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[OFFICIAL] Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin (BinJin Couple)

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8 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

@binjinhappypill also it looks like she is saying something though as she is laughing/covering her face like she normally does. He probably heard her. We don't know what happened the entire time. Just the clips we were given and the extra stuff from fan cams doesn't exactly give us the full detail of what happened that night lol ^_^ Just the way she acted even at PIFAN says a lot haha. I know they are at a public event. Probably didn't want to cause too much speculation even back then lol. I am sure something else could have happened while he is talking to Kim Woo Bin. She is clearly in the middle. I really don't believe she just sat there and didn't say anything LOL

Exactly my thoughts, Hyun Bin was even pointing in front, why would he do that if he was not talking to Yejin? Was he talking to himself?  Lol! Not everything can be caught on-cam, the fact that Hyun Bin remembered meeting her on an Awards Night showed that he was aware of her presence, maybe just a little overwhelmed to be sitted beside her.

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Oh my gosh, I just wanted to share because I've gone... I don't really know anymore:P

So, I don't know if you all know but the Phantom Of The Opera World tour is currently on Seoul. When the show came to my country, I got the chance to meet one of its leading actors, Matt Leisy, who plays Raoul. He posted on his instagram that POTO was featured on Ji Chang-wook's kdrama. Me, the die-hard CLOY fan that I am, replied to his story and I told him to go watch kdramas while he's in Korea (of course I highlighted and suggested for him to go watch CLOY:gangnamstyle:). He just replied to my DM and he said he would go give it a try. Who knows, maybe the whole POTO cast might go watch it:transforms: #CLOYWorldDomination teehee sorry not sorry just wanted to share lol

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@lovelyz EXACTLY! When they were filming NT, I imagine it was "easier" to act bec 1) they were acting through the monitors; 2) there was no skinship, physicality; 3) they probably were still getting to know each other as actors / colleagues and in a sense trying to "impress" each other. Although, as they admitted that they've been each other's biggest fan...for years. 

HB & SYJ, I think is Korea's version of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. (and yes, I've been following their careers in Spain in my younger days, as well)

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2 hours ago, BJHope said:

With a shudder and a tremble, I drew up my BJ Survival Checklist for my own sanity:

@BJHopewill certainly go through that checklist especially in the long days ahead.     @Felizak@tassured me this is nothing compared to what the senior shippers went through on the real drought right after the CLOY wrap.  If I may even go further, what about before CLOY aired?  So yes, for the here and now, we are lucky to have these abundance of receipts to tide us through.


I would also like to add to that checklist if I may...


*Read all the works of @RiRiGaGa-


Can someone be kind enough to post here the pages her works are featured.  I started as a shipper back in May  and I remember enjoying her posts and then she wrote all those  poems.  She also had the math analysis, poem,  the POV of HB,  the medical analysis poem  (who can forget Soompedia?)   I know I am not alone in this request as we all look forward to her works,  @ElectricHeartsyou are pretty good at finding the hardest of info- this should be an easy task. 


I am suffering from dry eye from this dark background.  But  I just enjoy this forum so much I have to bear through this:crazily:

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1 hour ago, Minariri13 said:

 #CLOYWorldDomination teehee sorry not sorry just wanted to share lol

How nice of him to reply to you! And I hope he does watch CLOY and love it as we do.

Phantom is my all time favorite musical. I have watched it countless times and never tire of it. I watched it in London too, despite having seen it practically everywhere, as I felt it is important to see it where it all began and to fully bask in the musical genuis of Lloyd-Weber.


And CLOY will be the same for me, I guess. When travel restrictions are lifted I plan to visit SoKor and include in my itinerary places where they shot CLOY. (See attached video) CLOY has set the bar so high for other kdramas, especially in terms if its reach. Just so glad we all love it and will continue to love it for many years more to come.



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1 hour ago, seokjinyohan said:

Woah jennyhouse_jenny also likes bin’s solo pics as well?!?!?


We need to talk to her and ask what does she know about BinJin hahaha (just kidding) Honestly, her liking spree gives us hope somehow, I just hope that she doesn't receive DMs asking about BinJin


I'm so annoyed rn at our local courier, I ordered CLOY OST album and it was reported as a lost parcel! I waited almost a month for nothing 


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This part in navar is new. 



A representative of Ms.Team's agency, Son Ye-jin, said that Son Ye-jin's advance into Hollywood has not yet been confirmed, and that it is unreasonable to see the impact of the popularity of 'Crash Landing on You', but feels the influence of Netflix on the popularity abroad. After the 'Crash Landing On You' was released through Netflix, there were several overseas advertisement proposals, and an interview request was also coming.

The official added, "I don't have a direct feeling due to the situation in Corona 19, but there is a story about hot popularity in Korea, and after Netflix release, several requests are coming from Japan, so it is gradually gaining popularity."



Also mention English training 

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7 hours ago, BJHope said:

 BJ Survival Checklist for my own sanity:


1: Read (re-read) the first 300 pages of this thread, where the original sleuthing and analyses of evidence big and small were done by shippers who displayed the combined skills of private investigators, psychoanalysts and psychics. These form the CORE of this thread. Well worth the revisit.


2: Watch CLoY from Ep1 and re-experience the love journey that brought us here. Now that u have been in this thread and know more, some scenes will strike u differently. 


3: Savor the CLoY bts for all episodes - here’s a reference list



4: Laugh along with BJ in the CLoY Youtube interviews - Couch Talk, Compliment Me, Mission Pong, DIY, CLoY TvN interviews and Netflix interviews.


5: Marvel the sweet flirtations of BJ in the TN promo era - Youtube, IG postings


6: Lie down, listen to soft jazz, close your eyes and recall all his gazes at her & her gazes at him.


7: Chuckle over the Metro Interview - the relaxed HB, the smile, eye squeeze, his thoughts of SYJ.


8: Gasp at the Tiktok interview. See the “Us” and the “We” sprinkled throughout like stardust.


9: Watch vid “5 BinJin Candies Last Baeksang That You Shouldn’t Miss” - Thank you to@GroceryShipper  for it. This is a persuasive rebuttal to HB supposedly “being cold”, when in fact it was all Gold! Here it is again:


10. Rejoice at Yeijinhand’s IG Likes of Baeksang BJ pics with couple captions. Just LOOK at this one below. It was written in Korean, so no way for SYJ not to understand its meaning! 







I love your checklist!!!

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5 hours ago, Walk Kindly said:

BINJIN and the Matchmaker :sparklyeyes:



Also known as the "self-sacrificing-often-invisible-present-but-ignored" third-wheel...

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If you actually go to this account it says "product, service" so it's not  a personal account ( I naively assumed it was a hairstylist or designer one related to the brand  because I barely use instagram) . Meaning someone from the marketing/social media is managing it . And they follow their job protocol. And them expanding their likes today is kinda fishy to me. 


- They know YJ is a hot topic and would attract attention , I mean CLOY is a big hit still worldwide .

- Checking a bit on instagram , I realized that most of accounts with a lot of followers are primaly binjin accounts , her biggest fan account that she follows is on private. So far they have a lot of followers coming in from these accounts and normal followers that are divided in Ye-Jin fans and binjin fans , so far they have not published new content - the PR account was aware of the demand as well and even replied to fix any misinterpretations. Correct if i'm wrong but this account started to like actively pics right after YJ posted her last two videos and we knew there was a JH photoshoot. 


So makes sense if their timetable will delay or has a specific date for the shoot to be released to do a strategic move to keep the interest on her endorsing their products . So they basically doing marketing. Yes they don't need extra booster in the main buying public especially in SK - their products will sell but there are a lot of countries neighbors to them that they can buy it online, which boosts their sells . Also social media following has a power and it reflects on their statistics about how popular a line is . 


They are aware they won't be releasing something NOW so they will have to keep the "fans" and interest on them by liking pics , they did as test first but it's awfully weird to KEEP liking BinJIn pics out of nowhere so obsessively , even HB. Like WHAT? 


Marketing......  Like she would sell out their products either way, with this way they basically "playing" fans expectations. If this is true? They do YeJin WRONG, she is the endorser - they should focus on HER and not play the dirty game by random likes that only a certain fanbase will focus on. A lot of YeJin fans are upset over this "game" , unless whoever is behind this account knows personally YJ - or YJ is trolling everyone ( which I DOUBT - she can make another private account and like whatever she likes - its so easy) , a new low.for them  Just say - we can't publish the photoshoot JUST yet but bare with us - we will soon, stop liking and enticing the shippers as if we are THAT stupid at this point. 


I admit I was wrong, mostly because I assumed it was a hairstylist account or something, so regarding my post yesterday aiming to the doubters - I'm sorry guys - there is truth to this - my sincere apologies if I sounded aggressive . Also the PA unfollowed that account after they posted BJ content. So there it goes. 


The drought is here , so we gonna caught in a weird game of searching for signs , it's obvious they draining the cow . Not cool . 


I don't think we should take seriously any liking spree UNLESS its from YJ herself or personally from someone she knows , that probably won't happen since her close friends are private as much as she is. 


The drama is over , if we are lucky enough - we might be looking forward for the near future 


- their individual projects 

- any crumbs from interviews 

- awards ( well forget the September awards )

- anything unexpected 


If the thread slows down, it's not something bad, we have 1000+ pages of material . We don't have to post every hour. 


MSteam releasing that info yesterday?? We bullied them a lot I guess and since the interest on YeJin is major at the moment, I mean potentially a movie that will be distributed in US - Japan has a lot of interest on her as well . Its summer - they have to keep the "game" for her, I hope with this they saying " She is not on hibernation , we are active even over the summer and soon you will have more content " 


See you on the other side . 


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