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2 hours ago, luvlove said:


So you would wait for a special holiday and post an IG photo taken with this person to prove you are not an item. That always helps shut the rumor mongers up! And then you would definitely do a second major project with this person, if you want to really prove the gossipers wrong. Of course! Who wouldn't? And follow that up by wearing matching outfits with this person at an awards show, a person you are definitely NOT involved with, because that will end the rumors. And then you, to be absolutely sure everyone knows there's no truth to this romance, break out the IG like button on lots of adorably cute photos of the two of you together.  When you seldom use your IG like button at all. Sure, everybody does this stuff when they are wrongly and falsely accused of a romance. Duh!!! We can all probably name at least . . . ZERO people that have ever done this! Ever! They are so in love.:GN1:


@luvlove  Thanks for the laughs!! Your funny post full of real Binjin receipts really cheered me up!!  


As the infamous NIS captain says  .......  "IT'S CLEAR AS DAY!!"




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BinJin Timeline (Part A): (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure)   2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember

WOW, apparently when you leave to go on an ice-cream, crying, CLOY-rewatch, drinking binge post Baeksangs, you come back to 40 new added members and 40 new pages of content, PLUS a million new species

Hi all,    I was introduced to CLOY January of this year, and was instantly hooked and binged watched all available episodes and eagerly awaited every weekend when new episodes are released.

18 hours ago, TotoroSY said:

It's quite insightful to see this ALL in one video. She really is wary about dating actors, and also wary towards guys who are too good-looking. What was very telling is how she said men don't like her cuz of how thorough she is when working. Makes me wonder if she meant fellow actors, cuz she is so meticulous, outspoken and full of ideas, so they kinda don't like that coming from an actress? Or is she talking about men in general? It makes me think about HB, and how he complimented her openly about that very trait of hers, of being thorough and passionate in her work.


Awww :crybaby:  this stuff always turns me into a pile of cheese so I'll put my thoughts/speculation in spoiler. You have been warned.


- Her old views about not dating actors and colleagues...maybe this is something she decided to live by for the sake of her emotional well-being, avoid unnecessary drama and distractions. I imagine early in her career, she had accepted the reality of her job, constantly getting paired with someone and the importance of having chemistry with your costar.

- The way she doesn't fall easily despite getting to meet a lot of very attractive and charming people, the way she often describes wanting to meet someone kind, appreciates her humor, quirks and being outspoken...she's looking for someone she truly feels connected with and vice versa. Emotional connection is huge deal for women and this doesn't seem to happen easily for her.

Now something that strikes me whenever she describes the qualities of her characters' love interest - "He's worth the trouble because he's *insert male character's lovable qualities here*".
So considering how rare it is to find someone she can connect with, and that someone just happened to be this good looking actor that we all adore..wouldn't she feel he's worth all the trouble, worth making an exception, worth setting aside her old reservations and ideas of 'the one'?


*Disclaimer: I am NOT saying this is how it really is, this is purely my own speculation.


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Gonna spread some positive vibes....here you go...



Idk whats the context of the convos but HB being a proud bf at the same time looking like he’s jealous too lol



HB the only exception for YJ lbh :wub:


HB doing the bare minimum but YJ still think he’s the best comedian ever existed  lol



After,HB moved YJ to the side...did the fans go “ooooohhh...” because of them or it’s because of what the director said :lol:







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I'm also trying to get used to this background and my eyes are still adjusting to the color.  Yesterday when i checked this forum I thought something went wrong with my screen:D.

Anyway thank  you @MY15 for the info. 

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12 hours ago, Peony said:

He  is very open about marriage and having a family. Funny thing, he planned it in his mid-thirties but did not also happen so in 2019 interview, he said "before 40".


12 hours ago, TotoroSY said:

Some interesting points that stood out to me  :


-  In 2008,  the same interview where YJ admitted she dated secretly, YJ said it's hard to date an actor. That she's very thorough when she works and men don't like her (cuz of that). Also admitted some actors have asked her out but she said (to them) that she wants to stay as colleagues in the future. She also admitted she was lonely (guess this is before she made close friends in the industry).


- In 2011, YJ said she don't date guys who are too young, max is 2-3 years younger. For older guys, 10 years older is OK. She also talked about pianist Baek Gun Woo as her ideal type cuz of how lovingly he treated his wife.


- In 2016, she said her ideal type is a kind man, and appearance is not important.  In this interview, YJ seems quite wary/ worried about very good looking actors as ideal partners (she was describing JWS as being too good-looking and perfect).


It's quite insightful to see this ALL in one video. She really is wary about dating actors, and also wary towards guys who are too good-looking. What was very telling is how she said men don't like her cuz of how thorough she is when working. Makes me wonder if she meant fellow actors, cuz she is so meticulous, outspoken and full of ideas, so they kinda don't like that coming from an actress? Or is she talking about men in general? It makes me think about HB, and how he complimented her openly about that very trait of hers, of being thorough and passionate in her work.


So in conclusion, despite HB being very good-looking and not older than YJ, plus he is an actor, which are what YJ do NOT want in an ideal partner, he more than fulfilled the criteria she DOES WANT, ie. being kind, understand her work and treats her lovingly and tenderly.



11 hours ago, TotoroSY said:


@eLizza  Totally agree!! YJ has said SO MANY times over the years that she will not date an actor. Also not surprised that actors has asked her out for dates before, cuz she is just so attractive and gorgeous since her debut. Her rejecting them shows how sceptical she is about dating actors. Maybe people in the industry knows about this too, so fellow actors will not really dare to court her, esp as her status grow higher and higher. So yeah, the fact that Binnie invited her out for golf dates, and went all the way to LA to meet up for grocery shopping (and more, like golf, eating samgyetang with parents/ older couple friend, possibly celebrating YJ's friend's daughter's birthday).......means he has override that wariness that YJ has towards actors as potential partner.



Let's also remember she has said she is bad at dating and it is hard to just be friends with a guy :lol: Even though she has a lot of feminine male friends in the past that she said she kept in touch with. You're immediately her colleague if you are "too young" or too much "older" from what she says in 2011 base on her age preference. For me, it just seems like it was the easier choice for her at the time to keep turning down actors who wanted to date her / hence why she told them that she rather be colleagues back then. She is focused on her career and still waiting for that special someone. It seemed clear in 2018 when she was promoting Be With You/SITR, that her thoughts on that matter could have changed. She has friends who are actors that are married to an actor/friends who married a person not in the industry. So she even said that she had friends who told her not to get married. I have noticed she tends to ponder about these things more whenever she promotes a movie/project that involves dating/marriage as that is normally when she gets asked the questions the most on this matter. I have been rereading her old interviews in SYJ thread - the ones that need translation as I realized I hadn't read everything in her thread before when I first had back read it. 


I noticed another thing both Jinnie and Binnie have in common. They both wanted to have a family/married in their early 30s (32) and the more it didn't happen, the older they got they kept changing their answers to eventually saying "before 40" As they know, they probably should have a family/be married at least by then lol. It doesn't mean it will actually happen before 40 though. :lol: Even Jinnie had briefly ponder what kind of actor she would be at age 40 when she was soo young (22 years old) 


Interview from that time /I had to google translate:



Zheng: Ye Jin, life is very short, and it passed in a blink of an eye.


Son: 40-year-old Son Ye Jin? I can't imagine being honest. No, I don't want to think about it. After being an artist, because I was forced to do something, I really can't remember how I lived for a year or two. After 40 years of age, you may not know how to act again, but you want to get married at the latest, about 32 years old.


Zheng: Before marriage, you have the right to fall in love with each other. Know more good men.

Son: Like many women, I also hope to have a vigorous love, but always just think about it in my heart, and that fateful love will not come easily. Benefit, reputation, humanity, what is the most important thing?


Additional stuff Jinnie had said in 2008 was she wants a "nice guy that makes her laugh" and that time she was afraid to meet new guys as she feared that she might have to agree to marriage at that age when she is more focused on being an actor. It goes into more of her answer during that 2008 video interview. Here is both of the interviews I kept - promoting Art of Seduction and My Wife Got Married. It is also clear early on that she is waiting for that perfect someone :wub: 


Probably not accurate translations again (oh google lol):



The Journal: What kind of guys are you attracted to?

Son: Oh God, that's a difficult question. I'm not particularly picky. A nice guy that makes me laugh.



"It's true that since I was in my mid-twenties this year, I was worried about marriage. It's true that movies based on marriage have also affected me, but now I'm afraid that if I meet someone, I should make a marriage premise. I'm also careful. When I was young, I thought that feelings could make a good relationship. I'm so conservative that I think about marriage these days.”


"Sometimes, I think I want to get married, but honestly, I'm not confident. I'm skeptical about whether I can be a good wife and a mother or someone who has such qualities. I'm also into the world of my acting as an actor. Sometimes I can't think of people around me at any moment. I have to have a child and play as a mother, but I'm not confident yet."


Son Ye-jin said, "It's not a style that is at first sight, so a man who knows my essence is good."

"I think I'm waiting for someone. Ideally, I think it's changing. Now I like a deep man who can fill me. I'm waiting for someone who knows me, who knows my essence."






11 hours ago, Walk Kindly said:

@ElectricHearts, about HB food truck, after two days reseach, i got this..


SITR episode 1 and 2 is on 30th March 2018. So, they need filming it early in advance. The food truck is impossible sending on march because YJ busy with ‘Be with you’ promotion since early to middle march.


YJ unnie food truck IG post on 25th April 2018. HB food truck when YJ unnie filming for episode 2 based on hair look, studio filming and jeans colour.


The possibility date based on YJ look while dance on her office, That was studio filming, The buns and Jeans look the same.  The date maybe around middle of Febuary after HB Rampant last day filming on 13th Feb 2018 and before HB depart to Milan 21th Feb 2018, the tree is on early springs stage plus on springs rain. SITR first still cut on 14th Feb.


Its not april because the tree should be full of bloom if its April. The IG posting take from different day.



@Walk Kindly I was also wondering if it was Feb/March only because of Binnie's hair then lol. They are still in the longer length range. Otherwise, we know he is away in Milian Feb 21-Feb 25? , Ferragmo show then was Feb 24  (unsure when he actually flew back/but V/AST Milian trip video of Binnie they posted in June said he was there for 4-5 days) He may have done a photoshoot for Arena when he was back before Rampant wrap up party on March 16 - the video etc from Arena came out on March 20 time. I looked back at her March schedule. I mean it looks like she is mainly filming SITR - almost everyday. Some days are when she would promote Be With You or otherwise it looks like a busy day of filming and promoting the movie the same day. March 14-23 (BWY premiere is on March 24) or March 24 and onward. Maybe it is easier to say he did it around end of March/early April? If we want to assume they did TN reshoot/recording on her day off on April 6 and 9.  She posted her first food truck on April 18. So I don't think she would wait more than a  month to post food trucks from HB, LMH and SJS in one post on April 25 ^_^


I had wondered when they had done this for the DVD. Binnie still has his long hair/facial hair "Rampant look" from October to when they wrapped on Feb 13 or 17. She has longer hair too, However, he doesn't have facial hair anymore for Milan or wrap up party :lol:







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13 hours ago, TotoroSY said:

P.S Has YJ ever said directly that Binnnie is good-looking? She only said he has nice skin and hair lol! But I recall she actually complimented other actors directly as being very handsome, but can't remember her saying it about Binnie.  

You're so spot on @TotoroSY. Your "rambling" :hypehype: was a blu sky in the midst of this perennial dark night.... Actually I do have a memory of her saying indirectly and jokingly that she was stunned when they met for the first time... It was TN era and the words she used stuck in my heart: she said she exclaimed to herself "oh that's a male actor..." or "so this is a male actor" like if he was the one and only she ever saw... (or the very first she ever liked so much?)... Haaaaaaaahhhh my heart. I don't remember at all which interview it was...sorry that I can't provide a media to confirm if my memory does them justice.


P.S.: Dear Soompi, I am all for innovation and optimization, but look at me...I can hardly convince my eyes to look at the screen together... one running away first and the other doing all the hard work, poor thing. May someone have mercy of our poor eyesight combined.

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