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16 minutes ago, CLOY Nified said:

Subscribed to Smart's youtube channel waiting for the Smart Son Ye Jin playlist side by side the Smart Hyun Bin playlist.


I guess @ElectricHearts will have so many sleep deprived days in the future as we wait for the joint cf. 


Omg when do you think will be the joint cf. Haha  am i being too spoiled? Haha




Well i already keep writing now are they going to kill us today? a lot on my notes :lol:


So honestly it is fine.. As long as it happens sooner rather than later 


Like when I FINALLY need to go back to work ... which doesn't look like anytime soon this month lol




@blue velvet 


:loolz:They like to make us laugh 

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10 minutes ago, Ri Se Ri said:

Close friend spotted! They talked OMG!

Exactly!! I sniggered at the word friend :shaq: because they left out this important word called "close"...hehe

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Love it! Salamat SMART for bringing them together again! YJ really challenges herself. I see she’s flexing her English lessons. Hayyss, it is really meant to be. I can’t wait for the third installment! 

I hope the next time I wake up this early, it will be the M news. 

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11 minutes ago, ncly said:


YJ's picky with her endorsement and it's an international deal so getting advice from her so called "friend" can't just be done over a quick 5-min call. I'm guessing a meeting in private could have been a must for HB the friend to lay out all the pros and cons of joining Smart to his lovey dovey oh so pretty and internationally loved YJ-shi. Or scratch that it could simply be a romantic dinner where he just asks her to be close to him via Smart and she just goes, "Ok" :)) 

everytime i see the word"friend" i just laugh.Lol.So accepting an international emdorsement because her friend did it.Can we say"romantic partner" instead?

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