a different meaning between dating scandal and dating rumor. I like Hyun Bin for Yejin to death. Am convinced too that they are dating since 2018. 


Yes this is what i truly meant. I agree and convinced too, they are together and definitely dating since 2018. Binnie adjusted his schedules and advanced wrap up party of MOTA to be with Yejin in the USA for 2weeks or more? That's love. 

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Why would we have doubts just because she didn't mentioned HB in her fan meeting while we have a lot of cake to stick on what we believe?


And again, she didn't deny anything. That's a good sign. 


So Yea, ICBM! 

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Question for everyone.... I always shipped these two but when was the moment that convinced you they were together. For me it was during CLOY the bts where Ye Jin touched and smell his hair. If they were together - that is normal. If they were not together and I was Hyun Bin and watched that bts I’d be like Ye Jin is kinda cray cray lol so yeah that’s what finally convinced me.

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Omg YJ was sooooo beautiful during the Japan FM!! I just couldnt believe how she looks younger and younger each day. But what is most attracting about her is her personality. I guess everyone here agree with me. 

And what funny is that the more Binjin or YJ in this case try to cover their "close relationship" from public, the more they/ she ended up revealing even more. 

So lets just sit and enjoy our journey together. Hoorrayyy for Binjin!!:getmygrooveon:

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Since some mentions YJ liking spree post Baeksang, I have a theory about it.

As we know they decided to keep their relationship and not admitting it to public. Come Baeksang award when they know they won the Male and Female Most Popular Award. They know all eyes will be on them, especially reporters. Knowing from the past, HB always made obvious stares and too much extra attention to YJ. So YJ told HB to keep distance from each other during the award. HB is the type that always straight forward. This order from YJ literally stress him out. He was so stress of making mistakes that made him appear extra cold in front of camera. He came to the award with no smiles and tense face. He was never seen like this in any awards he attended before. Their interaction became so distant and cold. People especially fans got shocked and wonder what really happen. They always said they were good friends and very close. In order to become so cold to each other, only one possibility, they dated before and broke up. Because you dont treat your friend that way. You will greeted each other with smile and have a little chit chat. But this interaction?

Frankly, after watching their interaction in Baeksang, my shipping heart shattered and I think this is it! It is over for them. They broke up. And Im sure Im not alone who feel this way. We all kind of blaming HB for being so cold towards YJ. Maybe because of this, YJ can smell the disappointment in her fans, especially Binjin fans. She sensed that we all broken heart and kinda hate HB. What can she do to ensure us that everything is still ok? She couldnt sleep thinking about this since she loves HB so much. So around midnight, she decided to do something. Liking photos of them together seems to be the subtle yet obvious answer. So there she was liking almost 40 posts on IG, mostly posts of them together in their shippers account. What a shocking moment for all of us!


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